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Novel Name : Feng Mang

Chapter 21

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Translator: Polarbearadise

Editor: FirstPersonNarrator

That night Ye Chenglin rushed to the hospital.

Han Dong was lying on the hospital bed trembling while holding a magazine and talking to himself.

“From the facial features I can&#apos;t see how this man can be a homosexual, how can he be with me? Is it possible that I have problem?” Han Dong&#apos;s hand was trembling as he picked up a small mirror to look at his own face, “Tch, I&#apos;m manly like this! I actually have the guts to doubt yourself……"

“Why?” Ye Chenglin was shocked.

Han Dong hurriedly put the magazine away he grabbed Ye Chenglin’s hand and cried: “Today I&#apos;m really unlucky”

“What the hell is going on?” Ye Chenglin asked anxiously.

Han Dong gave a brief summary, “I fell into a more than thirty meters deep well, I got out thanks to the help of kind police officers!"

“How did you fall into the hole when everything was perfectly alright? Are you blind or something? The mouth of the well is big how could you not see it!

Han Dong&#apos;s heart roared: This year I&#apos;m not afraid of having a poor eyesight but afraid of having a good eyesight! If I hadn&#apos;t been seen, I would not have fallen down!

“All right, all right, just lie down.” Ye Chenglin tucked him in.

Han Dong uttered for seemingly no reason, “Say, am I meeting retribution?"

"Retribution? What misdeed did you do?"

Han Dong couldn&#apos;t bear to recall the past event, “Haiz……Nine years ago I had damaged a young man&#apos;s life!”

“How did you damage his life?” Ye Chenglin was curious.

“At that time I had just learned to chat online, I don&#apos;t know how I made the mistake of adding a male into my close friends list, but I also, with him……naked…… chat.”

Ye Chenglin&#apos;s eyes were wide open, “You chatted naked with a male?”

“Don&#apos;t be agitated!” Han Dong held Ye Chenglin down, “I hid my &#apos;bird&#apos; between my legs pretending to be a woman to chat with him. You know I have a pair of white and long legs he wasn&#apos;t suspicious. Then I smoked cigarettes while happily looking at him masturbating! I waited for him to quickly release then I typed these words… “

(T/N: &#apos;bird&#apos; = male genital)

"What words?"

“I said, brother, don&#apos;t blink, your sister will let you see some magic.”

The corners of Ye Chenglin ‘s mouth twitched, “You did not…….open your two legs?

Han Dong covered his face with both hands, “You know me too well.”

Ye Chenglin didn&#apos;t know whether to laugh or cry, “And then what? That buddy didn&#apos;t put his life on the line to fight with you?”

“I blocked him, eh, he could not find me, until now I don&#apos;t even know the whereabouts of that man.”

“You are too wicked! What if you give him a mental scar and afterward when he sees a woman &#apos;it&#apos; won&#apos;t be get up?”

“That&#apos;s why……" Han Dong cried tears of remorse “I fell into the well today, this is something I deserved."

Ye Chenglin still didn&#apos;t understand, “You say that this matter and you falling down the well are related?”

“How should I explain this to you?” Han Dong was in a tangle, &#apos;I can&#apos;t say that because I may have twisted a man’s sexual orientation, it now leads to me also falling into the hands of a man?&#apos;

Ye Chenglin sighed, “Forget about it, I think you soaking in the well water has caused you to become foolish, and the weather was also very cold ah! Good thing the police officer was kind-hearted and save you, if it were me, I would not even go over to look.”

Speaking of this matter again Han Dong sighed emotionally, “I don&#apos;t have any other ideas at this moment I just want to properly repay my savior! Since the past mistake can&#apos;t be fixed and since I don&#apos;t know the whereabouts of the brother which life I have damaged, I can only seize this present opportunity from my savior and lighten the sins on my body.

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