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Immortal Hero: I Can See the Success Rate Chapter 49 - Attack and Kill! free read Here - KevinBook
Novel Name : Immortal Hero: I Can See the Success Rate

Chapter 49 - Attack and Kill!

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Chapter 49: Attack and Kill!

The disciples from the Heavenly Mystery Sect instantly went up to meet Zhang Ling and Lin An.

When they saw that the two Jiuxiao Sect were not slowing down their momentum, the three disciples instantly became furious. The Heavenly Mystery Sect could not be provoked.

It was the largest sect in the Cangyun Continent, and its disciples had superior skills compared to the cultivators from the other sects.

Going by the number of disciples who had entered the Sacred Dragon Mystic Realm alone, their total number was greater than the total number of disciples from the other sects.

Such a difference in strength naturally made the Heavenly Mystery Sect disciples appear very arrogant.

Whenever they encountered something unpleasant, it quickly aroused their anger.

“You’re courting death!”

“Junior Brother, I’ll leave that woman to you!”

“Now, how dare a weak sect provoke the Heavenly Mystery Sect? All of you, go to hell!”

Zhang Ling had already charged over.

The long sword in her hand let out a rumbling sound, but just as she was about to stab one of the disciples, Lin An suddenly stood in front of her.

He crossed his hands in front of his chest, and the black and white flames burned furiously on his fists.

In an instant, he opened his hands, and the flames zapped out towards the three challengers.

Whoosh! The blazing flames landed furiously on the disciples from the Heavenly Mystery Sect.

“Hahaha, how can your flames be effective against us!”

“Do you think I’m the same as that trash you froze from the Jiuxiao Sect?”

“You have to know that we’re the inner sect disciples of the Heavenly Mystery Sect. We have several magic treasures that can defend against the flames.”

Just as the three disciples were putting up their defenses, another barrage of flames flew in their direction.

In the next breath, the Heavenly Mystery Sect disciples were completely shocked.

Lin An’s flames were too unusual. Even though they had their sect’s defensive magic treasures, the Heavenly Mystery Sect disciples still couldn’t withstand the intensity of the black and white flames.

Before entering the Sacred Dragon Mystic Realm, all the disciples from the Heavenly Mystery Sect had been rigorously prepared.

They had each received several defensive magic artifacts to protect them from any attacks.

However, it seemed that the defensive magic treasures could not block Lin An’s flames.

“What kind of flame is this? It’s even burning through the fire repelling clothes!”

“Senior Brother, my dragon subduing flame map can no longer block the flames!”

“This is bad. We cannot withstand this kind of attack. Let’s quickly withdraw and call Senior Brother Lin Dong. Perhaps, he can find a way to deal with it…”

Just as the three disciples were struggling to resist the flames, Lin An once again opened his mouth and mocked them. “Didn’t you think that you could resist my black and white twin flames? Even your Senior Brother named Lin Dong will be a dead soul under my flames!”

“What? You…”

Before the senior Heavenly Mystery Sect disciple could finish speaking, Lin An clenched his hands, and the black and white flames immediately fused together and abruptly compressed.

In an instant, the three disciples were completely burned into ashes.

In the seventy-fifth pyramid, Lin Dong sensed that the life force of the three Heavenly Mystery Sect disciples had been cut off, and an awful premonition struck his heart.

“Someone actually dared to attack my Heavenly Mystery Sect disciples, and it is a member of the Jiuxiao Sect!

Once I break out of this mysterious realm, I will definitely settle the score with the disciples from that sect!”

As the core disciple of the Heavenly Mystery Sect, Lin Dong naturally possessed a secret technique to keep track of his comrades. Hence, he quickly learned of Lin An’s actions, and he was furious.

Unfortunately, Lin Dong was still within the inner space of the seventy-fifth pyramid, and he couldn’t leave immediately.

He would have to wait before settling the score with Lin An and Zhang Ling.

However, he could still ask the other Heavenly Mystery Sect disciples to make a move and plot their revenge in advance.

Immediately, Lin Dong transmitted his voice to the Heavenly Mystery Sect disciples outside the pyramid.

“Zhang Chang, Li Mingyue, the Jiuxiao Sect disciples have killed three of our disciples. If you encounter any disciples from that sect, kill them without mercy!”

Inside the inner space of the fifty-fifth pyramid, the flames had completely burned out, and the room had suddenly fallen silent.

Zhang Ling looked at the smoldering scene in front of her, and she couldn’t help but be astonished.

She had some understanding of Lin An’s strength, but she really couldn’t guess the extent of his power.

If Lin An had allowed her to fight with the three Heavenly Mystery Sect disciples, she would have taken a lot of time.

However, Lin An had dealt with them in an instant.

Could it be that his strength was already above hers?

Or had the two black and white flames given him an unfair advantage?

Zhang Ling also knew that Lin An was cultivating the ‘Scripture of No Beginning.’ However, the scripture had always been a taboo on the Cangyun Continent.

There hadn’t been a cultivator who had ever successfully mastered the strength of the ‘Scripture of No Beginning.’ Moreover, Lin An had used the black and white flames to destroy the Heavenly Mystery Sect disciples instead of the ‘Scripture of No Beginning.’

Zhang Ling was suddenly curious.

She even had the impulse to fight Lin An.

However, in the Sacred Dragon Mystic Realm, finding opportunities was the most important goal.

“Junior Brother Lin An, are the two types of flames you used some kind of secret treasure?”

Lin An didn’t even turn his head to acknowledge Zhang Ling’s question. Instead, he focused on the weapons on the shelf.

After a few minutes, he chose two weapons from the shelf. The weapons were basically useless to him. However, Lin An felt that he could exchange them for some more valuable treasures in the future.

The two weapons were a long spear, and a flying sword.

There was nothing special about them.

However, at the end of the weapon rack, there was a purple-gold wooden box.

Lin An quickly picked it up, and once he opened it, a golden shard shone brightly in front of his eyes.

Lin An had achieved his goal.

The difference between the key fragment in his possession and the golden shard in the box was that the second shard looked brand new.

Lin An thought that the distinction between the two fragments had occurred because he first key fragment had left the Sacred Dragon Mystic Realm, and it had been corroded by the wind and rain from the outside world, so it had become rusty.

The golden shard fragment was still in the Sacred Dragon Mystic Realm, so it naturally hadn’t been corroded.

There was another important difference.

Several words appeared to have been inscribed on both sides of the golden shard fragment!

The first key fragment only had engravings on one side.

As for the writings on both fragments, Lin An still couldn’t understand them.

He assumed that he would only understand the writings once he collected the remaining fragments.

After Lin An chose his treasures, he walked towards the outside of the pyramid.

However, he didn’t utter a word to Zhang Ling as he walked past her.

The star Jiuxiao Sect disciple was so angry that she stomped her feet furiously, unable to speak.

Suddenly, the ice sculpture of the senior disciple from the Jiuxiao Sect thawed.

Once he was completely unfrozen, he stared at Zhang Ling with a petrified expression, and his entire body couldn’t stop trembling.

Since the senior disciple belonged to the Jiuxiao Sect, Lin An had opted against killing him.

Therefore, he had used his ice flame to temporary freeze him.

However, if the disciple confronted him again, Lin An didn’t mind shutting him up forever.

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