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Novel Name : Feng Mang

Chapter 13

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Translator: Polarbearadise

Editor: FirstPersonNarrator

It’s him again? The people around uttered a sigh, toward Han Dong who had such good luck it really showed them an extreme imbalance.

Li Shang also didn&#apos;t have much regrets, after all, he had just arrived, in his heart, there wasn&#apos;t any excessive extravagant demand.

Unexpectedly, Han Dong suddenly pulled Li Shang’s shoulder over and recommended him to the head of drama: “This is my good brother he graduated from the Department of Performance Art, his condition is much better compared to me, how about you choose him?

The head of drama glanced at Li Shang, compared to the condition of Han Dong&#apos;s body there weren&#apos;t that much of a difference, by comparison, his appearance was more upright and pleasing. Hearing Han Dong says it like that, the head of drama somewhat hesitated.

“You&#apos;re certain that you want to give it to him? I&#apos;ll have to remind you, this opportunity is very rare.”

Li Shang was just about to speak but Han Dong opened his mouth first, “just choose him! Just listen to me!"

The head of drama didn&#apos;t say anything again, he waved his hand to dismiss everyone and then led Li Shang inside. The moment they reached the door Li Shang turned his head around and glanced at Han Dong, there was an unspeakable taste in his chest.

The door hadn&#apos;t been closed for long but Han Dong had already gone over to the beautiful woman who he had flashed his eyes to “harass” a moment ago, he greeted her with a hooligan tone of voice, “beauty, we meet again."

“Do I know you?” The beautiful woman glanced at Han Dong.

Han Dong leisurely smiled, “did you forget? I was the one who tell fortune without taking any money, the pervert who specifically asked for your phone number. “

The beautiful woman recalled the scene on that day when Han Dong took liberties with her, "boring" she scolded him before she turned around and walked away.

(T/N: 無聊 = boring – used when someone is being really annoying)

“Leave him,” Han Dong suddenly opened his mouth, "a person that isn&#apos;t even willing to pick you up when you come visit your aunt but willing to go to the mall to pick out lipstick for you isn&#apos;t worthy for you to face danger under the heavy rain below his house begging him to change his mind."

The violent sound of the high heels came to a stop, the beautiful woman turned around with a surprised face.

“You……how do you know ……”


Just a moment ago the head of drama still had an awe-inspiring presence with an attitude, after entering the Beijing Studios and meeting with Liang Jing’s assistant Xiao Wen, his eyebrows hung down over his eyes as he was mourning while being scolded, he didn&#apos;t dare to utter a word.

“Do you not have a brain in your head? We told you to bring in all the recruits with the matching requirements, not picking the best one! Besides, the task of choosing a person is also done by us, when is it your turn?"

When Li Shang heard that they weren’t choosing only one person, he showed excitement in his eyes, “I have a brother, his condition is especially good, I’ll call him in for you guys immediately!”

Li Shang rushed violently like the wind toward the door, he searched in the crowd for half a day but didn&#apos;t see Han Dong&#apos;s shadow at all. He thought of calling him but it turned out that Han Dong&#apos;s cellphone was out of credit, without any better option Li Shang regretfully went back in.

Straight until the evening Li Shang finally returned to Han Dong’s residence, just as he got out of the elevator, the scene before his eyes were like a stimulus.

Han Dong and a beautiful woman were being lovey-dovey in front of the doorway, this beautiful woman wasn&#apos;t as elegant and pleasant as Nan Zhen, but was replaced by an older sister with a big chest.

Li Shang fiercely pulled Han Dong aside and angrily said: “Everything you said last night was it just releasing a fart?"

Han Dong said a meaningful sentence, “long distance relationships will not have any result."

Long distance relationship? Li Shang was confused, “doesn&#apos;t Nan Zhen live in……”

“South 4th Ring.” Han Dong interjected.

Li Shang, “……”

Han Dong hinted for Li Shang to look behind the beautiful woman, “her home is only two bus stops away from my house.”

Li Shang gnashed his teeth “you – really – are – a – scum!”

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