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Novel Name : Feng Mang

Chapter 15

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Translator: Polarbearadise

Editor: FirstPersonNarrator

The famous domestic magazine 《 Beijing entertainments》&#apos;s editor-in-chief was an expert highly experienced in editing images. He currently had his head lowered as he listened to instructions.

“How many times have I stressed this to you? This picture cannot be P, can&#apos;t you understand what I&#apos;m saying?"

The editor felt troubled, “But…… with no editing, how do we make the background of the cover?”

“You can beautify it or you can add special effects. The problem is that you cannot tamper with his face! Do you know how difficult it was to make Wang Zhong Ding show his face for the first time? People specifically proposed not to PS, why do you insist on running towards the muzzle!"

(T/N: Running towards the muzzle = Running toward one’s death)

"I simply just fine-tuned it a little bit, it’s not that obvious. Non-professionals won&#apos;t be able to notice at all."

The editor-in-chief was flustered and shouted in exasperation, “He doesn&#apos;t understand PS and other people don’t matter. Who do you think Wang Zong Ding is? You gave him an adjustment to his hairline, one micrometer longer than before, would be the equivalence to pulling out half of his eyebrow! He will be able to see it immediately! Quickly dispose of this picture and use the original one!"


After eating lunch, Han Dong passed the newsstand only to have his attention suddenly caught by a magazine cover.

“Sh*t, such a stylish brother!”

A purple shirt paired up with a dark gray suit, whether it was the calm and collected tone, the neatness of his necktie or even the three-dimensional creases of his collar, it all grasped the meaning of perfection. In fact, it could even be said to be sharp and clear-cut. Even a boorish person like Han Dong could see that this man had an impeccable taste in fashion and an eye for detail.

Han Dong appreciated everything that Wang Zhong Ding was wearing, he changed the direction of his vision toward the man&#apos;s face.

Then his career habits of looking at others facial features took over as he used the eight divinatory trigrams to determine other people’s marriages predestined by fate……

“Young man, you&#apos;ve been staring for fourteen minutes, in the end, are you buying or not?"

As soon as Han Dong raised his head, the newsstand owner was shocked.

His face was pale green and there could be installed a frame on top of his forehead to play soccer!

(T/N: What it mean by "there could be installed a frame on top of his forehead to play soccer!" is that his forehead have green veins pop up all over like a net and if installed a frame around it, it can be used to play soccer)

“I&#apos;ll buy.” Han Dong said.

Back at the residence, Han Dong closed his door tightly, putting his life on the line as he calculated Wang Zhong Ding&#apos;s face on the magazine cover. From the distance between the facial features to the mole, each detail strived for accuracy. As he finished measuring the facial features he moved on to measure the eight characters of birth time, he finished measuring the eight characters of birth time, the more he calculated the more rapid was his heartbeat. Finally, he held up the magazine cover in front of the mirror, comparing it with his own face, in an instant his hand trembled as if sieving.

This, this, this, this, this, this……How could this be?!!

He had calculated marriage for many years, although his calculations were accurate in fact they were only seventy or eighty percent certain. There were never a couple, with “data” that compatible to the degree of making Han Dong slap his chest and say, “if you two fail, I’ll hang myself directly!”

Today, this rope was finally ready for him……

The hair all over Han Dong&#apos;s body stood up! It was impossible! How could I be with a man? There was definitely something wrong! This face was certainly not real! Yes, generally magazine covers would edit the images, this face was definitely P, the facial features must have been moved……

Just then the video beside him that had been buffering finally broadcasted normally.

“Previously Wang Zhong Ding of Zhong Ding Movies and Television Company, who has always played a low-key role, has made his first public appearance for the blockbuster movie of the year, the conference has full media coverage as it has attracted hundreds of reporters falling over each other in their eagerness to report……”

Han Dong slowly turned to the computer screen, in a split second he turned dumb as a wooden chicken.

(T/N: dumb as a wooden chicken = dumbstruck)

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