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Immortal Hero: I Can See the Success Rate Chapter 98 - Ruoshui Emperess free read Here - KevinBook
Novel Name : Immortal Hero: I Can See the Success Rate

Chapter 98 - Ruoshui Emperess

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Chapter 98: Ruoshui Emperess

The woman on the eighth level of the tower of trials was surrounded by frost, and her aura emitted a bone-chilling frigidity.

Her posture was graceful, and she was so beautiful that one would forget to breathe when looking at her.

It seemed as if the woman had sensed something, and she suddenly opened her ice-cold beautiful eyes.

Her pitch-black and deep eyes seemed to reflect the entire Milky Way galaxy.

“This feeling, is it an inner demon?”

The Empress of the Ruoshui Kingdom frowned slightly. After looking around the eighth level of the tower of trials, she solemnly closed her eyes again.

Lin An’s hour-long tempering had finally passed.

His spiritual power was once again strengthened by eighty percent, and within a few minutes, he mustered his strength and got up from the ground.

“Humph, this trial tower is only so-so. Did it think it could stop me with its suppression? I didn’t think so!”

After he spoke, Lin An patted the dust off his clothes and walked towards the stairs that led to the eighth floor.

His walking posture was vigorous, and he was no longer suppressed.

However, before Lin An could step onto the stairs, he felt that the space in front of him seemed to have been frozen.

He tentatively stretched his hand out, and sure enough, his right hand touched an invisible wall.

Lin An looked at the stairs suspiciously. Since his soul power had been strengthened once again, he could clearly sense that there was indeed someone on the eighth floor.

He rubbed his chin and pondered the situation. If there was a cultivator inside the eighth floor, why had they used such a method to seal it off?

Could it be that a prisoner was being held up in the tower of trials?

Or was there a very precious treasure hidden on the eighth floor?

As he thought about the possibilities, Lin An’s curiosity grew even stronger. He felt he had to break through the barrier and take a look.

Considering the special characteristics of the tower of trials, Lin An concluded that he could attempt to use his soul power to break through the restriction that was in front of him.

He immediately summoned the power of his soul from his body, and the majestic power of his soul condensed into a large palm in front of him. Using his mind, he guided the power to push towards the invisible wall.

Instantly, Lin An felt that the invisible wall had sunk in, and it didn’t bounce back.

His face lit up, and he gradually pushed against the invisible wall using his soul power.

It was as if his entire body was stuck in a rubber band, and he kept walking in. Lin An was constantly pulling at the “rubber band invisible wall,” but he also felt that the wall’s resistance was also increasing.

However, his hard work eventually paid off. He forcefully broke through the “rubber band invisible wall” and climbed to the eighth floor.


After reaching the eighth floor, a powerful force overcame Lin An’s body and sucked him in.

Afterward, Lin An suddenly broke through an ice wall and landed directly in front of a figure.

He slowly raised his head and looked at the person who was sitting in front of him.

Suddenly, Lin An was dumbfounded when he laid his eyes on the figure.

His heart seemed to have been struck hard by the scene he saw. The woman in front of him had smooth skin, and her eyes were full of autumn light.

She was simply too beautiful.

What was even more shocking was that the beautiful woman was actually naked, and she was sitting cross-legged on the ground!

On her part, the woman’s previously serious expression had changed to that of astonishment.

Lin An’s mind was blank. In his previous life on earth, he had seen many beautiful women over the Internet.

However, the appearance and temperament of the woman in front of him were simply incomparable.

She was really too beautiful, so much so that Lin An subconsciously thought that she was a goddess.

Her facial features were as exquisite as a painting, and her skin was as fair as snow.

Lin An could also see that her temperament was dignified and graceful but solemn at the same time. She displayed the aura of a person of high status and power.

As Lin An stared at the woman in front of him, he realized that her deep eyes were also staring back at him.

However, after just one glance at Lin An, the woman closed her eyes again, collected her thoughts, and returned to her cultivation.

Even though Lin An could tell that the woman’s identity was not simple, it was impossible for him to guess that she was the Emperess of the Ruoshui Kingdom and that she could turn the clouds into rain with a flip of her hand.

Seeing that the woman seemed unbothered even though she was sitting naked in front of him, Lin An was instantly surprised.

Could it be that the customs in the tower of trials were so open!

Although Lin An was excited, he knew that the most important thing he would have to prioritize was to recover his mobility.

Thus, Lin An spoke to the woman in front of him.


However, Lin An’s gentle call did not cause the woman in front of him to react. Instead, she remained lifeless like an ice sculpture.

Even her long eyelashes did not move in the slightest.

The corners of Lin An’s mouth immediately twitched. He tried to move his body, but under the powerful pressure from the surroundings, he could not move at all.

Lin An had no choice but to speak up again.

“Miss, please help me. I can’t stand up.”

Despite Lin An’s cry for help, the Ruoshui Empress didn’t stir.

Lin An continued to call out, “Miss, please help me. I really can’t stand up.”

The Ruoshui Empress didn’t respond, but her eyelashes fluttered a few times at that moment.

Lin An called out to her a few more times, but she remained motionless.

Once Lin An realized that he couldn’t count on the woman, he knew that he would have to save himself.

Fortunately, the success rate system notified him that if he survived on the eighth floor for an hour, his soul power would receive a one hundred percent increase.

Therefore, all Lin An had to do was hold on and withstand the suppression power on the eighth level of the tower of trials for one hour.

At that moment, there was complete silence outside the tower.

Everyone stared blankly at the wooden token that showed that Lin An was at the eighth level.

The entire area was silent, and one could almost hear a pin drop!

Although the scene before the cultivators’ eyes was even more magical than the sun rising from the west, everyone was already a little numb to the successive shocks.

After entering a level, Lin An would stay for about an hour each time before he would go up to the next level. Now, he was actually in the eighth level!

Lin An’s progress no longer shocked the cultivators, but instead, they all trembled in fear.

“That guy, what kind of monster is he? Is he really human?”

“The eighth level? Oh God, I must have fallen into a nightmare to see such a ridiculous thing. My eyes are full of karma!”

“I’m actually lucky enough to witness a golden core stage youth reach the eighth level of the tower of trials? Our Ghana Empire is really going to produce a peerless genius this time!”

“With such a level of soul power, even if he closes his eyes, he will definitely become a peerless expert in the future.”

“It’s definitely not just that. With his record, I’m afraid that after today, his name will shake the entire Cangyun Continent!”

“With such a disciple, even the Hundred Flowers Valley Sect will benefit. This is really a blessing for their sect.”

“Perhaps it will attract competition from all directions.”

“I’m so envious!”

As they looked at the hovering wooden token, all the cultivators outside the tower of trials were amazed.

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