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Immortal Hero: I Can See the Success Rate Chapter 100 - Demon Race free read Here - KevinBook
Novel Name : Immortal Hero: I Can See the Success Rate

Chapter 100 - Demon Race

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Chapter 100: Demon Race

Just as Lin An was about to continue arguing with the Empress, the tower of trials suddenly shook violently.

In an instant, the intense power of several infant transformation stage cultivators surrounded him from all directions.

“Oh, no! I’ve provoked many enemies in my past journeys. I think they’re here to kill me. Quick, let’s leave!” Lin An said in shock.

The Empress had also sensed the powers, and she calmly smiled at Lin An. “Don’t worry, these are the four elders from the Hundred Flowers Valley Sect. You’ll be fine.”

“How can I be fine? Their murderous aura is so strong that it can scare a child to tears! You might be fine, but I might be in big trouble. Let’s not talk about it anymore. I have to escape. The green mountains will not change, and the green waters will flow forever. We’ll meet again if we’re fated to!”

With that, the space in front of Lin An rippled, and his figure gradually blurred. The Empress’s expression immediately changed, and she cried out in disbelief, “Are you tearing the void open! You actually have a way to bypass the spatial restriction of the tower of trials and escape!”

Lin An grinned mischievously and replied, “Of course, I have countless treasures on me. If I can’t even do such a small thing, wouldn’t that be a disgrace?”

As he spoke, he threw a void escape talisman towards the Empress.

“Just treat it as a goodbye gift. It’s not very valuable. It’s just a small treasure, but it can only be used once! Goodbye!”

Although Lin An had said that it wasn’t valuable, the treasure he had produced could break through the restriction of the tower of trials.

Such a valuable item made the Empress flattered. She hurriedly threw a jade pendant that she had brought with her to Lin An.

“This is a return gift!”

As soon as she finished speaking, the void escape talisman had already teleported Lin An dozens of miles away.

When the Empress looked around the empty eighth floor, she suddenly felt a sense of loss.

Lin An had just landed on a strange path when he saw a few figures passing by in the distance.

However, when he observed them closely, he was instantly stunned. The distant figures actually had a pair of horns on their heads, and one of them had a tail.

Lin An immediately used the success rate system to scan the three strange beings, and several details popped up on the virtual screen.

The two creatures were the offspring crossbreeds of both humans and demons, and they could transform into human form.

The creatures had once been strong and prosperous on the Cangyun Continent, and they were known as the demon race.

However, the relationship between humans and the demon race deteriorated completely.

The demon race was defeated in the war between the two races, and their numbers drastically decreased. In the end, the crossbreed offspring race could only hide in the dark, and they rarely appeared in the world.

Lin An didn’t expect that he would encounter the legendary demon race after escaping the Hundred Flowers Valley Sect.

His curiosity was instantly aroused, and he followed the three creatures.

After activating his lightning avatar, Lin An only left an afterimage at his original spot.

When he was within an earshot distance of the demon race creatures, Lin An realized that the three demons were all male, and their cultivation levels were all at the golden core stage.

As they walked, they began whispering among themselves.

“This time, I really have to catch a few tender-skinned children and bring them back. Otherwise, the king will definitely be angry.”

Lin An trailed the demon race creatures for a while until they arrived at the side of a lake that was at the foot of an enormous mountain.

There were a few children playing along the shores of the lake, and they were running towards the demons.


At that moment, a loud sound suddenly came from the surface of the lake, and a large string of water splashed out.

One of the demons had quietly slipped into the water and swam along the lakeshore. Once it rushed out from the lake, it opened its arms and pounced at the children with a sinister smile.

At the same time, the other two demons also jumped down from a nearby tree and blocked the children’s paths.

The children were immediately scared, and they cried loudly as tears flowed down their faces.

“Demons! How dare you!” Lin An shouted thunderously.

He immediately appeared at the scene, and lighting bolts flowed through his body as he took a protective stance in front of the children.

Lin An’s way of appearing had been domineering, and it instantly shocked the three demons.

When the demons saw that Lin An was an immortal cultivator, their expressions instantly changed, and they were filled with panic.

“Kill him!”

One of the demons’ eyes suddenly turned cold. “We have lived for so many years, yet today, we have been discovered by a human cultivator. Our race will suffer. We must kill him!”

The eyes of the other two demons abruptly revealed their killing intent as they stared at Lin An.


However, just as the first demon made its move, Lin An had already slashed it into two halves.

The demon didn’t even have the time to groan before it fell to the ground.

[Ding! Congratulations to the host for winning the battle. You have obtained nineteen lucky draw coins.]

Abruptly, the two surviving demons revealed terrified expressions on their faces. They were so scared that they didn’t even think about saying anything fierce.

In an instant, they took off and frantically rushed into the forest with all their might.


A bolt of lightning flashed in front of the two demons, and suddenly, an ominous sword flew over and planted itself into the road in front of them.

Lin An had quickly caught up with the two demons, and he had a faint smile on his face.

The expressions of the two demons instantly changed drastically. In a trembling voice, they said, “This is impossible! We demons have always been famous for our physical fitness. How did you catch up to us?”

“Of course, it’s my movement techniques. We humans aren’t like you guys who only know how to use brute force. Alright, let’s cut the crap and continue running. I saw that you guys weren’t desperate enough to escape, so I gave you a head start.”

The two demons were stunned, and they couldn’t believe their ears. After looking at each other, they didn’t say a word. In the next moment, they suddenly started running again and soon disappeared from Lin An’s sight.

Lin An unhurriedly used his Lightning Dharma Body to follow them. His goal was to trail the two demons until they led him to their tribe so that he could get some more information about the demon race.

After all, they were the mortal enemies of humans. As a pure human, Lin An still had a sense of responsibility to protect his race.

The two demons ran quickly and took several remote paths. As they ran, they laid traps along the way.

Unfortunately, their actions bore no fruits. Lin An, who was trailing them in his Lightning Dharma Body state, easily avoided all of their traps.

The demons ran through several hidden caves and eventually, Lin An arrived at a secluded part of the forest.

He immediately saw a barrier that appeared to have been set up by a spell formation.

It looked majestic and extraordinary and based on Lin An’s observation; the spell formation had to be at least at the intermediate level.

The two demons easily ran through the barrier and disappeared.

However, Lin An suspected that it wouldn’t be so easy for him to pass through the barrier.

Therefore, he searched the success rate system’s storage space to see if there were any treasures that he could use.

After searching through the system’s space, he didn’t find a suitable treasure.

He concluded that he would have to use the lottery machines again to get a treasure that could help him sneak past the barrier.

Fortunately, in the ten-lottery coin lucky draw machine, Lin An immediately drew the items that he needed.

[Congratulations, you have obtained an acting mask. The mask enables a cultivator to achieve 100% impersonation of the body and appearance of other people or alien races. Its initial effects last for four hours, and after the time is up, one lottery coin will be deducted for every two hours it is in use.]

Lin An instantly put on the mask, and his body flashed with a bright light.

Afterward, his hands and feet, as well as the sides of his cheeks, were covered with downy yellow fur.

At the same time, his skin transformed into a golden hoop of tiger skin, and he resembled the fabled monkey king demon!

“Wow! This is actually very domineering!”

As he examined his body, Lin An expressed satisfaction with the effects of the mask.

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