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Immortal Hero: I Can See the Success Rate Chapter 73 - A Little Girl free read Here - KevinBook
Novel Name : Immortal Hero: I Can See the Success Rate

Chapter 73 - A Little Girl

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Chapter 73: A Little Girl

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Lin An had no choice but to lean on the edge of the boat and flip into it. He then lay in the thousand treasures boat and exhaled loudly.

After docking the boat to the shore, Lin An put it back into the success rate system’s storage space and then used one hand to grab onto the grass by the shore to bring himself up.

After he climbed onto the shore, Lin An raised his head, and he immediately made eye contact with a pair of bright watery eyes.

A little girl, who was about ten years old, had been staring at him, and to Lin An’s surprise, she was wearing the same uniform as him.

Was she a Jiuxiao Sect disciple?

“Why is my Senior Brother pretending to be a fish in the river?”

Suddenly, Lin An realized that there was a fishing hook attached to his clothes, and the little girl was holding a fishing rod in her hand.

It turned out that Lin An hadn’t found the right opportunity to dock, but he had been pulled to the shore by the fishing rod.

“I fell into the water when I came out of the Sacred Dragon Mystic Realm. I didn’t mean to trouble you.” Lin An said unhappily.

Unexpectedly, the little girl started to giggle.

“Senior Brother, why are you teasing me? The Sacred Dragon Mystic Realm is thousands of miles away. If what you’re saying is true, then could it be that you’ve been drifting your way here for the past few months? Even if you drifted for a few months, the timing doesn’t match. The Sacred Dragon Mystic Realm only opened a few days ago. Could it be that you’re talking about the time when it opened a hundred years ago? My Senior Brother really has perseverance after drifting for more than a hundred years.”

When he heard the little girl’s words, Lin An frowned.

“A thousand miles away? Where am I?”

“This is the Ghana Empire’s southern border.”


Lin An turned pale with shock.

‘The Ghana Empire’s southern border!’

The Sacred Dragon Mystic Realm was located on the northeastern border of the Ghana Empire. How had he traveled close to a thousand miles away from the mystic realm?

Lin An couldn’t help but wonder why he had teleported to the strange shore.

“The Jiuxiao Sect is far away in the northeastern region of the Ghana Empire. Why would a little girl from the Jiuxiao Sect be here? Or is the uniform on your body, not yours?” Lin An asked.

“I’m a special agent from the Jiuxiao Sect’s southern region. I’m here to open up a southern market. You inner sect disciples don’t understand the hardships of frontline personnel like us,” the little girl said arrogantly.


While they were chatting, the frightening sound of a beast’s roar suddenly rang out, and the little girl’s expression changed when she heard it.

“Oh no! The ink devil beast is here. Quickly, get up! We have to escape.”

The little girl threw the fishing rod onto the ground in panic, and for a moment, she couldn’t decide which direction to run to.

They both heard the loud thud of plodding footsteps, and then, a five-meter-tall dark green monster that looked like a lizard and a rooster appeared in Lin An’s field of vision.

The little girl was so frightened that she cried out in panic. As she ran, she held onto Lin An’s hand tightly.

“Don’t panic, you have to calm down! It’s just a small lizard. We can kill it.” Lin An comforted her.

“Small lizard? Are you calling that five-meter-tall beast a small lizard? You better stop acting tough. This ink devil beast’s strength is comparable to that of a golden core stage cultivator. Since we can’t beat it, we better run quickly.”

Suddenly, Lin An pushed the little girl to the side and looked at the ink devil beast that was charging at him as he slowly pulled out the Nine Nether Weeping Blood Sword from his waist.

“Hurricane Sword style!”

Lin An knew that using the Hurricane Sword technique would only double the power of the attack. However, the Nine Nether Weeping Blood Sword was already at the peak of the golden core stage, so he felt that the strike was more than enough to deal with the charging beast.


