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Novel Name : Feng Mang

Chapter 11

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Translator: Polarbearadise

Editor: FirstPersonNarrator

For three consecutive days, Li Shang followed Han Dong to wait at the entrance of Beijing Studios, but they still hadn&#apos;t received any work.

Everyday they got up around 5:00 a.m. in the morning, as they were afraid of affecting their image, they didn&#apos;t dare to put on too many layers of clothing even though it was 3 or 4 degrees outside and their bodies were being tortured, but this was just a secondary pain, the main torment was directed at their mentality. Everything required "waiting," they never knew when the opportunity would arrive, and they could never see what lied at the end.

Even if they got selected, they would only get 60 yuan and lunch. Of course, no one who had enough food and warm clothes would come here, Li Shang saw three words written on everyone’s face – daydreaming.

(T/N: Daydreaming in Chinese is 白日夢, which equal three words.)

Han Dong had pursued this dream for five years.

“It seems that today is hopeless,” Han Dong patted Li Shang&#apos;s shoulder, “let&#apos;s go.”

The two were about to turn the corner when a luxurious car suddenly came from the opposite direction and went straight to the entrance of Beijing Studios.

“WTF, a Bentley.” Li Shang&#apos;s eyes straightened up.

Han Dong turned his head around and said in a frivolous tone, “What is there worth seeing? When your brother become famous I&#apos;ll buy you one!”

“Ha ha ha……I&#apos;ll wait……” Li Shang hugged Han Dong’s shoulder as he took a large stride away.


The speed instantaneously decreased, Liang Jing lazily pried open his eyelid, “We&#apos;re here?"

The driver made an interjection to confirm, then drove the car in.

“Executive producer Liang, you could just have called directly, no need to personally come here."

Before the company officially started the conference about their upcoming project, Liang Jing certainly couldn&#apos;t disclose any information about the film, he just simply said to the person in charge: “This time the roles are rather special, appearance and age aren&#apos;t required, the only condition is that the legs have to be long. From today onwards, watch attentively 24/7, if you see any long legs recruit them at once."

“Alright, I’ll find someone to take care of it!”

After Liang Jing left, an assistant named Xiao Wen couldn&#apos;t help but ask: “Are you sure that person is an extra?”

“Since he might appear, in case of any possibility, I can only take a chance.”

In the afternoon Li Shang helped Han Dong clean up the room as usual, to ease the “no paid rent” sin.

Han Dong was out for more than an hour before he returned with another person by his side.

“My girlfriend, Nan Zhen.” Han Dong introduced to Li Shang.

Li Shang was surprised for a moment, this girl was too beautiful, she looked lucid and elegant and she had a sweet smile, especially when standing next to a slag like Han Dong, it made one feel that it was a waste of natural resources.

“You sit and rest, I will go to buy you something delicious.” Han Dong said to Nan Zhen.

Li Shang quickly got up, “I’ll go buy it, you two can have a chat.”

“No need," Han Dong overbearingly said while looking tenderly at Nan Zhen, “you don&#apos;t know what she likes to eat.

Nan Zhen showed an expression of the classic smile of a brainless girl indulging in the river of love.

Han Dong draped his clothes over his shoulder, he didn&#apos;t forget to pinch Nan Zhen&#apos;s cheek on his way out, “be obedient and wait for me to come back.” His pampering smile paired together with a confident turn of his heel, erased his image as a mad and ruthless tyrant, and pulled a handsome look as he walked out.

Li Shang was quite talkative and Nan Zhen wasn&#apos;t an introverted either, the two of them were soon start conversing. Li Shang learned that Nan Zhen was a Beijing native, moreover she attended graduate school, deep in his heart he felt suspicion.

“There must be a lot of men chasing after you right?” the actual meaning of what was said was, &#apos;what do you see in Han Dong?&#apos;

Nan Zhen smiled and said, “there are, but they are only putting in a superficial effort, Han Dong is not the same. We only knew each other a moment ago and he clearly knew what I like, what I hate, and he even knew of everything I have experienced, it immediately made me think that this man is especially considerate."

Li Shang supported his forehead with his hand, turned out that a man who could tell fortunes was blessed with a unique advantage in the field of dating.

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