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Novel Name : Feng Mang

Chapter 22

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Translator: Polarbearadise

Editor: FirstPersonNarrator

Living in a luxurious apartment, wearing a bathrobe of natural fabrics, sitting on an imported leather sofa while searching for a well-known blockbuster movie by executive producer Liang Jing, Li Shang had an unreal sense of reality.

A classmate from university called to ask: "Did you find an official job yet?”

Li Shang laughed and answered: “Does being an actor count?”

"Screw you, your major is in mechanical engineering if you&#apos;re able to be a star, I&#apos;ll eat a bucket of dung!”

(T/N: Screw you is used playful, not actually cursing at someone)

Li Shang laughed heartily, just as he was about to speak, the doorbell rang.

“Someone is here, I&#apos;ll talk to you later.”

Li Shang opened the door and saw that the person who had come was Liang Jing, he could not help but feel nervous.

“I couldn’t sleep, so I came here to examine your body.” Liang Jing walked straight in.

Li Shang was surprised, “Examine my body?”

Xiao Wen arrived soon after, he was bringing an altimeter for measure, a right angle gauge, and a corner gauge.

“It has been ten days since we last saw each other, during this time if you don’t pay attention to your diet, it may cause a change of data, and if there is just a slight deviation, we can make up for it in these two days.”

Li Shang was confused, “We … …met before?”

Liang Jing didn&#apos;t explain, he simply raised his chin toward Xiao Wen to indicate for him to start working.

Li Shang was once again being stripped completely naked.

Xiao Wen meticulously measured every part of Li Shang for data, apart from the height that Liang Jing mentioned before, he also took the hip measurement, the leg length, the thigh, the calf circumference as well as the leg curves, the examination needed special handling. The whole process took half an hour, when Xiao Wen had confirmed and verified the data, he handed them to Liang Jing.

Liang Jing scanned the data from top to bottom and the expression on his face changed layer upon layer.

Li Shang who stood beside him stole a glance at him, he had an ominous premonition in his heart.

Liang Jing muttered to himself with a calm and collected face, “At that time I clearly saw it very accurately, even if it&#apos;s the dynamic size, it shouldn&#apos;t have such a big error… …” he said, he then stood up and went toward Li Shang, “I&#apos;ll personally measure you."

The results of the second measurements remained the same.

If you looked at it with your eyes, Han Dong and Li Shang were about the same size. Once you took off their clothes, the differences would be fully highlighted. Like the hip and leg circumference could be taken measure of to some method. However Li Shang’s leg length was an 18mm difference and his height was not enough, it was impossible to make up for it in two days.

“Was that trouser yours?” Liang Jing suddenly raised his head and asked.

Li Shang&#apos;s tongue stiffened, “What … … What&#apos;s the matter?”

Xiao Wen interrupted from the side and said: “Our director saw you on the street and picked you, when the car arrived, you had already left leaving only a piece of cloth from your pants hanging on the fence. In order to look for you, we waited at the entrance of Beijing Studios to recruit people, if not for this do you think such a big company like ours still lack actors… … ”

"All right!” Liang Jing interrupted Xiao Wen and directly asked Li Shang, “In the end are that trouser yours or not?”

Li Shang clearly knew whether the trouser were his or not but he had no idea whether his mouth was still his own. The situation he was now in was as if using 1,000 yuan to win 3,000,000 yuan, then finally losing that amount and only remain with 1,000 yuan, although there wasn&#apos;t any loss or gain but his mentality before was already completely different from the him now because of the luck presented before him.

“Oh…… You&#apos;re talking about that day? I fought with someone at that time and was hung upside down on the fence.”

A statement of confirmation on that side had completely crushed Liang Jing&#apos;s belief.

“Wang Zhong Ding, it seems that you are determined to get rid of me.” Liang Jing sneered.

Xiao Wen gave him an advice: “Director, don&#apos;t worry, we still have two days left to find a suitable one.”

“Find? Where do I find a person like that?” Liang Jing suddenly roared loudly, “In this world, how can there be a living person in accordance with other&#apos;s requirements? I looked for three months and finally found someone reliable, and the results? Nearly two centimeters of error! Can you connect me to that!

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