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Immortal Hero: I Can See the Success Rate Chapter 70 - How Strong was Saint Zi Yan? free read Here - KevinBook
Novel Name : Immortal Hero: I Can See the Success Rate

Chapter 70 - How Strong was Saint Zi Yan?

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Chapter 70: How Strong was Saint Zi Yan?

“Black and white ashen flames, mystic flame transformation!”

In an instant, the black-and-white ashen flames attached themselves to the Nine Nether Weeping Blood Sword.

Lin An easily split the bat monster’s energy flow and slashed the sword at its neck.

The bat monster quickly swung its spear to block the strike, but Saint Zi Yan’s energy flow overpowered it. The monster’s body was engulfed by the surging golden light, and it quickly lost its ability to resist.

Lin An quickly flicked the monster’s spear away and stabbed the Nine Nether Weeping Blood Sword into its heart!

Abruptly, bright red life energy flowed along the slender blade of the sword towards the transparent white crystal.

The life energy upgraded the Nine Nether Weeping Blood Sword, and the energy waves it emitted suddenly became stronger.

Lin An immediately understood that the sword was close to advancing to the late stage of the foundation establishment level.

After the Nine Nether Weeping Blood Sword sucked the life energy, the black and white flames covering the sword incinerated the bat monster’s corpse.

Once they had burned the monster’s body, the black flames increased their strength and moved five percent closer to upgrading to the second stage of the nascent soul level.

“Your sword and flames, why do I feel like they’ve become much stronger?”

Saint Zi Yan had a look of disbelief as she gazed at Lin An’s Nine Nether Weeping Blood Sword and the black-and-white ashen flames.

After Lin An had successfully killed the two bat monsters, four more identical bat monsters jumped out from the top of the towering stone mountain.

The scene caused Lin An and Saint Zi Yan’s scalps to go numb,

Could it be that every time they defeated the bat monsters, their numbers would double?

At a glance, there were probably no less than a hundred bat monsters in the surrounding forest. After a few rounds, the number of enemies that Lin An and Saint Zi Yan would face would be thirty-two.

If they were forced to defend against thirty-two nascent soul monsters, Lin An would have no option but to use his last trump card, the thousand faced extreme fire. However, Saint Zi Yan would definitely not be able to defeat the bat monsters even if she restored her cultivation level to the nascent soul stage.

Suddenly, several thoughts ran through Lin An’s mind as he prepared to deal with the four bat monsters that were flying towards them.

“Saint Zi Yan, have you learned any defensive spells?”

“Why are you asking this?” Saint Zi Yan replied curiously.

After being thin-skinned during the previous two rounds, Lin An no longer felt embarrassed.

“Can I trouble you to restrain three of the bat monsters? I’ll come and help you after I kill the isolated monster. Even if I restrain the three bat monsters, it’ll be very difficult for you to kill the other bat monster, and if both of us deal with the two bat monsters, then neither of us will be able to win. In the end, they will overpower us and kill us.”

Saint Zi Yan couldn’t believe her ears. “Are you crazy? I’m just a weak woman at the peak of the golden core stage. You actually want me to deal with three nascent soul stage monsters?”

However, after Saint Zi Yan complained, she immediately said, “I can only hold on for five minutes! I have a secret technique that can restore my strength to my original level. These bat monsters are only at the first level of the nascent soul stage. I’ve already cultivated to the fourth level of the nascent soul stage, and I can still deal with them for a short while. This was originally the trump card that I had planned to use to pass the final stage of the trial. I can only use it for five minutes. Can you kill the isolated bat monster within five minutes?”

“Saint Zi Yan is indeed the best among the younger generation!” Lin An quickly flattered her and promised, “Five minutes will definitely be enough!”

“Okay.” Saint Zi Yan took the lead and charged towards the four bat monsters. Her aura began to rise, and she nodded at Lin An, “Then let’s begin!”

Saint Zi Yan used her golden energy flow to attack the first three bat monsters. After she got their attention, she quickly ran to the side and lured the three bat monsters away from Lin An.

The fourth bat monster saw that its three teammates had already surrounded Saint Zi Yan, so it flew towards Lin An.

At first, Lin An pretended that he couldn’t match the bat monster’s strength, and he fled.

Seeing that Lin An was running away, the bat monster thought that he was afraid, so it roared excitedly before flapping its wings fiercely and flying towards him like a bullet.

However, Lin An was actually buying time to use the success rate system’s virtual screen and search for a location where the Hurricane Sword style could trigger a powerful attack.

Unfortunately, he couldn’t find an ideal location in a short period of time, and considering that Saint Zi Yan could only hold on for five minutes, he suddenly stopped and turned around before slashing at the bat monster with the sword in his hand.

The bat monster had been charging at Lin An with all its strength. Therefore, it couldn’t dodge the sword attack in time, and it could only brace itself and extend its spear towards Lin An.

“Black-and-white ashen flames, dark flame transformation!”

Lin An didn’t have the extra time to think through his attack. He directly used his strongest move with the intention of winning the battle quickly.


The Nine Nether Weeping Blood Sword emitted a flame-flaring sound as it slashed at the bat monster’s spear. When the spear and the sword collided, a ferocious energy exploded, and it swept out in all directions like a gust of wind.

Lin An suddenly felt that the power of the ‘Scripture of No Beginning’ had been activated, and his strength increased.

The black-and-white ashen flames and the power of the ‘Scripture of No Beginning’ were both at the nascent soul stage, which enabled Lin An to suppress the bat monster.

In an instant, the bat monster was sent flying by Lin An’s attack.

“Black-and-white ashen flames!”

Taking advantage of the opening, Lin An activated the black-and-white ashen flames to lick at the monster.

The bat monster’s wings were burned by the black flames, and its feet were frozen by the cold air from the white flames.

In one round, Lin An had already displayed a huge advantage in strength!

“Hurricane Sword Strike!”

Lin An suddenly stepped into an area that would increase the power of his attack fivefold and used the Hurricane Sword strike on the bat monster.


A stream of fresh blood arced into the air, and the bat monster fell to the ground.

Lin An dashed forward again and raised his sword to chop off its head.

The blood-red life energy was extracted from the bat monster’s body, and it poured into the Nine Nether Weeping Blood Sword’s transparent crystal.

With no hesitation, Lin An used his black flames to devour the bat monster’s corpse, and the black and white ashen flames had a ten percent increase into the second level of the nascent soul stage.

When he looked across the forest, Lin An was surprised to see that Saint Zi Yan actually had the advantage in her battle.

The three bat monsters had been suppressed, but Lin An knew that she could only hold on for another minute since the time limit of her secret technique would soon be up.

He hurriedly brought up the virtual screen and looked around for a place where he could trigger ten times the power of the Hurricane Sword technique.

Finally, he found a spot under one of the nearby stone peaks, and he quickly ran over.

“Hurricane Sword strike!”

As Saint Zi Yan was holding off the bat monsters, Lin An used the Hurricane Sword strike to unleash a powerful attack on one of the bat monsters.


In an instant, Lin An’s strike cut the bat monster into two halves.

Even though he was ten meters away from the monsters, a bright red life force flew over and poured into the Nine Nether Weeping Blood Sword’s transparent white crystal.

The energy fluctuations on the Nine Nether Weeping Blood Sword changed, and an even stronger energy spread out in all directions like ripples in a pond.

The Nine Nether Weeping Blood Sword had advanced to the late stage of the foundation establishment level.

The time limit for Saint Zi Yan’s secret technique eventually ended, and her strength continuously flowed out from her body.

When Lin An saw that she wasn’t able to hold on any longer, he quickly rushed forward and held her shoulder.

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