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Novel Name : Feng Mang

Chapter 26

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Translator: Polarbearadise

Editor: FirstPersonNarrator

In the end, Liang Jing still lost the position as the head executive producer for this film.

Li Shang also changed from a single suite to the collective dormitory, although the treatment he received wasn&#apos;t the same but his mood was much better than before. With roommates training together, life was not so dull and boring.

“After we talked it over with each other, we decided that your stage name will now be Li Tianbang. You were born in an artistic family, your grandpa was appointed as the president of the Chinese Art Association of America. At 10 years old you immigrated to the United States with your parents and graduated from the Yale Academy of Drama. And when you came to an art exhibition in China, you were picked by the executive producer Liang and signed with our company……”

Like Li Shang, the rest of the people had their own different packaging. In order to avoid future interchange between artists, their real background could only be exchanged in private. Like Li Shang’s plastic surgery experience, it was even more forbidden.

“Starting from today, all of your communication devices will be replaced, you will use the number that the company custom-made for you, you have to block contact with all of your friends. We are doing so, in order to prevent any kind of harassment after your debut. Of course, once you have a new role and have the ability to communicate and shuffle cards (kind of like a metaphor for having power) inside the circle, I&#apos;ll set you free."

Han Dong had been discharged for more than a week, he had called Li Shang countless times but no one answered the phone. Seeing that Ye Chenglin&#apos;s marriage entered the countdown period, his account still had only a few pitiful hundred dollars.

“MD! I knew it, that kid is unreliable!”

(T/N:MD = Damn/F***)

Han Dong on one side cursed while on the other he didn&#apos;t give up, usually when friends addressed each other as brother, and when one needed to borrow money, they all acted like a pretentious prick. Only Li Shang agreed to it if he didn&#apos;t find him who else could he find?

Just as he was about to leave, Han Dong suddenly became aware of a serious problem, Li Shang was under a contract of Zhong Ding Entertainment, if he went looking for Li Shang now, would he not run into Wang Zhong Ding?

Han Dong calculated on his fingers, it was an ill omen!

(T/N: 掐指一算 = Another method to calculate that fortune teller use)

No, I have to disguise myself, disguise myself.

Han Dong changed into an old, worn out uniform that had become a wiping cloth for feet followed by a pair of crotch pants that dropped 9 fen (3 cm) to his knees, exposing a pair of shiny cotton trousers underneath. He rubbed the corner of his mouth with waste oil and sprinkled cinder on his hair, there were seven moles on his cheeks, the moles even had a few hairs on them……He was afraid that he wasn&#apos;t dirty enough and even rolled two laps on the ground, and afraid that he didn&#apos;t have enough flavor, and put on some fly spray.

This evildoer just liked that and went out!

The result was obvious, Han Dong couldn&#apos;t even get to the company&#apos;s door.

Finally, the cold and stern security guard was wobbling as he carried his face over and begged him: “Big Brother! Can you stand a little farther away from me? The food I ate at lunch is about to climb over my throat!"


A car carrying a manager and trainees drove slowly toward the entrance, the assistant who was eating suddenly made an indecent gagging sound and then pointed awkwardly out of the car window, “F***, that man is really disgusting……”

Li Shang swept his eyes outside the car window and suddenly felt that this person looked a little familiar.

At the same time, Han Dong also saw him and hurried over to block the car.

“Hey, stop!”

Li Shang&#apos;s roommate rolled down the window, as a result, because of the smell they had to close it again and could only ask from inside: “Who are you?”

Han Dong shouted: “Li Shang! I&#apos;m Han Dong! Come out quickly!”

The manager asked in a cold voice: “Li Tianbang, do you know this person?"

If it was the usual, Li Shang might even send Hand Dong a wink, but his current looks……Li Shang really didn&#apos;t dare to even take another look.

“No, I don&#apos;t.”

Seeing the car drive away, Han Dong couldn&#apos;t stand it and shouted curses.

“Li Shang, you a**hole!”

Just as he finished cursing, a car behind him honked with an ear-piercing noise.

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