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Immortal Hero: I Can See the Success Rate Chapter 115 - Young Master Zhao free read Here - KevinBook
Novel Name : Immortal Hero: I Can See the Success Rate

Chapter 115 - Young Master Zhao

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Chapter 115: Young Master Zhao

Lin An didn’t mind. He found a random place to sit down and closed his eyes to rest.

More and more people came. After everyone had arrived, Young Master Zhao, one of the four great scholars of the capital, suddenly stood up and asked,

“Madam Li, may I know who is the person who solved the question?”

When the scholars who had been in the hall heard this, their expressions changed and they were extremely shocked.

What? Someone solved the problem!

Lin An looked over and saw a blue-robed scholar with a cold expression on his face.

He thought to himself, ‘This should be the Young Master Zhao who couldn’t solve the problem a year ago. Seeing that I’ve solved the problem today, is he embarrassed and wants to make trouble for me?’

Humph, a defeated opponent was nothing to be afraid of.

The blue-robed scholar met Lin An’s gaze.

“Although you’ve solved the problem, it only means that you’re extraordinary. However, you’re just a little smart and ultimately unable to show your face. If you really think that you’re talented, do you dare to spar with me in the way of poetry!”

As soon as he finished speaking, the entire hall suddenly became noisy.

“You’re right. How can being a little smart be compared to great wisdom?”

“In the entire world, only Young Master Zhao’s classic poems and Young Master Wu’s absolute poems can be remembered for centuries.”

However, Lin An was still sitting on the futon, eating his own snacks, and had no intention of paying attention to that person at all.

Young Master Zhao’s gaze swept over again and he sneered, “Could it be that no one here is the person who solved the question? Or perhaps… they’re afraid?”

Everyone looked at Lin An, their faces filled with schadenfreude and disdain.

“That kid, why are you still sitting there pretending to be deaf and dumb?”

“You’re really arrogant. How outrageous. It’s your honor for Young Master Zhao to exchange poems with you, yet you still dare to pretend not to hear it?”

“Hurry up and stand up. If you’re afraid, you can say it. Young Master Zhao will definitely not make things difficult for you!”

Many scholars began to mock him.


Lin An glanced at them calmly.

“I’ve been looking for an opponent in my life but I can’t get one. If I can accept any random challenge, then how can I have enough time in my life?”


Everyone’s eyes widened in shock. They couldn’t believe what they had just heard.

Young Master Zhao was one of the four great talents in the capital. At the foot of the imperial city, how many young talents were gathered together? To be able to stand out among so many talents, what kind of person was he?

A person like him would definitely enter the imperial court in the future, hold a high position, and rise to great heights.

But now, this guy who appeared out of nowhere actually called Young Master Zhao a nobody? He was simply arrogant to the extreme!

Young Master Zhao’s eyes suddenly turned cold and his expression was gloomy. His gaze was fixed on Lin An.

Madam Li was also slightly stunned when she heard this. She clearly didn’t expect Lin An to actually say such arrogant words. It was common for scholars to be arrogant, but Lin An said it so frankly as if his literary talent was truly extraordinary and unrivaled in the world.

“Hehe. What an arrogant person!”

Young Master Zhao sneered and said in a deep voice.

“Full of damage, a modest benefit. A modest gentleman should be as gentle as jade! Today, this Young Master will send these words to you. I hope you can benefit from it!”

When these words were said, everyone present was stunned.

“Full of damage, a modest benefit. Young Master Zhao is indeed a genius!”

“That’s right, a modest gentleman is as gentle as jade, this is what a scholar should look like!”

“That kid is full of boasting but he doesn’t dare to face him head-on. He must be a good-for-nothing who has no ink in his stomach. Young Master Zhao is too lazy to argue with him, he’s a truly modest gentleman.”

Madam Li’s eyes also lit up. Her gaze falling on Young Master Zhao, eyes full of appreciation.

Lin An heard this and a smile appeared on his face. He raised his teacup and took a sip.

“As the saying goes, it’s impolite not to reciprocate. Since Young Master Zhao has sent me a message, I shall return the favor with a poem!”

Everyone was stunned. Send a poem?

Young Master Zhao was nicknamed the King of Poetry and was undefeatable in the world. How dare a nameless scholar like you mention a poem in front of Young Master Zhao? Isn’t that just showing off in front of an expert? Aren’t you overestimating yourself?

Everyone broke into laughter and looked at Lin An with a face full of ridicule.

A scholar shook his head and said, “Young Master Zhao can read a thousand words at the age of three, read poems from ancient times to modern times at the age of five, and received the title of King of Poetry from the Emperor of the Ghana Empire at the age of ten with his poems. Yet, you actually dare to say such words here and want to gift Young Master Zhao a poem? You’re simply overestimating yourself like a firefly competing with the bright moon!”

When Young Master Zhao heard Lin An’s words, he couldn’t help but laugh as he shook his head and jeered.

“Since you wish to gift me a poem, then I am all ears!”

Once these words were said, everyone started to praise him again.

“As expected of the King of Poetry, Young Master Zhao. Your bearing is indeed extraordinary. You are truly a high-class person!”

“This is a truly humble gentleman. You really have the bearing of a great master!”

Lin An raised his eyes to look at Young Master Zhao.

“Young Master Zhao, just now, you said that I was full of losses and that I benefited from being humble. You were scolding me for being arrogant, right? But, although what you said is right, it doesn’t apply to everyone.”

Lin An put down the teacup, picked up the folding fan, and pretended to wave it.

“Zi Wen has profound knowledge. He has learned the heavenly insight.

“He is leisurely swimming in the lotus curtain and humbly practicing the jade routine.

“He is the most benevolent of all, Zhou Pu Yu.

“He is careful and sincere, and he can guard against any crisis.”

This was from the Song Dynasty’s Jian Yu Chang’s “Feng He Imperial System Reading the History of the Five Dynasties and Jin.” As he used history as a mirror to advise others to be humble, he got rid of the boring preaching and went to a higher level in terms of education.

More importantly, they had never heard of this poem before!

They immediately thought that it was made by Lin An on the spot and they were stunned.

But who was Young Master Zhao? He was one of the four great scholars of the capital, and the title of “King of Poetry” was not undeserved.

After suffering this loss, he naturally would not let it go. It was impossible for him to swallow his anger in front of so many scholars.

He immediately stood up and pretended to be magnanimous as he cupped his hands towards Madam Li.

“Today, we are here to meet friends with poems. I wonder if Madam Li can come up with a topic to let everyone present compose poems on the spot?”

Everyone immediately sucked in a breath of cold air!

Writing poems on the spot was what Young Master Zhao was best at!

Back then, Young Master Zhao was able to compose poems in front of the Ghanaian Emperor in ten steps. It was once a legend in the capital. Today, it was actually by chance that they could witness Young Master Zhao’s famous stunts?

Everyone immediately revealed looks of anticipation and surprise.

Many people had long heard of Young Master Zhao’s feat of composing poems in front of the Ghanaian Emperor in ten steps. Today, they heard that Young Master Zhao was actually going to compose poems on the spot again. That was a historic moment!

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