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Immortal Hero: I Can See the Success Rate Chapter 64 - What do I have to be Afraid of? free read Here - KevinBook
Novel Name : Immortal Hero: I Can See the Success Rate

Chapter 64 - What do I have to be Afraid of?

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Chapter 64: What do I have to be Afraid of?

Translator: Simple MTL Editor: Simple MTL

If Li Kuang had been in a relaxed and normal state, he would have chosen to avoid Lin An’s punch.

However, he was now in a state of shame and anger. All he wanted to do was kill Lin An, and his rage made him unmindful of the obvious danger.

Therefore, he failed to protect himself from Lin An’s fist. Instead, he chose to unleash his strongest punch.

Crack! Crack! Crack!

The first two fractures were the sounds of bones breaking, while the last fracture was the sound of broken bones piercing through muscles and coming out of Li Kuang’s body.

Lin An’s punch had destroyed his right arm.

If Lin An had followed up with another punch, he might have been able to kill Li Kuang. However, he was in a difficult situation.

If Li Kuang had any trump cards in his possession, he could have definitely used them to turn the situation around.

Therefore, Lin An calmly retreated and gave up on the opportunity to follow up before running to Li Kuang’s original fighting spot.

The success rate system had already given him a probability assessment, and he knew that the chances of the Hurricane Sword technique raising the power of his attack by over five times were 100%.

In an instant, Lin An stood still and raised the sword in his hand and yelled, “Hurricane Sword style!”

Suddenly, a terrifying energy wave rippled out, and Lin An shot a sword ray towards Lin Kuang.

When they saw the devastating nature of the strike, the hearts of all the spectators in the surroundings trembled.


The leader of the purple-clothed disciples had immediately sensed that the sword ray would take Li Kuang’s life.

She had hurriedly flown up from the stands, hoping that she would stop Lin An from slashing out his sword.

However, a power that was as tall as a mountain and as vast as an ocean had suddenly appeared beside her and suppressed her on the spot, making her unable to move.

The leader of the purple-clothed disciples was shocked. The vast power seemed to have already surpassed the nascent soul stage.

The old referee immediately intervened when he saw the purple-clothed disciple making her way to the stage, and he calmly said, “Both sides had already made their intentions clear in advance. Don’t you think it’s too late to stop this now? Why didn’t you object at the beginning? Why do you only want to stop the fight when your colleague is about to die? Do you think I will allow that?”

The old referee’s words shocked the purple-robed woman. She had indeed been arrogant and despotic ever since she had entered the camp.

Even the nascent soul stage cultivators present in the camp hadn’t dared to look directly into her eyes. She hadn’t taken anyone seriously, and she also hadn’t taken any rules to heart.

However, the old man’s boundless power had brought her back to her senses. She wasn’t in the outside world anymore. Without the protection of her sect’s supreme being, she couldn’t do whatever she wanted.

For the sake of her own safety, the woman in purple didn’t argue with the old man.

Instead, she shouted at Lin An, “I am Zi Yan, the Saint of the Purple Clouds Ancient Sect. Friends above, listen carefully. If you dare to kill any of my disciples, the Purple Clouds Ancient Sect will fight you to the death. We will flatten your sect, and we will exterminate all living things in your sects, leaving no cockroaches or rats behind!”

Lin An was shocked when he heard the declaration. The Purple Clouds Ancient Sect was the oldest sect in the Cangyun Continent.

It was rumored that its sect master had already reached the upper limit of the world’s power and could shatter the void and become an immortal at any time.

The disciples from the Purple Clouds Ancient Sect were all extremely talented geniuses. Their sect was one of the most powerful in the world.

Lin An had long heard of the famous Saint Zi Yan.

She was about the same age as Lin An, but he had heard that she had broken through to the nascent soul stage ten years ago, and she was the best-known genius on the Cangyun Continent.

However, she had entered the mystic realm with her cultivation at the golden core stage.

Lin An suspected that Saint Zi Yan must have used some secret technique to suppress her cultivation level and pushed her power back to the golden core stage before she entered the Sacred Dragon Mystic Realm.

