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Immortal Hero: I Can See the Success Rate Chapter 96 - The Last Five Levels of Hell free read Here - KevinBook
Novel Name : Immortal Hero: I Can See the Success Rate

Chapter 96 - The Last Five Levels of Hell

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Chapter 96: The Last Five Levels of Hell

After Lin An’s soul power had strengthened by one hundred and twenty percent, he felt little pressure when he entered the fourth level.

However, when he was close to the fifth level, the feeling that there was someone on the upper level became even stronger.

“Looks like there is someone on the upper floors. I feel like I should go and take a look.”

The suppressive force on the fifth floor increased by another level, and Lin An walked as if he was carrying a heavy load. Although his speed had decelerated, he could still move forward slowly.

The scene immediately shocked everyone outside the tower.

“Did I see an illusion? He can actually move forward on the fifth floor. How is this possible?”

“Could it be that he’s going to break through to the sixth floor? Oh my God! How can a golden core stage cultivator do such a thing?”

The cultivators outside the tower of trials were stunned.

However, Lin An continued to move forward.

The closer he got to the sixth floor, the more suppressed Lin An felt. It was as if he was stepping into a field that had been planted in early spring with his bare feet. Every step that he took felt extremely strenuous.

Nevertheless, it wasn’t as if Lin An had gained nothing. He clearly felt that his soul power was gradually becoming stronger as he fought against the tower of trials.

When he reached the bottom of the stairs that led to the sixth floor, Lin An was a little hesitant, and he looked up apprehensively.

Based on the pressure that he had experienced on the fifth floor, it would be impossible for him to persevere on the sixth floor without using a treasure to boost his soul power.

“Fellow Daoist!” The Hundred Flowers Valley Sect disciples below shouted at Lin An.

“It’s really enviable for you to have such a level of soul power at such an age. However, it’s better not to go up to the sixth level. Only the elders of our sect, who are at least at the infant transformation stage, can go up to the sixth level. With your age, you can’t go up to the sixth level. Please, consider your own life!”

Lin An chuckled and immediately took out a bottle of soul-strengthening liquid from the success rate system’s space. He opened the lid and poured it into his mouth before proceeding towards the sixth floor.

The faces of the Hundred Flowers Valley Sect disciples instantly changed as they cried out in surprise, “Fellow Daoist Lin, we absolutely have no intention of scaring you on purpose. Every word we say is sincere. The soul suppression on the sixth floor is extremely terrifying. If the difference between the power of your soul and the suppression is too great, your soul will be compressed to the point of shattering before the tower of trials pops you out! You will be completely hopeless!”

However, Lin An stopped and turned to address the concerned disciples.

“The first time I went to a bathing center, I was also very scared. I gradually became brave, and once I put on that hand card, I instantly grew up. After I put on the hand card, I was no longer a boy. I immediately experienced the seven emotions and six desires of the human world. Therefore, all greatness comes from a brave challenge!”

After he spoke, Lin An resolutely turned around and stepped onto the stairs that led to the sixth level!

Outside the tower, the dumbfounded challengers, and the few Hundred Flowers Valley Sect disciples, watched on in disbelief.

“All greatness comes from a courageous challenge. What a wise saying! I didn’t expect this cultivator’s literary talent to be so outstanding. The words that came out of his mouth are words that have been spoken for thousands of years!”

“That’s right, and he also has the heart of a strong man, possessing the courage to challenge everything!”

“It really makes us feel admiration!”

“No wonder he’s so strong, so what he said was right, to cultivate the heart first! Without the heart of a brave man, how could he have the power to conquer the trial?”

“That’s right, it really makes us feel ashamed!”

Many immortal cultivators sighed with emotion as they mulled over Lin An’s bold words.

“However, this young hero is probably being too arrogant this time. He definitely hasn’t heard of this tower of trials having the title of ‘the five levels of the mortal world, and the five levels of hell.’ The five levels below the tower of trials are normally used for the entrance test. Although it’s difficult to enter, it’s still within the reasonable range. It’s not like there aren’t those who have reached this level before.

But the sixth level of the tower of trials is really not accessible to anyone who isn’t at the infant transformation stage!

Although the strength of the soul isn’t necessarily determined by one’s cultivation level, the soul still grows strong when a cultivator advances through the various cultivation stages. Without reaching the infant transformation stage, it’s impossible to reach the level of strength that the soul must rely on during innate conditions.”

“Sigh, I’m afraid that young hero is doomed this time.”

The inspection window of the tower of trials could only be opened to the fifth level because the suppression of the soul on the sixth level was too strong.

If the inspection window on the sixth level were to be opened, a violent force would tear the entire building apart.

Therefore, none of the cultivators on the outside could see Lin An’s figure anymore. They could only guess his situation by observing the wooden token that was floating outside the tower.

As long as the tower of trials failed to absorb the wooden token, it meant that Lin An was still holding on, and he was still safe.

However, none of the cultivators were optimistic that Lin An could hold on for long. They all felt that he would be ejected from the tower of trials in the next moment.

However, as they stared blankly at the tower of trials, a few minutes went by. Lin An’s wooden token was still floating quietly around the tower, and there were no signs that the tower of trials would absorb it.

The cultivators outside the tower were immediately astounded.

“How is this possible?”

“Why hasn’t he been ejected by the tower of trials yet?”

“Looking at the movement of this wooden tablet, it seems like he really withstood the suppression of the spiritual power on the sixth level?”

“This is simply shocking! There are actually people born with such terrifying spiritual power in this world!”

The cultivators outside were all shocked. They had seen countless geniuses achieve various feats in the past.

However, even the Emperess of the Ruoshui Kingdom, the woman who had been known as the number one genius during the past three thousand years, had not displayed such an unreasonable talent at Lin An’s age!

If the news about his achievement were to spread out, who knew how many factions would crazily fight over him.

At the same time, Lin An, who was on the sixth level of the tower of trials, was already sweating profusely. His legs felt like they would collapse at any moment.

Before going up to the sixth level, he had drunk another bottle of soul-strengthening liquid, and his soul power had increased by another one hundred and twenty percent.

But even so, when he officially stepped into the sixth level, Lin An still felt his soul tremble. It was as if a mountain was pressing down on his body, and his soul power was about to be crushed.

Fortunately, he managed to persevere with his extraordinary willpower.

Additionally, Lin An had also reached into the success rate system’s storage space and activated a defensive garment that could partially block the suppression power of the tower of trials.

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