The ink devil beast was instantly cut in half by Lin An’s sword strike.

The bright red life force was sucked away by the Nine Nether Weeping Blood Sword, but only a small portion of the transparent crystal turned red.

Lin An didn’t even bother to use his black flame to devour the ink devil’s corpse since it would only contribute to a marginal increase in the flame’s power.

When he turned his head, he saw that the little girl’s mouth was wide open in shock.

She hadn’t expected that the ink devil beast, which was comparable to a golden core stage cultivator, would actually be cut down by such an extremely young man!

The little girl had originally thought that only marginal disciples like her traveled to the southern border of the Ghana Empire. However, Lin An’s strength was almost at the thirteenth level of the Qi cultivating stage.

“You… Which peak in the Jiuxiao Sect do you belong to?”

Lin An casually sheathed the Nine Nether Weeping Blood Sword and said nonchalantly, “The Bixiao Peak.”

“That’s absolutely impossible!” The little girl immediately shouted, “How could that woman, Qian Yi, take in a disciple!”

“It’s up to you to believe it or not,” Lin An replied and paused for a while before he continued, “then, can you tell me who you are and what you’re doing in this place?”

“My name is Zuo Nanshuang. I’ve been ordered to come here and find the hell king’s purgatory body!” The little girl held her head high and puffed out her chest as she spoke. It was obvious that she was very proud of her mission.

“How old are you?” Lin An inquired.

“Eleven years old!”

“What’s your cultivation level?”

“First level of the Qi refinement stage!”

“Who’s your master?”

“I’m an outer sect disciple. I don’t have a master.”

“Then where did you receive this order?”

“I saw it in the sect’s announcement. Anyone who finds the location of the hell king’s purgatory body can become an inner sect disciple unconditionally!”

Lin An thought for a moment before he retorted, “Wasn’t that announcement put out three years ago? Everybody knows that the hell king’s purgatory body is in the Sacred Dragon Mystic Realm.”

The little girl continued to hold her head high and puff out her chest. “So what if it was announced three years ago? It’s definitely still valid. So what if it’s already known to be in the mystic realm? There’s more than one hell king’s purgatory body in this world.”

“Ah…” Lin An didn’t know what to say. He instantly decided to tease the little girl. “Maybe if you improved your cultivation level three years ago, you might already be an inner disciple.”

“Hmph! I’ll definitely find the hell king’s purgatory body. I have to become an inner disciple through hard work.”

While they were chatting, Lin An noticed that several few flying swords had appeared in the distance, and they were slicing through the air towards them.

Instantly, the little girl’s expression changed again. “Oh no, someone’s coming to attack us. Let’s run!”

As she spoke, the little girl wanted to pull Lin An along with her.

However, Lin An used his right hand to hold her head in an attempt to calm her down. “We’re in a rush. We have to calm down. What are you talking about?”

“The ink devil beast!” The little girl said in an alarmed tone. “The corpse of an ink devil beast is worth a thousand spirit stones. Once an ink devil beast dies nearby, the disciples from the Water Mirror Sect always attack the cultivators responsible and steal the fruits of their victory. Let’s run. If we lose the thousand spirit stones, so be it. Our lives are more important.”

“Since it’s worth a considerable sum of money, why don’t the disciples from that sect hunt the ink devil beast for themselves? Instead, they seem determined to snatch other people’s rewards?”

With no hesitation, the little girl replied, “What do you mean? Isn’t it obvious that hunting an ink devil beast is more tedious than snatching other people’s rewards? Let’s leave quickly.”

“I’ve never had the habit of swallowing my anger,” Lin An said defiantly. “I’d like to see what the Water Mirror Sect disciples are capable of.”

“Young man, you’re really too impulsive. The Water Mirror Sect has too many disciples. You can’t beat them.”

Zuo Nanshuang signed as she advised him.

However, Lin An stood his ground and ignored the little girl’s unsolicited counsel.

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