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Immortal Hero: I Can See the Success Rate Chapter 89 - : The Hundred Flowers Valley Recruits New Members free read Here - KevinBook
Novel Name : Immortal Hero: I Can See the Success Rate

Chapter 89 - : The Hundred Flowers Valley Recruits New Members

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Chapter 89: The Hundred Flowers Valley Recruits New Members

“Let’s go!”

When they saw the black-robed assassins, the two sisters jumped up from their original positions and fled into the depths of the forest.


A few seconds after the two sisters escaped, an explosive sound suddenly came from behind them. It sounded like a thousand-meter-high waterfall that had flown through a deep valley.

Immediately, a flash of lightning blasted behind them.

The two sisters were shocked, and when they turned around, they opened their mouths in amazement.

Lin An was covered in blood, and he was holding a long green sword like a god of war who had survived a vicious battlefield. To their surprise, he was wearing a relaxed smile as he followed them.

Immediately, the two sisters’ hearts pounded like huge drums.

In just a few brief moments, more than a dozen elite assassins had lost their lives at Lin An’s hands.

“How… How is this possible?”

Their minds went blank on the spot, and their faces were filled with apprehension as they muttered amongst themselves.

Lin An, who was only at the peak of the golden core stage, had single-handedly killed all the nascent soul assassins as if they were ants.

Throughout their lifetime, the two sisters had never experienced such a suffocating feeling of power.

Even if Lin An and the two sisters traveled day and night, it would still take them six days to return to the Imperial City.

They galloped for three days and two nights, but the elder of the two sisters finally couldn’t hold on any longer, and she asked the others if she could take a break.

The three of them found a place and planned to rest for a while.

Just as they sat down, Lin An heard some conversations coming from some nearby cultivators.

“My fellow Daoists, let’s speed up our journey. Right now, the Imperial City is probably packed with cultivators from all directions.”

“That’s right. The Hundred Flowers Valley is one of the three great sects in the Ghana Empire. They only recruit disciples once every one hundred years. It’s said that there are countless geniuses in their sects. Even the princess from our country once entered their sect to practice.”

“Moreover, the Hundred Flowers Valley only opens fifty trial points at a time. The trial points are scattered all over the continent. Right now, the station at the Imperial City is the only one that is within my range. I’m afraid that the people who will travel to the city will be too qualified.”

“Don’t worry! With our cultivation level, we will inevitably qualify for the first round of the trial. Everyone, do your best!”

“Yes! Do your best!”

After listening to the cultivators’ conversations, Lin An understood the details about the Hundred Flowers Valley trial.

It was a big event for the sect to recruit new disciples.

The event was only held once every one hundred years, and each time, some trial points would be randomly set up all over the Cangyun Continent.

Only the well-informed cultivators managed to track the location of the trial points, and those who didn’t have any connections could only rely on fate.

After Lin An arrived at the Imperial City, he parted ways with the two sisters and decided to look for the Hundred Flowers Valley trial site.

After going around the mountain path and branching into a forest path, Lin An saw a shade of green. The path was covered with withered yellow leaves, and it was quiet all around.

At that moment, he saw a group of people standing a few meters in front of him.

One of them pointed forward and said, “The trial site is right in front of us. It is said that once a cultivator crosses the entrance, they encounter a sea of fire. Only those who pass through the sea of fire are eligible for the trial. Moreover, I heard that the sea of fire is extremely strange. It is impossible to resist it by only using our spiritual energy.”

Everyone looked up, and indeed, they saw a barrier in front of them. The barrier separated the outside world from the sea of fire, and it also protected unsuspecting cultivators from accidentally entering and dying in the sea of fire.

One cultivator standing beside the path then continued, “Does anyone have any good magic weapons? The power of this sea of fire formation is not to be underestimated. Even a nascent soul stage cultivator wouldn’t dare to step into it blindly. This barrier is actually testing our countermeasures. We cannot be careless.”

A young man, who was wearing a white robe, stepped out from the group. He took out a fire repelling pearl from his pocket and looked at the barrier in front of him with high spirits.

“Fellow Daoists, I will take my leave first. Let’s meet again later!”

After he finished speaking, the white-robed youth directly stepped towards the barrier.


The sound of burning flames came from the barrier’s temporarily opening, and a hot gust of wind blew onto the faces of the cultivators outside the barrier.

The white-robed youth’s expression froze. He quickly activated the fire repelling pearl in his hand, and a blue light surged out and enveloped him.

Once the light had covered his entire body, the white-robed youth’s confidence was boosted, and he stepped into the sea of fire.

“Fellow Daoists, I’m going too!”

At that moment, another cultivator stepped out.

He stood in front of the sea of fire and took out a transparent raincoat. After putting on the raincoat, the eager cultivator stepped into the sea of fire. Several flames attached themselves onto his body, but they were all absorbed by the raincoat.

When the remaining cultivators saw the raincoat, they were all envious Then, after discussing among themselves, they all walked towards the sea of fire.

Their expressions had all turned serious, and they displayed all kinds of magic treasures as they charged into the sea of fire.

“Everyone, it’s almost time.”

A few meters from the barrier, Lin An stood silently and observed the scene. After all the cultivators had charged towards the sea of fire, he concluded that they had successfully passed through the formation and qualified for the next stage.

However, just as Lin An was about to turn back, the aura on his body suddenly soared. Suddenly, the Nine Nether Weeping Blood Sword on his waist vibrated before it flew into his palm with a swoosh, and he gripped it tightly.

Abruptly, an invisible hurricane surrounded his entire body, and his clothes fluttered in the wind.

He raised the Nine Nether Weeping Blood Sword, and his eyes flashed with a bright light as he slashed it to the ground.

“Hurricane Sword technique, open!”


The Nine Nether Weeping Blood Sword let out a crisp chime. The Hurricane Sword technique had caused Lin An’s spiritual energy to surge wildly, and after he slashed down his sword, a white line suddenly appeared in the sea of fire formation.

After a few seconds, the white line rapidly expanded and gradually split the sea of fire into two.


An earth-shattering sound rang out in the sea of fire.

Afterward, an invisible and violent wave of air surged out from the Nine Nether Weeping Blood Sword, and a large fire proof zone appeared in the sea of fire.

It seemed as if the entire sea of fire had actually been forcefully torn apart!

A two-meter-deep giant crack that extended from Lin An’s feet to the end of the sea of fire had been formed.


The few cultivators who had just entered the sea of fire swallowed their saliva with great difficulty, and they were all stunned.

The cultivators stared blankly at the crack as they tried to come to terms with Lin An’s actions.

At the eye of the sea of fire formation, the two female disciples from the Hundred Flowers Valley who had been tasked to maintain the formation were stupefied.

“How… How is this possible? What did I just see?”

“Did he just split the sea of fire with only one strike?”

The earth-shattering strike from the Nine Nether Weeping Blood Sword had caused everyone to fall into silence. The scene was so quiet that one could hear a pin drop.

It was too terrifying!

Lin An had to be a monster! His actions were too terrifying!

The aspiring disciples all felt that even a nascent soul stage cultivator could not withstand the power of Lin An’s sword strike.

The cultivators among the crowd who had high cultivation levels looked at each other in surprise. Their faces were full of bitterness and shock, and they remained speechless for a long time.

At that moment, everyone had a strange feeling in their hearts. The young man who had broken through the sea of fire with one sword strike seemed to be different from the other golden core stage cultivators!

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