Saint Zi Yan’s master was also the sect master of the Purple Clouds Ancient Sect. The sect master had always doted on Saint Zi Yan, and he would listen to anything she said.

Now that Saint Zi Yan had revealed her identity, if she made another threat, it would no longer be a personal threat, but a threat made by the entire Purple Clouds Ancient Sect.

“Will Lin An stop his attack?” Several disciples in the crowd wondered.

Judging from the domineering behavior of the Purple Cloud Ancient Sect’s disciples, it was obvious that Lan Qi and Junior Brother Zhou might not even have made a mistake to warrant losing their lives.

However, Lin An had already crippled Li Kuang’s arm. Even if Lin An ended the battle at that stage, would Li Kuang be remorseful about his earlier actions?

In the end, several disciples thought that Lin An would be afraid of Sain Zi Yan’s warning.

Suddenly, Lin An chopped down the sword in his hand without hesitation. “Hahaha! So what if you’re from the Purple Clouds Ancient Sect? Every man lives between heaven and earth. How can I cower in fear and submit to tyranny! If you want to fight, then come and fight! I, Lin An, am upright and righteous, why should I be afraid of anyone!”

In the next instant, Lin An slashed his sword and split Li Kuang into two halves.

His bright red life energy was absorbed by the Nine Nether Weeping Blood Sword, and it abruptly emitted a violent wave of energy before advancing to the foundation establishment stage.

At the same time, Lin An felt a sudden realization overwhelm his heart. It was as if he had touched upon the profound meaning of the morality demon sealing technique, and his understanding of the technique had reached a new level.

Abruptly, mysterious energy flowed over his body. Lin An felt that his body and the morality demon sealing technique had become one, and his connection with it was even closer.

In the future, he would only need to rely on his thoughts to activate the technique, and there was no longer a need to mobilize it. Moreover, in times of crisis, it could automatically activate and protect him from any surprise attacks.

The morality demon sealing technique’s defense had reached a new level. It began to coordinate with the ‘Scripture of No Beginning,’ and it made Lin An’s defense increase by leaps and bounds.

Seeing that Lin An had ignored her threat and killed Li Kuang, and he had even comprehended and upgraded his technique on the spot, Saint Zi Yan was so angry that she didn’t know what to say.

She just pointed at Lin An and yelled some profane words at him.

Afterward, she led her subordinates and turned around to leave, as if she wanted to leave the camp and return to the outside world.

It was obvious that she intended to wait for Lin An to exit the mystic realm before hunting him down and killing him.

However, a few mysterious and powerful forces suddenly appeared from the surrounding mountains and trapped Saint Zi Yan and her subordinates on the spot.

An old voice rang out in the camp, ringing in everyone’s ears, but it also seemed to ring directly into everyone’s hearts.

“Since you’ve already won the competition, you must explore the Dragon God Illusionary Realm. You can’t leave!”

Saint Zi Yan was furious. “Old fogey! Aren’t you afraid that all the disciples of the Purple Clouds Ancient Sect will come and destroy your bullsh*t secret realm?”

The old ethereal voice replied calmly, “Those who enter can’t be destroyed, and those who are destroyed can’t enter. How laughable!”

Without a trace of remorse, Saint Zi Yan defiantly questioned, “Then what if I don’t contribute to the Dragon God’s Illusion? I don’t care about that realm anymore. I’ll only find a way out.”

“Since you destroyed your cultivation to suppress your power, why would you come back from the realm empty-handed?

Moreover, our duty is only to send you into the Dragon God Illusionary Realm. After you enter, whether you live or die and whether you stay or leave will all be part of the heaven’s will as well as your fate.”

The mysterious power retreated from the bodies of the purple-robed disciples, and Saint Zi Yan regained her freedom.

However, she knew that if she tried to leave again, the powers that had stopped her would appear again.

Saint Zi Yan was extremely angry, and she immediately spun around and locked her gaze on Lin An.

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