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Novel Name : Feng Mang

Chapter 10

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I just finished my AP exam last week, and I thought I was finally free, but turn out there are more test this week T_T. GA will be up soon guys, I apologize.

Translator: Polarbearadise

Editor: FirstPersonNarrator

At 12 o&#apos;clock Wang Zhong Ding&#apos;s assistant, Fen Jun, exited from the elevator. He was holding a document with a dignified look on his face as he walked. From the distance of 20 meters of footsteps away from Wang Zhong Ding&#apos;s office, the temperature in his eyes dropped to the freezing point.

A new female janitor was mopping the floor at the door. She had heard that Wang Zong Ding had high standards for hygiene so she especially started her shift ahead of time, cleaning one place back and forth several times as she didn&#apos;t dare to be careless.

Feeling Feng Jun&#apos;s gaze, the female janitor greeted him with a polite smile: "Manager Feng."

Feng Jun said: "You don&#apos;t have to come tomorrow."

"Why?", the female janitor stiffened.

"Right now it&#apos;s currently lunch break, nobody has reminded you? When Mr. Wang takes a nap, there can&#apos;t be any sounds."

The female janitor anxiously came up with an excuse, "I only started my shift ten minutes early."

"Mr. Wang&#apos;s total resting time is calculated in seconds."

"But I don&#apos;t bother him, I&#apos;m just cleaning outside, moreover my movements are very light."

Feng Jun coldly replied: "The office is seventeen meters to the left, fourteen meters to the right, that&#apos;s within Mr. Wang&#apos;s perimeter of hearing, how many steps you take, he can count it all."

The female janitor flew into a rage out of humiliation, "Is it precious as gold? You think having money is that great? Fine, I&#apos;ll go! Even if given 10,000 yuan a month or even 100,000 yuan a month, this old lady still won&#apos;t bother to serve you!"

Feng Jun&#apos;s face was expressionless, "Please leave."

The female janitor couldn&#apos;t swallow the tone of his voice, before she left she faced the office door and made an unreasonable scene, "I&#apos;m making noises so what?

Pretentious bastard! I wish he&#apos;ll find a wife who&#apos;s talkative, snores, sleep talks and even sleepwalks….."

Feng Jun picked up his phone and called the personnel office manager, "Who hired the female janitor on 18 C floor? Tell him to quickly get out of here!"

He then hang up the phone. Feng Jun looked down at the watch on his wrist, there were still two minutes till the break ended, he quietly waited in place, after two minutes he lifted his foot and walked toward the door.

Wang Zong Ding was sitting in his chair, his mental state wasn&#apos;t looking too good.

“Did you not sleep well?” Feng Jun asked.

Wang Zhong Ding appeared to be indifferent, "Not really, I&#apos;m not very tired."

"How can you not be tired? Yesterday you sat on an airplane the whole day, how about you rest for a little more?"

"No need." Wang Zhong Ding directly asked, "Why are you looking for me?"

Feng Jun handed over a file, "take a look."

The eye-catching headline in sight—— "A female nova joined the film and television company, Zhong Ding Entertainment, she has a promising future of becoming the female lead in the blockbuster film of this year" together with a picture that was taken secretly by the reporter. Even though it was separated by a layer of glass, the picture showing the scene of Tao Yun Yun and Wang Zhong Ding "talking happily" was still clearly visible.

News about Zhong Ding Entertainment company had always been reported by an "inside" reporter, if an outsider was able to obtain hidden content, then it was obviously arranged in advance.

When the Editor-in-chief of Beijing Entertainment magazine received the manuscript, he immediately gave Feng Jun a call to asked about the specific situation, when he found out that it wasn&#apos;t the company&#apos;s "real intention" he immediately discarded the manuscript.

"Saying she&#apos;s stupid isn&#apos;t enough, she&#apos;s also like to stirring up trouble." Feng Jun hummed a laugh, "she even dares to cook up news with you."

Wang Zhong Ding looked at it carefully for a while before opening his mouth, "Deal with it however you see fit."

When Liang Jing heard the news outside, he immediately rushed back to the company.

"Mr. Wang, I didn&#apos;t know she was capable of doing such a thing! I&#apos;m not familiar with her at all, my uncle&#apos;s friend insisted on introducing her to me, it isn&#apos;t good to refuse an elder in front of their face, I……"

Wang Zhong Ding raised his hand to interrupt, "You&#apos;ve been exhausted these days, rest well for several days, about the matter of the film, you temporarily don&#apos;t need to worry about it."

Liang Jing&#apos;s heart froze as he listened to this, when Wang Zhong Ding said "take a good rest," it meant he wanted him to withdraw from the "executive producer" seat of the film.

"Mr. Wang!" Liang Jing gripped both hands tightly into a fist, looking urgent, "Please give me another chance."

"Why do I have to give you another chance?"

Liang Jing took a deep breath, "Within two weeks, I will bring the male lead in front of you."

Wang Zhong Ding fixed his eyes on Liang Jing and said: "ten days."

Liang Jing clenched his teeth and nodded, "yes."

The moment when he turned around and exited, a blue vein on Liang Jing&#apos;s forehead instantly popped out, &#apos;f***, I must find that person! Even if I can&#apos;t find that person, I will connect bone and peel the skin in order to "create" such a person!&#apos;

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