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Immortal Hero: I Can See the Success Rate Chapter 46 - The Inside of the Pyramid! free read Here - KevinBook
Novel Name : Immortal Hero: I Can See the Success Rate

Chapter 46 - The Inside of the Pyramid!

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Chapter 46: The Inside of the Pyramid!

Lin An could only obtain the treasure in the largest pyramid if he followed an exact series of steps.

If the steps were wrong, he would naturally be stuck in a quagmire in the Sacred Dragon Mystic Realm.

Among the sequence of pyramids, only the first, second, third, twenty-first, forty-third, and fifty-fifth pyramids harbored the treasure keys.

The other pyramids were just smokescreens. There would be no value in exploring them.

Lin An already had one of the Sacred Dragon Mystic Realm’s key fragments in his hands.

He now understood that it was a spoil of war that had been obtained by the cultivators who had explored the Sacred Dragon Mystic Realm in the past.

According to the basic rules of the Sacred Dragon Mystic Realm, Lin An knew that it would remain open for one month. Since he had the success rate system, he had a high chance of obtaining all the valuable inheritances in the mystic realm.

Lin An’s focus shifted to the rising blue flames from the top of the pyramids, and he fell into deep thought.

The flames appeared to be the materialization of the legendary extreme fire.

However, the blue flames had not been detected by the success rate system, so Lin An concluded that they were just an illusion. The actual extreme fire was bound to be in one of the three great pyramids.

After thinking it through, Lin An came up with a plan. As long as he followed the correct series of steps, he would wait for the most effective opening to secure the treasures in the pyramid.

Since he had already identified the pyramids that contained the key fragments, Lin An had no more worries.

The medicinal spirit was also temporarily thrown to the back of his mind as he rushed towards the fifty-fifth pyramid.

On the other side, the disciples from the other sects had entered the oasis.

The first and second levels of the Sacred Dragon Mystic Realm did not have many valuable treasures.

However, the pyramid city below the third level of the desert harbored several divine treasures.

Therefore, the disciples entered the third level one after another.

When they saw the spectacular scene in front of them, they were shocked.

It was truly a unique world!

They even felt as if they were in an alien continent.

The first two levels of the mystic realm had not been as spectacular as the scene in front of them.

After all, the Sacred Dragon Mystic Realm was just a large cemetery. How had the beautiful pyramid world formed under the desert?

There was nothing wrong with the cultivator’s suspicions. The Sacred Dragon Mystic Realm was not a part of the Cangyun Continent.

Its actual location was in the sphere of the upper realm!

“Senior Brother Lin Dong, what should we do now?”

As the eldest senior brother of the Heavenly Mystery Sect, Lin Dong had guided the rest of the disciples through the quicksand. He had used his treasures to protect the disciples, which had allowed them to successfully plunge into the third level of the Sacred Dragon Mystic Realm.

At that moment, Lin Dong appeared ethereal and otherworldly, and his aura was vividly displayed.

He proudly lifted his head, but his eyes were suddenly filled with bewilderment.

It was obvious that even the genius Lin Dong was completely confused by the complicated pyramids in front of him.

For a moment, he did not know what to do.

“Everyone will now have to count on their luck. Let’s split up! We should look out for each other since we belong to the same sect. If we encounter any danger, we should immediately send out a signal, and the nearest disciples will rush over!”

When they heard Lin Dong’s words, the Heavenly Mystery Sect disciples felt a chill in their hearts.

It seemed that even their eldest senior brother had limited information about the Sacred Dragon Mystic Realm.

There were still too many unknowns within the mystic realm. The disciples exchanged perplexed expressions, and they all felt helpless.

There was no obvious pattern to the large and small pyramids in front of them.

They would now have to rely on their luck.

The Heavenly Mystery Sect disciples knew it would be difficult to navigate the pyramids with no obvious clues.

At that moment, the disciples from other sects also entered the oasis.

Just like the Heavenly Mystery Sect disciples, they were all confused, and they did not know how to start the exploration.

They would have to split up to increase the efficiency of their exploration and enhance their chances of obtaining opportunities!

“Wait, look, there’s someone over there!”

“No way! Is that Lin An?”

The disciples from the Jiuxiao Sect looked over and saw Lin An’s figure.

However, he quickly disappeared into the fifty-fifth pyramid.

The disciples couldn’t believe their eyes, and they were all astonished.

“What’s going on! We didn’t see him in the first two levels of the mystic realm!”

“Could it be that he was the first to enter the Sacred Dragon Mystic Realm, and that’s why we didn’t see him?”

A majority of the disciples had already interacted with each other as they explored the first two levels of the mystic realm.

However, nobody had seen Lin An enter the Sacred Dragon Mystic Realm. To them, he was a stranger.

Now that they had seen him exploring the pyramids, they were all curious.

“He must be the disciple from the Jiuxiao Sect!”

“It’s him. I saw him arguing with the leading elder from the Jiuxiao Sect.”

“Could it be that he entered the Sacred Dragon Mystic Realm before us?”

“It must be. Otherwise, there’s no way to explain this phenomenon!”

As the disciples continued to discuss among themselves, several cultivators followed Lin An’s footsteps.

After all, it was a good thing to have someone lead the way.

In fact, if Lin An obtained a treasure, the trailing disciples could ambush him and snatch it!

The disciples were confident that they could test Lin An’s strength if he successfully secured any meaningful opportunities.

After discovering that Lin An had already entered the third level, the disciples spread out and began to explore the various pyramids.

Lin An had already entered the fifty-fifth pyramid, and he carefully walked through a long stone passageway.

Under the dim light, the murals on the stone walls looked very exquisite.

However, Lin An didn’t stare at the murals.

He had already received a warning from the success rate system. The murals had a bewitching power, and they could hypnotize anyone who laid their eyes on them.

Lin An’s goal was obvious.

He had to secure the key fragment in the fifty-fifth pyramid!

At that moment, Lin An took out the golden fragment he had received from Qian Yi.

The words on the golden fragment abruptly shone. It was as if they resonated with something inside the pyramid!

‘As expected, the keys are interlinked! Once I collect them all and fuse them, I will be qualified to enter the main pyramid!’

As the thought ran through Lin An’s mind, a golden light suddenly appeared in front of him.

He had abruptly entered the internal space of the pyramid.

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