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Novel Name : Feng Mang

Chapter 29

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Translator: Polarbearadise

Editor: FirstPersonNarrator

At night after work had finished, Han Dong walked toward the bus station, as he walked past the massage parlor, there was a girl wearing revealing clothes with heavy makeup throwing flirtatious glances at him, “Big brother, come in to get a massage……”

Before she finished speaking, Han Dong had already gone into the parlor.

The boss had arranged a small room for Han Dong, another girl was massaging his back and suggested in a sweet voice, “Big brother, the first time getting a massage at our place is free.”

The girl’s hands were soft as if there weren&#apos;t any bones, touching any place would caused any man to feel unbearable, especially in this sweet little nest with pink tones.

Therefore Han Dong couldn&#apos;t resist and ask, “How much is your &#apos;value-added service&#apos;?”

“It depends on what you want, ordinarily it&#apos;s 100 yuan.”

Han Dong asked again: “What about the one outside?”

“Are you talking about Shan Shan who stands at the door to invite guests in? She is expensive, the minimum would be 300 yuan."

“So expensive? She must also earn a lot!”

“She is our signature, the face of our shop!”

Han Dong didn&#apos;t let the girl continue to massage him, instead, he went to the doorway and struck up a conversation with the so-called face of the shop.

“Hey beauty, my cell phone is dead, can I borrow yours?”

Shan Shan work in this profession, how could she not understand what was on Han Dong&#apos;s mind? She handed over the phone without thinking.

After Han Dong had left, the girl inside came out and said to Shan Shan, "It was that man&#apos;s first time in our parlor so I gave him a free massage without charge! Say, do you think he really wanted to chase after you?”

Shan Shan twisted her waist and laughed as she scolded: “Yeah, right!”

Just as he got off the bus, Han Dong called the phone number that he had secretly memorized, “Hello? Is it Shan Shan’s mother? Hello auntie, I&#apos;m Shan Shan&#apos;s friend, I am sorry to disturb you …”

Five minutes later, from the other end of the phone came the sound of Shan Shan&#apos;s mother sobbing, “Young man thank you so much, if you hadn&#apos;t told me, up until now I would still be kept in the dark……Oh … …”

“Auntie you don&#apos;t need to be polite, this is what I should do.”

After hanging up the phone, Han Dong found himself walking toward the entrance of Beijing studio, now it was already 8 o&#apos;clock, there were still many people waiting right here to film the night scenes. Seeing some familiar faces, Han Dong couldn&#apos;t help but walk faster.

“Hey, is not this Han Daxian? How come you haven&#apos;t been showing up lately?”

(T/N: 大仙 = great immortal. It&#apos;s like a title since Han Dong well-known for his accurate fortune telling)

“Didn&#apos;t you follow behind Li Shang&#apos;s butt and benefited from him?”

"Ai……You have the ability to talk like an expert, thousands of calculations, but not worth a day plan, you didn&#apos;t calculate to see when you&#apos;ll become popular but let someone else gain that huge advantage, I feel terribly sorry for you!"

(T/N: Thousands of calculations, but not worth a day plan = Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong no matter how one plan)

Han dong pretended not to hear, he carried the foldable stool as he rushed straight to the shopping mall.

The next morning, wearing a black turtleneck sweater, pink leggings, and a thick layer of powder on the face with beautiful small red lip. Then put on a big black hat and carried a small leather bag, a tall, sexy and &#apos;very beautiful woman&#apos; took on the streets.

It was still the same entrance of Beijing Studios as yesterday, it was still the same group of people who had made fun of Han Dong, their eyes were all looking straight.

“F*** me, quick look at that woman, look at her legs!!!”

(T/N: 我草 = F*** me! = Swear slang, doesn&#apos;t mean an invitation to have intercourse)

“Oh my god! This figure is simply …”

Han Dong sneered inside: &#apos;These SB … …&#apos;

(T/N: 傻B (SB) = stupid c*nt/ (vulgar and impolite), a very popular slang in the Northern part of China. It&#apos;s usually said between guys, girls don&#apos;t really say this)

Han Dong arrived at the bus station, he came back to the massage parlor that he had visited yesterday, he faced the female owner&#apos;s startled eyes as he slowly walked over and aggressively slapped the &#apos;resume&#apos; on the table.

“I&#apos;m applying!”

“Okay okay, okay……” The female owner nodded fiercely, “Yesterday someone has just left, I&#apos;m currently lacking people, what would you like to apply for?"

Han Dong pointed at the empty doorway, "That position."

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