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Novel Name : Feng Mang

Chapter 1

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Hey guys, this is my new project, I’ll be posting this when I can’t update a chapter for GA ^^

P.S. I didn’t break down the chapter, 1 chapter is short like this until chapter 70 *sweat*

~Enjoy ❤

Translator: Polarbearadise

6:30 in the morning, dawn just arrived, at the entrance of Beijing film studio was crowded with people who auditioning for the role of an extras. Almost all of them are men, moreover they are all unsophisticated. While waiting outside, some people walking on their tiptoe, anxiously scouting for information, others staring blankly at the space and there is even several group of people playing fight the landlord to pass time……

(T/N: Fight the landlord = A game for 3 players using a 54-card deck (52 cards and 2 jokers). The objective of the game is to be the first to get rid of all your cards)

Only one person is difference.

He is sitting calmly on a small table, his hair combed back and tied into a rabbit&#apos;s tail. In this cold winter he only wearing a white-collar shirt with fragment of flowers and a pair of ripped jeans. Looking at him you can instantly feel the youthful air with a hint of slovenly in dress and manner, however he is doing something completely opposite——telling fortune.

(T/N: slovenly in dress and manner = Not care about one&#apos;s appearance)

"Master, I really admire you, I heard that you are like the ancient god, you tell marriage fortune really accurate! I especially taking the Tieling train to come here and find you, I didn&#apos;t expect you to be so young!"

Han Dong said with a profound expression: "Skills acquired doesn’t measured by age, but by the enlightenment of one&#apos;s mind."

"Yes, yes, master is right, I don&#apos;t understand these kind of things, but I really don&#apos;t understand, why did you choose such a noisy place to tell fortune?"

Han Dong quietly spit out three words: "Earth vital energy."

"Ha ha ha……can master help me look at my fortune, is my marriage going to be happy for a lifetime?"

Han Dong squint to take a closer look, this man mountain root have a straight line going down, on the left there is a dark spot, destined to divorce! Think he could think, but he can&#apos;t actually said it because this man eyelid are thin, short philtrum, small lip, his appearance look casual but actually have a weak and sensitive mind. If he were to said the truth, what if that man won&#apos;t paid?

(T/N: Mountain root = root of nose)

"You and your lover will accompanied each other for a lifetime." Han Dong said with a sincere tone.

Unexpectedly, a moment ago this middle-aged man was being respectful, but when hearing this, his face suddenly changed, "You mean I can&#apos;t leave that old, prodigal woman?"

Han Dong: "……"

The weak and sensitive middle-aged man began to rub his fists and wipe his palms : "I bear with her for half of my lifetime, in order to divorce her I even held a knife against her neck, but she still isn&#apos;t willing to agree! I wanted to come here to reassure my heart, but I didn&#apos;t expect, I really didn&#apos;t expect you to cut the other half of my happy lifetime!"

(T/N: Rub his fists and wipe his palms = Roll up one’s sleeves for battle)

Han Dong roar inside: &#apos;Ah! You should have said so!&#apos;

"We should talk it over." Han Dong politely said.

The middle-aged man become even more angry, "What is there to talk over with fortune-telling?"

Han Dong was about to explain, but he suddenly saw the manager of the Beijing film studio walked out, to "recruit people." Han Dong, from a respectfully master disappeared immediately, picking up his table and chair and rush to that side.

The middle-aged man grabbed him, "What are you doing? Are you trying to run?"

"Let go! I have to go casting!"

"Casting? Turn out you are an actor! Good, you dare to use me as a practice?"

"Who use you as practice? This is my concurrent job, concurrent job you understand?"

"I have never heard of an actor who also work as a fortune-teller!"

"What about fortune-teller? Are you saying fortune-teller can&#apos;t pursue their dream?"

The middle-aged man clenches his jaw, "Look at your appearance, you still want to pursue your dream? You are just a swindler! Today, if I don&#apos;t beat you up, it will not worth the money I spend to bought the train ticket!"

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