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Novel Name : Feng Mang

Chapter 24

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Translator: Polarbearadise

Editor: FirstPersonNarrator

When Li Shang went to the hospital to see Han Dong, he was worried about the medical expenses.

“MD! Hospitals are too dark! I only stayed for a few days and it already costs 15,000 yuan! I have no money, Ye Chenglin helped me pay for everything. But he still has half a month left before getting married, it is time for him to use the money, I&#apos;m embarrassed to ask. I was thinking of borrowing from my previous girlfriend, but the results was that I&#apos;ve been unable to get through to her phone! Oh, tell me, how can I not find a person who truly loves me?

(T/N: MD = Slang for damn/f***)

“You don&#apos;t know why?” Li Shang laughed.

Han Dong held his head in agony.

Li Shang asked: "What about your parents? Don’t they know you are in the hospital? You can borrow from them first.”

“We&#apos;re not that close, how can I open my mouth to ask?"

Li Shang was surprised, “Not close?”

Han Dong sighed, “Since I already let it slip, I&#apos;ll tell you, this matter I have never mentioned to anyone, I really see you as my brother that&#apos;s why I&#apos;ll tell you.” In fact, Han Dong didn&#apos;t even know how many people he had told it to, he was even itching to tell the broom sweeper about his family background.

“I was born with a hand with six fingers, there is a saying, a child with six fingers will curse their parents to death, so my parents took me to my uncle. Later my uncle had children of his own and in the neighboring village there was a family with three girls, they wanted to have a son to pay respect and take care of them before they die, once again I was handed over to be adopted by them, they are my current parents who raised me.”

Li Shang couldn’t believe it, “Is this real?”

Han Dong stretched out his left hand, “If you don&#apos;t believe me then look, this place is where the finger was cut off, you can see the scars left behind."

Li Shang asked again: “What happened then? What about your biological parents?”

“Dead.” Han Dong said without any expression on his face.


Han Dong&#apos;s face was dull like a newspaper, “They thought it was okay to throw me away? I cursed them to death!”

Li Shang, “……”

Han Dong returned to the main topic,”Right, how are you doing over there?”

“I&#apos;ll be signing the contract soon.” Li Shang said.

“Great! Brother, you&#apos;ll soon prosper, and when you do, remember to … …” Han Dong showed the expression of a blackmailer.

“You don&#apos;t have to say it, I was just about to mention it, wait until I sign the contract and receive the money, I&#apos;ll immediately give you 3 million yuan, give 1.5 million to Ye Chenglin, and the rest 1.5 million you can keep and use however you want."

Han Dong was in a state of being pleased beyond expectation, “That&#apos;s wonderful!”

Three days later, Ye Chenglin rushed to the hospital and saw that Han Dong&#apos;s legs were shaking on the ground as he packed his things, he hurried over and asked: “Why do you want to leave the hospital so early? If you’re short on money, I’ll lend you some in advance."

Han Dong turned to face Ye Chenglin with an expression that can be recorded into the Guinness world record as the most bitter record.

“I have no face to be here!”

Ye Chenglin asked anxiously. “What is wrong this time?"

“Last night I went to find my savior to thank him, and guess what? That savior is the young man that I harmed 9 years ago! What’s more, he’s really with a man!! The worst thing is that man was a nice guy and because of my accident, he had to lose a toe!!!! I wanted to rely on paying a debt of gratitude to atone for my crime, but as a result, I&#apos;m just adding another f****** crime on top of that!!!!"

“And then? They didn&#apos;t put their life on the line to fight you?”

“How can they not? If I did not use my trump card to resist, I would have been crushed into waste long ago!”

Ye Chenglin did not know what to say, “What kind of sin did you commit this time?”

“Two good men!” Han Dong beat his chest and stamped his feet, “How much retribution do I have to suffer! So they won&#apos;t curse me to death!"

(T/N: Beat one&#apos;s cheat and stamp one&#apos;s feet = describe the way of grief and regret)

Han Dong seemed to have seen Yue Lao carrying a pot of hot water and Hong Niang lashing her whip while grinning at him … … it seemed that he was doomed in this lifetime!

(T/N: Yue Lao is God of marriage and love, and Hong Niang is a matchmaker. The sentence above technically mean that because of the sin he committed HD&#apos;s love life ain&#apos;t going to be good = can&#apos;t escape from his destiny to be with a man = WZD)

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