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Novel Name : Feng Mang

Chapter 18

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Translator: Polarbearadise

Editor: FirstPersonNarrator

The selection venue was in the rehearsal hall at the movies and television company, Li Shang was early, the huge rehearsal hall only had a few people and most of them were staff.

“Hey, give us a hand, move this table over.” A man said to Li Shang.

Li Shang thought that he was free anyway, so he helped out with those miscellaneous jobs at the venue.

Half an hour later people came one after another, apart from the group of chosen as extras there were also art students, models, privileged individuals all dressed in famous brands with threatening heroic spirits. There were even those who were "dragged along by their family," the bodyguards, assistants and makeup artists followed left and right.

After looking at these people Li Shang looked at himself again, especially at the ripped pants, he simply felt low.

(T/N: Low was literally an English word in the raw)

While waiting to get a number plate, the handsome man in front of Li Shang took off his Armani suit jacket, turned back and stuffed it in Li Shang&#apos;s hands, “Troubling you to hold it for me.”

“Me?” Li Shang was astounded.

The handsome guy raised his eyebrows, “Is there someone else besides you?”

Li Shang waved the ticket in his hands, “I&#apos;m also lining up.”

“This is really embarrassing, this brother saw you moving the table a moment ago and thought you were staff……”

Li Shang&#apos;s lips tightly closed and acted as if he didn&#apos;t hear anything.

After standing in the row for more than 20 minutes, it was finally Li Shang’s turn, he quickly handed in the ticket and his ID.

The registrar reached out, “And the rest?”

“The rest?” Li Shang was confused.

“Didn&#apos;t you receive a group SMS informing you that you need to bring a full body photo, a half – body photo, and a close-up of your leg?"

“I didn’t know……” Li Shang quickly took out his phone, he found that he had set unfamiliar number information to automatic interception.

The registrar directly waved his hand, “Next one.”

Li Shang didn&#apos;t go, “Teacher, do you think you can bend the rules?……”

“You’ll have another chance later, I think you’re too poorly prepared this time.” The implication was that &#apos;you would not be chosen even if the information was complete&#apos;.

Li Shang was abruptly pushed out by the man behind him, he still didn&#apos;t give up, he planned to go out and take 2 pictures, perhaps it wasn&#apos;t too late.


Liang Jing just got off the car when he immediately saw a man rushing out from the door like wind and fire. He didn&#apos;t see anything else as his eyes were fixed on the meat on Li Shang’s knee, his blood pressure began to jump up.

(T/N: Wind and fire = Describe someone in a hurry, take risk of losing something)

“Quick! Stop him for me!”

Li Shang shouted urgently with an acute red face:” Get out of the way, I&#apos;m in a hurry!”

(T/N: Acute red face = Describe a very anxious look.)

These days Liang Jing&#apos;s mind was all focused on looking for people, the “two-dimensional code scanner” had been useless for a long time and the ability of recognition had somewhat declined. The bodies of Li Shang and Han Dong were very similar, Li Shang was also wearing the "ironclad evidence" that Liang Jing constantly had on his mind, Liang Jing was excited and couldn&#apos;t wait to identify him.

“What urgent matters do you have?” Xiao Wen asked Li Shang.

“I need to take some photos for the selection, I have to hurry and take them or I&#apos;ll miss the chance!”

Liang Jing lowered his body bringing the piece of cloth he had clutched for quite awhile and placed it in the hole of Li Shang&#apos;s trouser, he instantly showed a carefree smile as if he had escaped from a calamity.

“What do you need to take photos for? It&#apos;s you”

Li Shang was at a loss, “What &#apos;it&#apos;s me?&#apos;”

Xiao Wen patted Li Shang on the shoulder, “Thank your parents on the behalf of my boss."

“Thank my parents?” Li Shang was even more confused.

Xiao Wen nodded, “You too for being born."

Before Li Shang could figure out the situation, he was escorted into a car.

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