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Novel Name : Feng Mang

Chapter 19

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Translator: Polarbearadise

Editor: FirstPersonNarrator

It was more than ten in the evening Han Dong had returned from the "wild", he saw Li Shang cleaning the room again. Furthermore, it was more tidy and neat than usual and all the personal belongings of Li Shang were gathered in a box.

“Are you moving?”” Han Dong asked.

Li Shang&#apos;s happiness was revealed in his words, "Yes, it&#apos;s just like you said."

Looking at Li Shang’s delight, Han Dong asked tentatively, “You mean…… You have been chosen?”

“Ha ha ha…… brother, thank you so much for the pants!” Li Shang excitedly clasped Han Dong’s hand and retold all the various kinds of "surprises" he had encountered today all at once, listening to all of this made Hang Dong confused, "It isn&#apos;t a scam right?"

"What do I have that&#apos;s worth for them to deceive me? I have no money nor looks."

Han Dong also thought the same.

Li Shang couldn’t help but be cocky, “Do you know how many graduates within Beijing Film Academy who still haven&#apos;t had a chance to be in a drama? One hundred and fifty thousand! A man like me with no background or experience who graduated from the science department unexpectedly got picked!”

Han Dong&#apos;s heart was sour “Ah, I&#apos;ve been squatting here for five years and gained nothing, you only buy soy sauce for five days and already stand out.”

(T/N: Buy soy sauce is an idiom for passing by, for more information: )

“My success was due to great master&#apos;s guidance&#apos;!” Li Shang had a flattering smile on his face, “When I return I will put the trouser up to worship!”

Han Dong humphed and said: “You don&#apos;t need to move that fast right? What? You think this place is lowering your status?"

"How could I think of wanting to go? It&#apos;s just that my foundation is poor, I need three full months of devil training like a hermit and I have to live in the company’s dormitory."

“Then you don&#apos;t need to make a big toss tonight! Moving tomorrow won&#apos;t do?"

(T/N: 折騰 = toss: Repeat something meaninglessly/ to do something unrelated unnecessary)

Without a choice, Li Shang had to show an appearance of excitement “I have to move into the company tonight because early tomorrow morning I will meet an important leader. Do you know Wang Zhong Ding? The person on the cover of the "Beijing entertainment magazine” – The CEO of Zhong Ding Movie and Television Company, I&#apos;ll be meeting him tomorrow it&#apos;s just like a dream!"

Hearing these words Han Dong&#apos;s heart was not even a little bit sour, not only was it not sour but it was also sweet like eating honey. He unhurriedly walked toward Li Shang and reminded him in a lowered voice: “That Wang Zhong Ding is not a good person, it&#apos;s best if you are a little bit more careful.”

“Really? I deliberately checked the Internet today, Wang Zhong Ding&#apos;s total reputation in the circle is especially good!”

Han Dong cut in and aided, “How can you believe online comments? That guy probably hired shuijun to write it."

(T/N: Shuijun = Water army/navy (in slang world) = people who paid to spam)

“How do you know that?”

Han Dong thought for half a day and finally squeezed out a sentence, "His facial features aren&#apos;t good!"

Speaking of facial features Li Shang recalled one thing, “Right, you know glyphomancy, can you give me a stage name?"

(T/N: Glyphomancy = fortune-telling by analyzing the component parts of a Chinese character; divine by means of character)

“Yes. “

“Then help me think of a stage name that can bring good fortune and a smooth road on my way to become a star. “

Han Dong blurted out, “Li Tian Bang. “

“You thought of one that fast?”

Han Dong humphed and made a laugh “From the first day you arrived I already thought of this name, wait until both of us become stars, a Li Tian Bang and a Han Tian Wang, very domineering!”

When Li Shang was about to speak, the phone rang.

“The company&#apos;s car came to pick me up it is already parked downstairs, I have to get going now, we&#apos;ll keep in touch!”

Han Dong shouted out the window at him, “When you become rich, don&#apos;t forget this brother!”

“I won&#apos; forget you!” After Li Shang finished speaking, he could hardly wait to get into the car.

Han Dong bared his teeth, &#apos;look at you, just like your virtue, turning your face and you already don&#apos;t recognize people!&#apos;

(T/N: 翻臉不認人 = Don&#apos;t recognize people, an idiom for betraying. Refers to those who are ruthless/heartless)

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