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Novel Name : Feng Mang

Chapter 27

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Translator: Polarbearadise

Editor: FirstPersonNarrator

When Han Dong turned round, he was directly facing Feng Jun’s cold and insufferably arrogant face.

The driver was impatiently honking his horn once again.

Han Dong was already in a bad mood, then seeing this classy, self-righteous beast dressed in human clothing discriminating a small civilian like him without concealing it, it fueled the flames in his heart even more.

(T/N: 衣冠禽獸 = refers to a person with very bad character, a despicable person)

“Honk honk what? I&#apos;m not deaf!”

Wang Zhong Ding, who sat in the back suddenly rolled down the window, "What happened?"

When Han Dong saw Wang Zhong Ding, he at once resembled an inflated balloon who suddenly released air and flew all over the place, he then shrank into the appearance of a child.

“——A beggar was blocking the road.” The driver was expressionless as he stated.

Han Dong, who originally had already prepared to withdraw, heard these words and, as a result, rushed to the driver&#apos;s window and said in a provocative tone, “Who are you calling a beggar? Get out here if you have the guts!"

Wang Zhong Ding hadn&#apos;t said anything so the driver didn&#apos;t dare to act rashly.

Han Dong wanted to walk over and say a few harsh words but, as a result, he only found Wang Zhong Ding staring at him, his heart suddenly weakened.

This wasn&#apos;t because of his ugliness but because he was afraid that he wasn&#apos;t ugly enough. For the purpose of safety, he pointed directly to his future husband, “What are you looking at? You want to fight?"

At his remark, the bodyguards behind got up, but Wang Zhong Ding ordered them to sit back down.

“Let’s go, be careful, don&#apos;t hit him.”

Wang Zhong Ding’s indifferent tone and thoughtful advice had caused the hairs on Han Dong’s mole to stand up, his heart bursted with fear: &#apos;Sh*t, don&#apos;t tell me this kind of virtue has moved his heart?&#apos;

In a distant place, the car came to a stop, the calming voice suddenly dropped to the freezing point.

“Don&#apos;t let me see that kind of human that looks unlike a human again.”

Feng Jun nodded, “Yes, Mr. Wang, I will tell the administrative logistics department to make a big effort in cleaning up the surrounding of the entrance.”


Just as Han Dong returned to his residence, he received a text message, someone had transferred 30,000 yuan to his card with an attached message: I had promised you, you don&#apos;t have to return it.

&#apos;F***! I don&#apos;t care!&#apos;

Therefore, Han Dong returned the money to the original account.

Ye Chenglin opened the door and saw that Han Dong was sitting on the ground, he hadn&#apos;t changed his clothes yet and the “makeup” wasn&#apos;t removed, which was perfectly integrated with the surrounding garbage.

"Sh*t, you scared me to death!”

Han Dong patted the open space next to him, “Come, sit here.”

“I&#apos;ll stand.” Ye Chenglin had a disgusted look on his face, “How did you get so dirty?”

Han Dong said leisurely: “Li Shang is gone, no one cleans up for me."

“Right, didn’t you say you went to see him today?”

“Look for him? He didn&#apos;t even give a damn about me.”

Ye Chenglin couldn&#apos;t help but tell the truth, "You two only knew each other for a few days, why would he dig his heart and lungs out for you? Besides, didn’t you already say that he is a white-eyed wolf?”

(T/N: 掏心掏肺: Digging heart and lung out = be totally devoted to someone

白眼狼: White-eyed wolf = to describe a ruthless, heart vicious, ungrateful person)

“Let&#apos;s not talk about him anymore.” Han Dong looked up at Ye Chenglin, "You want to go back to your hometown to get married?”

“Nonsense, there isn&#apos;t even any room here, how could I get married?”

Han Dong thought of Ye Chenglin’s hometown in Guizhou and felt very reluctant inside his heart, “Then will you come back to Beijing later?”

“I&#apos;ll come! I&#apos;ll come just to see you!” Ye Chenglin laughed.

Han Dong&#apos;s heart became much more at ease, “Then why have you still not moved? There should only be a few days left when the time comes will it not be too late?"

"A pile of junk like that can&#apos;t even be carried along, I&#apos;ll just tidy it up a little. I’m going to have a banquet here before I leave and invite my brothers and sisters in Beijing, it won&#apos;t be too late to move after that."

“Okay, I’ll help you clean up when the time comes.”

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