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Novel Name : Feng Mang

Chapter 30

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Translator: Polarbearadise

Editor: FirstPersonNarrator

After the female owner agreed, they then discussed the salary.

Han Dong said: “I’ll only welcome guests, I’ll not take on any guests.”

The female owner’s face immediately dropped, “Every time you take on a guest you will earn 300 yuan, we can split the money 50/50 between us, the work of welcoming guests is calculated as a daily wage, one day’s pay will earn you 100 yuan, think about it first and then decide what to do.”

Han Dong thought about it, and said, “How about this, for every guest I will get paid 10 yuan and above 100 guests I will get paid 20 yuan.”

Above 100? The female owner felt that Han Dong was simply talking as if dreaming, although she thought very highly of Han Dong, but with the size and grade of the shop, how was that possible. When business was good there would be around twenty guests, like now it was currently the off-season, the migrant workers who were out of the country and unable to see their wives were rushing back home for the new year, where could he attract so many people?

“You need to think about it, you’re probably not going to get even 10 people a day.”

Han Dong made it clear, “How many guests I attract will be how much money I’ll get.”

“Okay, let’s just do as you say.”

Han Dong moved a chair to the door and sat on it with his legs crossed, his eyes were not looking at the street, he was instead playing with his cell phone.

“How can you pick up guests like this?” The female owner said anxiously, “You have to walk up the street and take the initiative to lure other people in.”

“I don’t need to.” Han Dong didn’t even lift his head, “If nobody comes in ten minutes, I will lose 10 yuan to you.”

Sure enough, in less than five minutes a bald middle-aged uncle came, he smiled at Han Dong and asked: “Miss, do you do massages here?”

Han Dong pointed his finger inside, the female owner immediately gave the guest a warm welcome, “Come, come, please come in.”

Some men were very strange, they hardly resembled a woman, nor did they look very attractive, but after cross-dressing they could be shockingly stunning. Plus, Han Dong had a pair of emperor-level legs, he could just casually shake them twice, causing people to look one after another, nobody was able to escape.

This continued for many days, the poor sales performance was broken and business was booming so much that it was getting out of hand.

There were only seven or eight girls in the shop and soon they couldn’t cope with it any longer. People stood in line, to exaggerate a bit, the formation of the line could be associated with the public toilets at a tourist attraction on May 1st.

(T/N: 五一 (May 1st/May Day) = Labor day or International worker’s day)

“Say, brother, are you feeling better yet? We are all waiting!”

“Yes, I have been holding back for an hour!”

“If you don’t come out we’ll kick down the door!”

Besides the “economical man” who frequently visited here, there seemed to also be the “big customer” who wouldn’t normally be bothered to spend money in this kind of small shop, a man immediately said as he entered the door, “I want the person at the door.”

Usually, if this kind of guest came, the female owner would certainly rush over to curry favor and let them choose whoever they had taken fancy to, and if they were dissatisfied, they could directly thrown them out! However today she unexpectedly put on airs and said these words very clearly.

“She’s only welcoming guests, not taking on any guests.”

“I’ll put forth 2,000 yuan!”

‘You putting forth 2,000 yuan is also nothing rare to this old lady! If, by any chance, you have a low sensitivity and shut the door for two hours, how many guests will I then have to lose?’

Three days later, the amount of money that Han Dong had made could make his hands go limp with exhaustion from counting, adding in the money he had already made from fortune telling, he had a total of 10,000 yuan, according to this trend, as long as he dressed up like this for two more days he could then pull back.

Thinking of this, Han Dong breathed a sigh of relief. His eyes were closed as he listened in for a moment, the sound of breathing in the room diagonally across had become even, therefore he steadily went to sleep.


In the past few days it had been very unfavorable for Liang Jing, first Wang Zhong Ding had given him the cold shoulder, then the reaction he received at the premiere of the film that he was the executive producer of was mediocre, his career had entered a low point. On top of that, the interpersonal relations between him and the company were very tense, and if his power weakened, others people would ride on his back.

In the car, the film’s editor-in-chief kept on explaining to Liang Jing: “How could I dare to put forth such a rotten idea? This matter isn’t something I could casually do like adding a scene to the film, ⅔ of the script was removed and has to be rewritten, that takes a lot of work!”

Liang Jing looked anxious as he smoked a cigarette, “I know it has nothing to do with you, I just want you to discuss with Mr. Wang about what is wrong with this modification. Mr. Wang has always respected people who engage in literature like you, what you say is much more important than what I say.”

“The problem is……..” The editor-in-chief hesitated for a long time before he opened his mouth, “I think Mr.Wang’s idea is very good! This way the contradictions and conflicts will be even stronger and more worth seeing, it will have an even bigger selling point. Otherwise……Director Liang, how about you try looking again?”

Liang Jing fought back his anger, ‘Look, look for what? I currently don’t even have the qualification to look!’

