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Immortal Hero: I Can See the Success Rate Chapter 78 - Exterminate the Enemy free read Here - KevinBook
Novel Name : Immortal Hero: I Can See the Success Rate

Chapter 78 - Exterminate the Enemy

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Chapter 78: Exterminate the Enemy

Lin An didn’t stop the elders from executing their plan. He didn’t want them to bite him in desperation.

Instead, he patiently followed behind them from afar and planned to finish them off after they entered the village.

“Haven’t you eaten? You should run faster and think about my time, okay?”

Hearing Lin An’s words, the elders fumed with anger, and their expressions turned extremely sullen.

They were, after all, powerful cultivators who had dominated the region around them for hundreds of years. Throughout their history, they had never suffered such humiliation in their entire lives.

They hadn’t expected that they would actually flee from a junior golden core stage cultivator.

Despite their anger, Elder Ma cheered on his colleagues. “Everyone, you can do it. As long as we capture the hostages, we can make that brat kneel down and kowtow to us.”

Lin An was instantly amused when he heard Elder Ma’s words. He felt that the Water Mirror Sect’s leader was just giving him a helping hand.

After a few minutes, Elder Ma had already led the group of elders to the village at the foot of the mountain.

“Charge in and take the hostages!”

Elder Ma led the charge and stormed into the eight-desolation fog formation.

The other surviving elders all had cold smiles on their faces as if they were about to be freed. They felt that once they took the hostages, they would definitely make Lin An kneel in front of them and submit.

However, Lin An stopped outside the spell formation and revealed a bright smile.


The elders who noticed his actions were stunned, and an ominous feeling suddenly rose in their hearts.

The fog in front of them broke open, and a huge flaming dragon opened its mouth towards them.


The elders suddenly let out terrified screams, but it was too late.

Lin An had seen that they were about to enter the eight-desolation fog formation, and he had summoned the black-and-white fire dragon and hidden it within the formation in order to catch them all in one fell swoop.

Under the cover of the fog, Lin An had controlled the fire dragon, and he had only unleashed it once the elders had breached his defensive formation.

There was no room for them to dodge, and they were immediately swallowed by the black-and-white ashen flames.

The flaming dragon had caught the elders by surprise, and they couldn’t escape.

Instantly, Lin An felt that the black-and-white ashen flames had undergone a ten percent increase into the nascent soul stage level.

[“Ding! Congratulations to the host for winning the battle. You have obtained fifteen lottery coins.”]

[“Ding! Congratulations to the host for winning the battle. You have obtained nineteen lottery coins.”]

“Ding! Congratulations to the host for winning the battle. You have obtained thirteen lucky draw coins.”]

Following the sound of the few success rate system notifications, the surroundings around Lin An fell silent.

Among the Water Mirror Sect cultivators that had attacked the village, most of them had died from the black and white ashen flames, and he felt that the level four nascent soul treasure was very useful.

“The battle has ended.”

Lin An heaved a long sigh of relief.

The fight had provided him with more than three hundred and sixty lottery coins, and he immediately laughed out loud.

With no hesitation, Lin An pulled up the lottery interface on the success rate system’s virtual screen.

Since he had obtained several lottery coins, he naturally chose to draw the second lottery machine that required one hundred lottery coins.

In an instant, Lin An reached out and pressed the single draw button,

The light and shadow on the virtual screen started to flow as the lottery spun in circles.

[Ding! The lottery has been completed. Congratulations to the host for obtaining the sword control technique.]”

[The sword control technique enables a cultivator to kill enemies and also fly a thousand miles in a day.]

When he saw the new treasure, Lin An couldn’t help but smile. Flying across the sky on a flying sword was a skill that was quite in line with his wishes.

“Continue to draw!”

Since he had more than four hundred lottery coins remaining, Lin An chose to continue using the lottery system.

He stretched out his hand and tapped on the single-drawn button.

The light and shadow on the virtual screen began to flow and spin in circles again.

[“Ding! The draw has been completed. Congratulations, host, for obtaining the ice arrow snipe skill.] ”

[The ice arrow snipe skill condenses an ice arrow and kills an enemy in your sight from a thousand miles away.]

After Lin An had drawn the two skills, the second lottery machine also displayed the exchange button for the skill upgrade point.

However, the skills that Lin An had drawn were already impressive, so there was no need for him to press the button. Therefore, Lin An didn’t choose to upgrade them immediately.

Instead, he chose to store the remaining three hundred lottery coins for emergency purposes, and he didn’t plan on drawing the lottery machine again. He would wait until the next time he needed the coins.

When Lin An returned to the village, he saw that every villager was in a state of shock. They had witnessed Lin An’s actions during the entire battle.

Even though the enemies could not see the inside of the fog formation from the outside, the villagers had watched the battle clearly from the inside.

When they saw the dragon formed by Lin An’s black and white ashen flames, they were almost scared silly.

The immortal cultivators, who were usually high and mighty, had been chased around by Lin An, and they had finally rushed into the mouth of the fire dragon that was hidden in the fog formation.

After the battle, the villagers still felt a deep sense of disbelief.

Why had the immortal cultivators been so scared? Hadn’t their reactions been the same as those of mere mortals?

Looking back at the sky, the villagers saw that there were no traces left of the massacre, but the enemies had all been defeated.

After a while, Zuo Nanshuang eventually emerged from the water tank she had been hiding under. Her face was stained with dust, and she looked especially cute.

Once the villagers saw Lin An, they swarmed around him one after another. A look of reverence appeared in their eyes, and they all simultaneously asked him if he was injured.

After an examination, they found that he was unharmed, and they all called him “Immortal Lin.”

The villagers were extremely grateful. Lin An had saved them from danger twice, and they all wanted to bow to Lin An and express their gratitude.

However, Lin An quickly stopped them. Although they didn’t acknowledge it, Lin An was still the reason why they had suffered such an unexpected disaster in the first place. How could he accept their admiration?

After the Water Mirror Sect cultivators had suffered defeat, the villagers were all relieved and they didn’t talk about moving away anymore because they felt that Lin An’s eight-desolation fog formation would protect them.

However, in order to conceal his movements, Lin An decided to move away from the village alone.

Although he had an irreconcilable blood feud with the Water Mirror Sect, all the cultivators who had seen him were dead, so he was not worried that he would be recognized.

Just as the sun was about to cover the entire sky, Lin An left the village and arrived at a small town called Nanxing.

The town was not very big, and its permanent population was around a hundred thousand people.

There were also many immortal cultivators flying around in the sky above Nanxing.

When Lin An walked into the town, it was still very lively. Many restaurants and shops were still open for business.

After Lin An observed for a moment he discovered that most of the people in the restaurants and shops were immortal cultivators, and a majority of them were in the Qi cultivation stage.

In such towns, ordinary people generally wouldn’t come out to play at night because many of the immortal cultivators were extremely violent.

Even if the immortal cultivators committed evil deeds, there was nobody to hold them accountable.

Therefore, those who came out to play at night were basically immortal cultivators. Among the mortals, only wealthy town dwellers who could hire immortal cultivators as bodyguards would dare to come out and play.

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