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Immortal Hero: I Can See the Success Rate Chapter 110 - Divine Power Like a Mountain free read Here - KevinBook
Novel Name : Immortal Hero: I Can See the Success Rate

Chapter 110 - Divine Power Like a Mountain

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Chapter 110: Divine Power Like a Mountain

The Demonic Beast Lord’s gaze also landed on Lin An. After sizing him up, his face was instantly filled with ridicule and playfulness.

Then, he saw Lin An pull out a cannon from somewhere and point the muzzle at him.

The entire hall instantly fell silent!

Everyone stared blankly at the seemingly ordinary cannon that Lin An brought out. They were all dumbfounded.

Cannon? What was the point of bringing something like this out at a time like this?

In the main hall, many of the members of the demon race, whose faces were filled with surprise and joy after seeing Lin An, suddenly froze on the spot.

Almost at the same time, an uneasy premonition arose in everyone’s hearts.

Someone swallowed their saliva and looked at Lin An. They asked uneasily, “Your… Your Highness, you’ve been preparing upstairs for two hours. Could it be that it’s to forge this cannon?”

After they asked this question, everyone’s gaze fell on Lin An. Even Su Peibai was no exception.

This kind of cannon was used by ordinary mortals in battle. Its power might be very strong to ordinary mortals but it was just a battlefield in the mortal world. On the battlefield of cultivators, things like cannons were completely useless!

Therefore, the uneasiness in their hearts was as if they were suffocating.

If this new Demon Emperor really spent two hours building a cannon, then they would really be angered to the point of vomiting blood.

However, Lin An revealed a look of admiration towards that person. He patted the pitch-black body of the cannon and smiled, “Oh, you’re quite smart. This emperor is just as you said!”

Everyone felt their vision go black and they almost fainted from anger.

In a time of life and death, you actually used two hours to build such a cannon?

You are crazy!

“Ha, I didn’t expect that we would die so laughably!”

An elder of the demon race smiled bitterly. He felt that he had lost all his strength and slid down the wall to sit down.

The gloomy atmosphere instantly filled the entire hall.

“If I had known earlier, I would have rushed out. Even if I died at the mouth of a demonic beast, it would still be better than dying in such a sullen manner.”

“Yeah, at least I wouldn’t have suffered such a huge blow before I died.”

“Haa, forget it. Forget it. This is the fate of our race. Our entire life is so ominous.”

“Today, we have so many tribal kings here. After the fall of the Demon City, I’m afraid that the demon race will no longer have any hope of revival.”

Su Peibai also looked at Lin An and asked with a hint of anticipation, “You must have prepared other methods, right?”

Lin An felt very strange and scratched his head. “No, with such a group of demonic beasts, is there a need to prepare other methods? Prepare to follow me and kill everyone!”

Su Peibai’s face instantly turned pale.

Was there really only this cannon?

It was over!

And what happened in the hall, even the Demonic Beast Lords outside almost laughed out loud when they saw it.

“Haha, Your new Demon Emperor is really an interesting monkey. I was originally worried about how to break the array, but I didn’t expect you to immediately destroy your morale? Hahahahaha…”

The demonic beast horde leader laughed out loud, his face full of ridicule.

Lin An immediately responded with a sneer, “Shut down the array for me!”

In an instant, the expressions of the many demons present, including Su Peibai, changed drastically.

“Shut down the formation? Demon Emperor, what are you doing? Are you going to kowtow and beg for mercy?”

“No, I won’t surrender. I’d rather die in battle!”

“If you want to kneel, you cowards, go and kneel yourself. This old man’s reputation has been spotless all my life. How can it be ruined today!”

All the demons spoke up angrily.

Su Peibai’s face was also full of shock as she exclaimed, “Damn monkey, are you crazy? Do you know what you’re talking about?”

Even though they knew that they could no longer hold on, no one wanted to stop the formation. Because this action meant that they had surrendered.

Even if they were to die, it was impossible for them to surrender to the demonic beasts.

Lin An was instantly dumbfounded by everyone’s reaction,

“What are you guys thinking? I’m not the kind of person who’s afraid of death!”

“Then, then what do you mean by that?” Su Peibai asked in astonishment.

Lin An pointed at the enemies outside the hall and asked in bafflement…

“If you guys don’t release the formation, how am I going to blast those idiots?”


At that moment, everyone in the hall finally understood that Lin An didn’t want to surrender but to fight back.

Alright, although this move was very foolish, at least he had some backbone!

Even before he died, he should have risen up and resisted!


The demon race had shut down the spell formation. There wasn’t much point in expending mana to maintain the spell formation. No matter how much they delayed what they had to face, they had to face it in the end!

Outside the main hall, the leader of the demonic beasts saw that Lin An had actually ordered someone to shut down the spell formation and even threatened to fire a cannon at him. He instantly burst into laughter.

The few nascent soul stage demonic beasts behind him were also amused by Lin An’s actions.

“This monkey is really funny. He actually wants to use the cannon from the human world to deal with our Demonic Beast Army?”

“With this kind of cannon, I’m afraid it’s not even qualified to scratch our itch!”

“These demonic beasts are really too slow-witted. Hahahahaha…”

Lin An looked at them with a mocking smile on his face. He took out a supreme-grade spirit stone from the system space and stuffed it into the groove on the body of the cannon.

Then, he clasped his hands together. His ten fingers were like shadows as he quickly formed seals. At the same time, he used his divine will to increase the power of the divine might cannon to its maximum.


In the next moment, a golden light blossomed from his hands.

He brought with him a majestic golden light as he slammed it onto the body of the cannon.


The body of the cannon, which was made of refined iron, immediately let out a trembling sound.

In the next moment, all the runes on the body of the cannon shone brightly and released a dazzling golden light. It gradually blazed, as if it had condensed into a brilliant sun that lit up the entire world.

Divine might like the sea suddenly spread out!

The Demonic Beast Lord let out a surprised cry and frowned. For some unknown reason, an uneasy feeling suddenly appeared in the depths of its heart, as if a crisis was about to arrive.


Right at this moment, the divine might cannon loaded with supreme-grade spirit stones suddenly exploded with a huge golden beam of light.

The Demonic Beast Lord didn’t have the time to react before a beam of light with an earth-shattering aura suddenly crossed the empty space and struck his chest.

Violent energy completely exploded with the Demonic Beast Lord at the center.

The light and heat spread out, and the shock wave followed closely. All the demonic beasts in this area were overturned.


A terrifying formless airwave formed a circle of ripples in the air, and a strong gale spread in all directions.

A few nascent soul stage demonic beasts didn’t have the time to dodge, and they were instantly affected by the explosion. They were blown into pieces. Not even their corpses were left behind.

The Demonic Beast Lord was also blasted away, creating a huge crater in the distance. His blood splattered on the ground.

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