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Novel Name : Feng Mang

Chapter 12

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Translator: Polarbearadise

Editor: FirstPersonNarrator

In order not to be the unwanted third guest as soon as Han Dong came back, Li Shang immediately left in a flash. He had been strolling outside until evening when he came back, he had just exited the elevator as he heard an unusual “sound."

“A little faster, a little more faster," it was Han Dong&#apos;s voice.

Nan Zhen clearly sounded a little enthusiastic, “Is this good?”

Li Shang looked down at his watch, it was just around eight o’clock and they were already high-spirited! He tiptoed as he walked over and gently pushed the door open to create a small gap, his eyes slid around like a thief and suddenly stopped at one place in the room.


Li Shang pushed open the door and before his eyes was a scene of Nan Zhen tying a pigtail for Han Dong. Moreover it was tied into a scorpion braid, crawling densely on top of Han Dong&#apos;s head, furthermore, it also highlighted a kind of evil and perverted aura.

Nan Zhen smiled and greeted Li Shang: “You have come back?”

Li Shang was somewhat embarrassed, he depressedly lowered his head and answered, “I just need to get something, I&#apos;ll leave right now.”

“It&#apos;s already late where are you even going?” Han Dong asked.

“The room diagonally across.”

The brother living diagonally across was called Ye Chenglin, he and Han Dong moved into this place together and had been neighbors for three years. Usually Ye Chenglin would often come to visit Han Dong so he gradually became familiar with Li Shang.

“It seems that his girlfriend isn&#apos;t planning to leave, tonight I can only squeeze with you", Li Shang said.

“Han Dong will not let her spend the night.”

“How do you know?” Li Shang was puzzled.

Ye Chenglin laughed, “if you don&#apos;t believe me then wait and see.”

Two hours later Li Shang followed Ye Chenglin out of the room, Nanzhen was already gone leaving Han Dong by himself showing off his cool hairstyle as he wandered quietly around his room.

“Why didn&#apos;t you let her stay?”

“I have to get up early!” Han Dong&#apos;s eyes lit up, “According to the information I got from the grapevine, there will be a big production team coming over to recruit people tomorrow!"

Li Shang looked down on him, “How addicted are you to acting? Not even taking your girlfriend into consideration.”

“This isn&#apos;t related to the matter of being addicted to acting.” Han Dong sighed, "How can I let a young girl from someone&#apos;s household sleep with me on an inflated bed? If it was those woman from before, it would be okay but Nan Zhen aren&#apos;t the same as them. I want Nanzhen to be well taken care of when we get together, I need to properly settle down and manage a proper business."

Li Shang saw for the first time that beneath Han Dong&#apos;s hidden face was an uninhibited deep helplessness, he saw that between his forehead were engraved the two words "responsibility" firm and unyielding. His heart was emotionally moved, he patted Han Dong&#apos;s shoulder and said: "That girl is indeed not bad, make a good effort!"

(T/N: 責任 = Responsibility is 2 words in Chinese)

The next morning at 5:30 the entrance of Beijing Studios was overcrowded.

“It seems that today there is a major drama, so many people……” Li Shang sighed.

Han Dong hadn&#apos;t spoken, his eyes were like a hook drawn to the body of the beautiful woman next to him.

Li Shang poked him, “Be more conscientious! Have you forgotten about whom you came here for?”

“I&#apos;m using my eyes to bash her, putting on so few layers of clothing, she doesn&#apos;t know what shame is!"

Li Shang, "……"

The door of Beijing Studios suddenly opened and the group of people rushed forth, Li Shang also rushed in while Han Dong unhurriedly followed behind.

“Spread out for me! Get out of here if all of you keep pushing like that! Get in line, stand at a good arm’s length between the person before and after you!"

Han Dong had been mingling in this place for 5 years, he could recognize every big and small head of drama in this place, this unfamiliar face clearly had a different posture than the previous ones, it must be someone specially sent over from the production team, it seemed that they wanted to choose someone for the &#apos;big role&#apos;.

The head of drama screened the first row, after screening 5-6 rows he still hadn&#apos;t found anyone to his liking. Eventually his eyes resided on Li Shang&#apos;s body, he retreated back three steps looking him up and down carefully. As his eyesight went astray, at last, he glanced at Han Dong and after that his eyes didn&#apos;t move back.

"Just you."

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