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Immortal Hero: I Can See the Success Rate Chapter 76 - Revenge free read Here - KevinBook
Novel Name : Immortal Hero: I Can See the Success Rate

Chapter 76 - Revenge

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Chapter 76: Revenge

Translator: Simple MTL Editor: Simple MTL

“Run!” One Water Mirror Sect disciple suddenly shouted. “Quickly, go back and pass the news to the sect master. Tell all the elites in the sect to come over.”

One by one, the sword-riding cultivators stepped onto their flying swords and activated their spells as they sought to escape.

“Do you still want to take off after killing so many people?”

Lin An’s face was covered with a layer of frost as he looked at the fleeing cultivators and let out a cold smile.

In an instant, tens of thousands of lightning bolts flashed out from Lin An’s figure after he activated the Lightning Dharma Body.

The lightning arcs flashed, and Lin An instantly disappeared from the spot.

Crack! Crack! Crack!

Within a few seconds, he caught up with the sword-wielding Water Mirror Sect disciple who had flown the furthest distance, and a cold smile appeared on his face. “Do you think you can escape?”

The sword-wielding immortal cultivator immediately cried out in fear, “No! No! Spare me!”

However, the villagers had also shouted for mercy. Had the Water Mirror Sect disciples spared their lives?

Lin An promptly threw out a punch that was comparable to that of a peak golden core stage cultivator and instantly took the disciple’s life.

The lightning on Lin An’s body flashed again, and he chased after the next immortal cultivator.


“Please, don’t!”

“We are the inner sect disciples from the Water Mirror Sect. Our sect is filled with experts. You can’t afford to offend us. You can’t kill us…”

An hour later, the ground was covered with the corpses of Water Mirror Sect cultivators and their broken flying swords.

Lin An’s eyes were almost red from taking the lives of the cultivators and endless killing intent surged in his heart.

The begging cries and threats from the Water Mirror Sect cultivators echoed in his ears.

However, Lin An didn’t feel any pity in his heart because he knew that the disciples deserved to die, and their hands were all stained with blood from indiscriminate killing.

At the same time, the success rate system’s notifications rang in his ears continuously.

[Ding! Congratulations to the host for winning the battle. You’ve received ten lucky draw coins.”]

[Ding! Congratulations to the host for winning the battle. You’ve received fifteen lucky draw coins.”]

[Ding! Congratulations to the host for winning the battle. You’ve received thirteen lucky draw coins.”]

Zuo Nanshuang and the other villagers stared blankly at the frequently blazing light in the sky.

They could only see countless streaks of lightning flashing in the sky, accompanied by a huge dragon made of black and white flames.

Concurrently, a large number of immortal cultivators fell from the sky one after another, and they were either dying or already dead.

Before long, dozens of Water Mirror Sect disciples were lying on the ground without any movement.

A shower of blood continuously poured from the sky, and the horrendous howls from the disciples filled the air.

The villagers gradually fell into a state of shock.

They had never thought that they would witness so many immortal cultivators lose their lives, and they thought that they were dreaming.


Suddenly, a bolt of lightning flashed, and Lin An appeared in front of the villagers. All the surviving villagers couldn’t help but look at him with respect and gratitude.

Lin An slowly looked at the bodies of the dead villagers on the ground and clenched his fists. Although he hadn’t killed them, they had all died because of him.

Even though Lin An had eliminated many powerful cultivators in the battle, the war was not over yet.

The disciples from the Water Mirror Sect would definitely attack the village again. If Lin An left, the remaining villagers would not survive.

Therefore, he made up his mind to protect the remaining villagers.

After nightfall arrived, Lin An lay on Zuo Nanshuang’s bed and tried to figure out how he would protect the surviving villagers.

He could not stay in the village forever, and in the end, his gaze landed on his newly opened system function, the lucky draw function.

The battle with the Water Mirror Sect disciples had earned Lin An several hundred lucky draw coins.

At first, he exchanged some coins for a cultivation method upgrade point to raise his Lightning Dharma Body to the highest level, the heaven rank high-grade.

Then, he set his gaze on the second lottery machine that required a hundred lottery coins for one draw.

Lin An used his finger to press the lottery button under the second lottery machine, and the virtual screen lit up and spun in circles.

[“Ding! The lottery has been completed. Congratulations, host, for obtaining the eight-desolation fog formation.]

Suddenly, Lin An saw that there was an additional item in the system’s space.

[The eight-desolation fog formation enables a cultivator to block the vision of an intruder and use spatial and illusory methods to influence the enemy’s understanding of the layout of the formation.]

All Lin An had to do was to insert the eye of the formation, and he could deactivate it by pulling it out from the ground.

At that moment, someone suddenly knocked on the door. When Lin An opened it, he was relieved to see that it was Zuo Nanshuang.

“What’s the matter?” Lin An asked.

“The villagers just finished debating. They think that the disciples from the Water Mirror Sect will come again. It’s too dangerous to stay here, so everyone plans to move out of this village.”

Zuo Nanshuang’s voice sounded a little disappointed. She had lived in the village for almost a year, and she already had an attachment to the other villagers. Therefore, she was still a little reluctant to leave on such short notice.

“Although I don’t object to them doing this, isn’t it more dangerous to leave now? Without my protection, what if the Water Mirror Sect disciples apprehend and kill the people who escape the village? How about this, I will build a formation in this village. You tell the villagers that if they are willing to leave, they can leave. If they are not, I can guarantee that my formation will protect them.”

Before Zuo Nanshuang could express her stance, a panicked cry suddenly rang out.

“They’re here! They’re here again! There are many immortal cultivators flying towards the village!”

When she heard the warning, Zuo Nanshuang was scared stiff. However, Lin An remained fearless in the face of danger. He directly took out the eight-desolation fog formation and inserted it into the room.

Instantly, a white mist rushed out of Zuo Nanshuang’s house and gradually spread out to the entire village.

The confused villagers were instantly thrown into chaos, but Lin An quickly asked Zuo Nanshuang to calm them down and explain the situation.

Afterward, he went up to meet the immortal cultivators who were flying over.

The Water Mirror Sect disciples who had been flying towards the village saw the white fog engulf it, and they immediately stopped in their tracks.

“What happened? What’s going on?”

“It looks like someone has activated a spell formation.”

“It’s on such a large scale. You can’t tell from the surface that it’s dangerous.”

“Yeah, it’s just a layer of fog. What can it do?”

“Humph, it’s just a small trick. It only adds to the laughter!”

The immortal cultivators discussed animatedly as they looked at Lin An’s spell formation and shook their heads in disdain.

Only their leader, Elder Li, had a serious expression on his face as he looked at the fog in silence.

Elder Li took out another flying sword and thought about testing out the spell formation.

However, before he could make a move, something suddenly rushed out from the fog with a speed similar to a bolt of lightning. The foreign object had only appeared in an instant, but it had already sped towards the sky above Elder Li.

He quickly raised his head and saw a blazing bolt of lightning streaking across his eyes and smashing toward him.

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