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Immortal Hero: I Can See the Success Rate Chapter 71 - Bugs free read Here - KevinBook
Novel Name : Immortal Hero: I Can See the Success Rate

Chapter 71 - Bugs

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Chapter 71: Bugs

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“You should rest for a while,” Lin An said comfortingly. “Leave the rest to me.”

He then stood in front of Saint Zi Yan, and the power in his body surged out. Because he had fought many battles since he had entered the mystic realm, the ‘Scripture of No Beginning’ had already made Lin An’s strength comparable to a peak golden core stage cultivator!

Additionally, the Nine Nether Weeping Blood Sword was already at the late stage of the foundation establishment level, while the black and white ashen flames were in the first stage of the nascent level. Therefore, Lin An could fight two bat monsters at once.

Moreover, the two bat monsters had already suffered some injuries during their battle with Saint Zi Yan, so they were no longer in their strongest state.


The two bat monsters shrieked loudly and raised their iron spears as they flew towards Lin An.

“Black-and-white ashen flames, profound flame transformation!”

The black-and-white flames twined around like two cannonballs and shot towards the two bat monsters. They immediately raised their spears to block the attack, but the two balls of flames suddenly exploded and knocked the two monsters to the ground.

“White flames!”

Lin An used the white flames to freeze the two bat monsters. Since he still didn’t know whether he would fight against eight bat monsters in the next round, he wanted to capture the bat monsters without killing them in order to buy time for himself and Saint Zi Yan.

One of the bat monsters was frozen into an ice sculpture by the white flames, while the other bat monster flapped its wings and dodged Lin An’s white flame.

“Hurricane Sword strike!”

With no hesitation, Lin An used the Hurricane Sword style to slash at the escaping bat monster.

Luckily, it couldn’t dodge the attack in time. The bat monster’s wings and legs were cut off, and it slumped to the ground.

“White flames!”

Lin An used the white flames again to control the injured bat monster. He also stopped its wound from bleeding, because he did not want it to die prematurely.

“Saint Zi Yan, keep an eye on these two monsters. Don’t let them die. I’ll see whether the bat monsters that have yet to awaken have an awakening mechanism.”

After Lin An explained his plan to Saint Zi Yan, he summoned his secret treasure ship and flew towards the bat monsters at the top of the stone mountain.

The bat monsters didn’t even stir as Lin An approached them.

He quietly floated along the stone mountain and decided to test whether the bat monsters would wake up if he attacked them.

To protect himself, Lin An used the black flames to surround one of the bat monsters. When he was satisfied that he had surrounded it with enough black flames, he pulled out the Nine Nether Weeping Blood Sword and stabbed the monster’s heart!

Sure enough, the bat demon stirred after it was attacked.

The intense pain had awakened it, and it let out a heart-wrenching howl.

Abruptly, the bat monster flapped its wings vigorously in an attempt to escape, but under Lin An’s control, the surrounding black flames immediately devoured it.

Its wings were quickly burned, and the bat demon’s flaming corpse plummeted to the ground.

At the same time, bright red life energy poured into the Nine Nether Weeping Blood Sword, and half of the transparent white crystal was dyed red.

Instantly, the black and white ashen flames advanced by fifteen percent into the second level of the nascent soul stage.

Lin An was overjoyed. It seemed that he had found the correct method to clear the trial!

At first, he had been afraid that he would have to face all the one hundred nascent soul stage monsters. The success rate system had also indicated a thirty percent chance for him and Saint Zi Yan to clear the test.

However, it turned out that as long as a cultivator found the right method; it was possible for them to clear all the tests in the Dragon God Illusionary Realm.

“I think I can kill all the bugs!”

Lin An was thrilled, and he planned to use the same method to deal with the remaining bat monsters.


The Nine Nether Weeping Blood Sword stabbed a bat monster’s heart, and the black flames devoured it.

The bright red life energy instantly flowed from its body and poured into the Nine Nether Weeping Blood Sword’s transparent white crystal.

In an instant, several energy waves emanated from the Nine Nether Weeping Blood Sword, and it had advanced to the peak of the foundation establishment stage.

The black flames consumed the bat monster’s corpse, and they experienced a twenty percent increase in the second level of the nascent soul stage.


Lin A killed another bat monster.

After killing close to a hundred bat monsters, Lin An’s Nine Nether Weeping Blood Sword directly advanced to the peak of the golden core stage.

His black-and-white ashen flames had also advanced by leaps and bounds, and they had entered the fourth stage of the nascent soul stage.

After just a few battles, the magical flames had equaled Saint Zi Yan’s cultivation level, and she was the best cultivator in the younger generation.

A wave of mixed emotions suddenly washed over Lin An.

On the one hand, he was happy that his two magic treasures had increased their power, but on the other hand, he was sad that his own cultivation level was only at the early stage of the golden core stage.


Saint Zi Yan yelled from below the stone mountain range.

“The two bat monsters you trapped seem to have frozen to death. You have to be careful!”

As soon as she finished speaking, Lin An saw that the eight bat monsters around him had opened their eyes.

He was immediately worried that the monsters would destroy his secret treasure ship, so he hurriedly flew towards Saint Zi Yan and finally stopped beside her.

When she saw that there were eight monsters flying down from the top of the stone mountain, Saint Zi Yan was extremely nervous.

“What should I do?”

Her voice was a little shaky.

“There are eight nascent soul stage monsters. Even if I recover my cultivation, I won’t be able to defeat them. Moreover, I can’t use my secret technique at this moment. I’m finished! I’m dead! Don’t tell me that my reputation will be ruined today?”

After hearing Saint Zi Yan’s words, Lin An suddenly had an idea.

“Actually, I’ve never touched a woman in my life. Saint Zi Yan, if this is the end, can you let me kiss you so that I can leave this world without any regrets? Of course, it would be even better if I could use the farewell cannon.”

“Ah?” Saint Zi Yan was a little confused. “We don’t have much time, do we? These bat monsters are only ten seconds away from flying over. Are you that fast?”

Suddenly, Lin An raised his hand and waved it, and the black and white ashen flames gushed out of his body like a dam, engulfing the eight bat monsters.

Instantly, half of the bat monsters were frozen into ice sculptures, and the other half were burned by the black flames, and they rolled onto the ground. They had all lost their ability to fight.

“I think we now have enough time.” Lin An laughed casually as he glanced at Saint Zi Yan.

When she looked at the scene in front of her, Saint Zi Yan was dumbfounded. She hadn’t expected that Lin An was so strong that he could defeat all eight bat monsters in one strike.

How had he done it? Was it because he had used the strange black flames to burn the monsters’ corpses?

When she thought about it, Saint Zi Yan concluded that Lin An’s current strength had probably surpassed her actual combat strength. She could no longer maintain her title as the best cultivator in the younger generation.

How had Lin An achieved such success? He was clearly still at the early stage of the golden core level!

After the eight bat demons died, Saint Zi Yan realized that there were no more bat demons at the top of the stone mountain range.

They had actually cleared the test.

In an instant, a pillar of light descended from the sky and illuminated the ground. Afterward, a chest then appeared out of thin air.

It was the reward for clearing the level.

“We’ve cleared the trial!”

Saint Zi Yan was excited to have survived such a difficult level, and she ran towards the chest and opened it.

A burst of golden light surged out of the chest, and in the midst of the bright light, a golden dragon danced in the air. Afterward, it shrank into a cauldron.

“The Dragon God Cauldron!”

Not only was Saint Zi Yan the strongest among the younger generation in terms of her cultivation and intelligence, but her knowledge was also superior to others. She had quickly recognized the first-grade immortal treasure.

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