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Immortal Hero: I Can See the Success Rate Chapter 77 - The Eight Desolation Fog Formation free read Here - KevinBook
Novel Name : Immortal Hero: I Can See the Success Rate

Chapter 77 - The Eight Desolation Fog Formation

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Chapter 77: The Eight Desolation Fog Formation

Translator: Simple MTL Editor: Simple MTL

‘This is not good!’ Elder Li thought to himself as alarm bells rang in his heart. He hurriedly moved to the side and tried to make an evasive move.

However, Lin An had already upgraded the Lightning Dharma Body to its highest rank. How could a mere cultivator like Elder Li react in time?

Lin An’s huge foot suddenly stepped on his face.


A bolt of dazzling lightning crackled and instantly stunned Elder Li. He was immediately electrocuted, and his body swayed as he fell from the flying sword.

“Elder Li has fallen!”

Several exclamations rang out from the Water Mirror Sect disciples all around.

After defeating one of the sect’s leaders in an instant, Lin An transformed back into the Lightning Dharma Body and flashed back to the village before standing outside the fog.

Once Elder Li had lost his life, Elder Ma immediately took over the command of the Water Mirror Sect disciples.

“Despicable! You actually dared to ambush us!”

“You dare to kill an elder of my sect? You’re finished.”

“I’m here to fight to the death with you!”

The disciples from the Water Mirror Sect were all furious, and they clamored one after another.

“I clearly came from the front, but you guys said that I ambushed you. Isn’t that slander? You’re all just incompetent and can’t see my actions clearly!” Lin An shrugged his shoulders and defended himself.

“Kid, you’re courting death.” Elder Ma took a step forward and formed a spell with his hands.

“Ha!” Lin An raised his hand and pointed towards him, and a flying bird made of black and white ashen flames rushed out of his body. Its body carried a majestic wave of energy as it pounced toward the cultivators.

“Be careful!”

“Those are the black and white ashen flames!”

“How… How is this possible? Why would a cultivator with the black-and-white ashen flames appear in a place like ours!”

In an instant, the Water Mirror Sect disciples were at a loss, and they fell into chaos as they cried out in alarm.

Lin An controlled the flames as he laughed out loud.

“You country bumpkins! Don’t you want me to broaden my horizons? If you are too scared of the black-and-white ashen flames, then I’ll take out the thousand-faced extreme fire so that you’ll be shocked out of your wits.”


A series of miserable cries rang out in the sky as several cultivators died under the black-and-white ashen flames one after another.

Moreover, due to the devouring effect of the black flames, not even a speck of ash was left behind after their deaths.

A gentle breeze blew, and the jarring sound of Lin An’s blazing black and white flames filled the air. Many Water Mirror Sect disciples stood in a daze due to fear, and it was as if they were frozen in time.

[Ding, Congratulations to the host for obtaining victory in battle. You have obtained fifteen lottery coins.”]

[“Ding! Congratulations to the host for obtaining victory in battle. You have obtained nineteen lottery coins.”]

[“Ding! Congratulations to the host for obtaining victory in battle. You have obtained thirteen lottery coins.”]

In the midst of the chaos, Lin An discovered that a few Water Mirror Sect elders had fled into the nearby forest.

He immediately used his Lighting Dharma Body spell to chase after them.

A bolt of lightning shot through the forest, burning many trees along the way.


A miserable scream rang out among the elders. One of the elders was struck by a bolt of lightning, and after he fell to the ground, he couldn’t stop twitching.

The remaining elders’ faces turned extremely ugly, but since there was nothing they could do, they abandoned him.

However, how could Lin An let them go? A blazing bolt of lightning flashed beneath his feet, and he used his Lighting Dharma Body to block their path.

“Fellow Daoist, where are you going? Aren’t you here to kill me? I’m not in the direction you’re running to.”