He was unwilling, very unwilling.

The more Wang Zhong Ding tried to make things difficult for him, the stronger his sense of resistance was.

As the car moved, it was suddenly stuck in a traffic jam, Xiao Wen rolled down the window to see the situation outside, it looked like a shop in front had too many cars parked, creating a narrow road, and now traffic police were evacuating them a bit at a time.

“Why is this shop so popular?” Xiao Wen slowly moved forward while curiously looking outside, and when he finally traced the source of the traffic jam……


A sudden slam of the brakes made the unprepared Liang Jing and the editor-in-chief slam forward.

“What are you doing?” Liang Jing angrily snapped.

Xiao Wen was very embarrassed, “We almost……almost hit the rear-end of the car in front.”

“I mean why aren’t you driving the car properly, what are you looking at?”

Xiao Wen was busily pointing out the window, “That woman’s legs are super long!”

When he mentioned long legs, Liang Jing became annoyed, his face was serious as he scolded: “During the time looking at long legs, you still haven’t seen enough?”

“They’re really long, even longer than Li Shang’s.”

Hearing Xiao Wen say it like that, Liang Jing gave him some face and shot a glance outside, the result was that, with one glance, his eyes were immediately fixed.

There was a familiar feeling……

“Doesn’t the new script have a scene with cross-dressing? You can consider her!” Xiao Wen excitedly reminded.

Liang Jing tilted his head and glared at him, “Did you get a brain fade? We need a man that can dress as a woman for the film, not a woman that can dress up as a man!”

(T/N: 腦抽 (Brain fade) = refers to a temporary inability to concentrate or think clearly)

“Oh, I forgot.”

Liang Jing looked back and urged Xiao Wen: “Drive the car properly!”

Xiao Wen couldn’t help but sigh: “Ai……what a pity!”

Han Dong was engrossed in playing game, suddenly a hand reached his neck and tugged at the scarf he used to cover his Adam’s apple.

“Miss, your neck is so beautiful, covering it up like this is such a pity.”

Han Dong grabbed the man’s wrist and said, “I am cold.”

“The strength of your hand isn’t small.” The man played with Han Dong’s fingers inside the glove, “I like the hands of tall women, they are thin and long, just like your legs.”

After he finished speaking, he then lowered his body and began to watch Han Dong play the game as a pretense to ‘attack’ his legs.

Inside Han Dong shouted ‘how annoying, MLGB! Even worse than me!’

(T/N: MLGB = slang for motherf*****!/f*** your mother)

“Miss, I’ve been here for three days just for you, even if you don’t take on guests you should at least give me some gratitude.”

Han Dong lifted his eyelids as he looked at him, “What do you want?”

“Even if you just go into the room to accompany me in drinking tea and chat, I will be satisfied.”

Han Dong directly quoted a price, “5,000 yuan!”

To think that he would meet a Shanxin’s coal boss today, without even thinking about it, he at once agreed! It was only natural, Han Dong’s mind was a mirror image of a hoodlum, he knew that the purpose of this man wasn’t just to drink tea and chat. But for 5,000 yuan, to give Ye Chenglin a decent gift for his marriage, Han Dong could only take risks.

(T/N: Shanxin’s coal boss = metaphor for rich people, because the coal boss in Shanxin are rich)

Sure enough, after the door closed, the man’s true face was revealed.

At first, he was just chatting with Han Dong and occasionally he would eat some tofu, it was all within Han Dong’s tolerance. When the empty talk couldn’t satisfy him any longer, he lay on the bed and asked Han Dong to give him a massage.

(T/N: Eat tofu = slang for taking advantage of someone)

“Since you’re working at a massage parlor, how about you give me a rub on my shoulders and knock on my back before leaving?” After he finished speaking, he tossed out 2,000 yuan, “This is an extra tip.”

For 2,000 yuan Han Dong could only bite the bullet and serve him, with that the man still wasn’t satisfied, his stinky feet kept rubbing against Han Dong’s leg, they almost moved to the dangerous zone between his legs.

“Miss, are there any other services?”

Han Dong looked at the man’s wallet and asked: “What kind of service do you want?”

The man showed a disgustingly intoxicated expression, “I want excitement and surprise, something that I can’t forget for the rest of my life.”

“How about you give me the promised 5,000 yuan first, to avoid that after the service, you won’t acknowledge it.”

The man laughed and pinched Han Dong’s cheek, “Little girl, your mind isn’t that simple!” he said and slipped Han Dong the money, he then had on an impatient expression.

“Look carefully!” Han Dong pulled down the scarf, took off his shirt and opened the trouser’s zipper……

The air in the whole room was frozen.

The man’s lips began to twitch like a high-frequency, electric generator.

Lastly, Han Dong threw the fake silicone breasts into the man’s face and joked, “Is this enough excitement? Is this enough surprise? Is it enough to make you unable to forget for the rest of your life?”


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