The elders sneered and immediately formed a spell. They quickly unsheathed their swords, and Lin An only felt a white light flash before his eyes. A few flying swords were charging at him at a breakneck speed, and he immediately felt the hairs on his back stand up.

However, Lin An didn’t panic because he knew that he could easily block the flying swords.

“Eastern Emperor Bell!”

Lin An activated the Eastern Emperor Bell, and a blazing golden light covered his entire body.

The sound of a few flying swords slashing at Lin An’s body rang out, but they couldn’t break through the double defenses of the Eastern Emperor Bell and the morality demon sealing technique.

Immediately, the elders’ bodies trembled. Since they had joined forces, they had expected to break through Lin An’s defenses.

“Are you guys done fighting? I think it’s my turn!”

Lin An casually pulled out the Nine Nether Weeping Blood Sword and shouted, “Watch the sword!”


The strength of the Nine Nether Weeping Blood Sword was comparable to that of a cultivator at the peak of the golden core stage. It generated a buzzing sound in the air as it slashed toward the elders.

The elders were shocked by the powerful strength of the Nine Nether Weeping Blood Sword and exclaimed in shock, “What’s going on?”

“What kind of weapon is this?”

“It looks like it’s a swallowing spiritual treasure. How can there be such a strange weapon in this world?”

The elders immediately ran away in all directions. They didn’t dare to face the sword head-on.


The Nine Nether Weeping Blood Sword pierced through an elder’s chest and took his life.

[“Ding! Congratulations to the host for winning the battle. You have received eighteen lucky draw coins.”]

After killing the elder, Lin An didn’t hesitate, and he continued to chase after the other elders.

At that moment, the group of golden core stage cultivators in front of him looked like a pile of human-shaped lottery coins.

After some time, a few elders had been completely destroyed by Lin An’s power.

The other Water Mirror Sect disciples couldn’t believe their eyes. Lin An was only an early-stage golden core stage cultivator. Why did he have such an overwhelming advantage in the one-on-one fights?

He had actually killed the elders of the Water Mirror Sect in one round.

After they witnessed Lin An’s violent killing spree, the other cultivators felt that he was simply too strong!

Clap! Clap! Clap!

Under the startling crackle of lightning, Lin An rushed toward the remaining elders.

“This is not good. Retreat quickly!”

The remaining elders panicked and could no longer care about the doubts in their hearts. They abandoned the Water Mirror Sect disciples and fled as fast as they could.

However, after running for a while, Elder Ma’s expression changed, and he realized that Lin An had already blocked their escape route.

All of the elders were instantly flustered.

They couldn’t win a fight against Lin An, but they also couldn’t escape.

The elders had arduously worked on their cultivation skills for over a hundred years, but to their dismay, they were actually going to die at the hands of a junior cultivator!

“No! If we continue to run like this, we’ll only be defeated one by one. That kid is only at the initial stage of the golden core level, and everyone present is at the peak of the golden core stage. Why would we be afraid of him?”

After falling into a desperate situation, Elder Ma’s ferocity was similar to that of a cornered beast, and he immediately shouted his orders.

The rest of the elders also felt emboldened, and they declared that they would fight Lin An to the death.

“That’s right. That kid’s combat strength is so strong. He must have used some secret technique to increase his strength in a short period of time. He definitely won’t be able to last long. As long as we ambush, we’ll definitely be able to kill him!”

“But his speed is too fast. How are we going to delay his movements?”

“Go to that village and capture some hostages! The kid seems attached to that place, and he even set up a protective formation around it. There must be someone he cares about. As long as we capture the right hostage, we will be able to restrict this kid’s movements.”

The elders were indeed old foxes who had lived for more than a hundred years. They had quickly thought of a way to deal with Lin An, and several elders immediately turned around and ran towards the village at the foot of the mountain.

Lin An looked at their actions and couldn’t help but exclaim in his heart, ‘Your train of thought is correct, but if you can’t beat me outside the village, how can you fight me if you run to my home ground?’

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