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Immortal Hero: I Can See the Success Rate Chapter 43 - Enter the Secret Realm! free read Here - KevinBook
Novel Name : Immortal Hero: I Can See the Success Rate

Chapter 43 - Enter the Secret Realm!

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Chapter 43: Enter the Secret Realm!

Just as everyone was discussing how to seize the treasure ship from Lin An, ripples began to form on the surface of the lake, and bubbles emerged from the bottom of the water.

Suddenly, the entire Secret Realm Lake, including the shore, was shrouded in a thick fog.

All of this happened in an instant.

For the disciples who had never witnessed the opening ceremony of the Sacred Dragon Mystic Realm, the scene before their eyes made them feel astonished.

In the world of immortal cultivators, they had already seen all kinds of shocking scenes.

However, this was the first time they had seen such a romantic scene. It was somewhat dreamy.

Originally, everyone had been waiting for the opening of the mystic realm portal on the shore.

As the fog spread around the surroundings, it felt like a drizzle under the scorching sun.

This gave everyone a refreshing feeling, and a cool aura blew over the shore. Abruptly, a rainbow formed over the Secret Realm Lake.

The entire mountain range and the lake were filled with multicolored light, which made for a romantic atmosphere.

The sky above the lake was filled with multicolored light explosions, and at that moment, it elicited a completely fresh feeling among the disciples.

After the cool breeze had passed, the disciples braced themselves for the next phase.

The Sacred Dragon Mystic Realm’s portal had opened.

Every time the gateway opened; a magic array would appear.

The magic array routinely accompanied the thick fog.

It was similar to a maze, and it only appeared once the thick fog had completely covered the surrounding area of the lake.

Any disciple with a high cultivation level would be lost in the thick fog, and only the disciples below the nascent soul stage would have the chance to see through the fog and find the entrance to the Sacred Dragon Mystic Realm.

The magic array was the first layer of restriction in the mystic realm.

“Disciples of the Heavenly Mystery Sect, prepare to enter the Sacred Dragon Mystic Realm!”

The words of the Heavenly Mystery Sect elder rang in the ears of the disciples.

They all became alert and looked at the fog in front of them, but they were all confused.

They had no idea where the entrance to the secret realm was.

Just like the Heavenly Mystery Sect disciples, the cultivators from the other small factions were clueless.

The leading elders wouldn’t be of much help to their disciples. Although they knew that the path into the Sacred Dragon Mystic Realm had always been a maze, the route was not fixed. It would always change every one hundred years.

They had no way to deal with this.

They could only offer a simple explanation to the disciple, after which, a group of cultivators flew into the fog to search for the entrance.

The disciples from the Jiuxiao Sect were not willing to lag behind.

They jumped into the fog one after another.

Compared to the Heavenly Mystery Sect, the Jiuxiao Sect disciples were a small faction.

If they could enter the Sacred Dragon Mystic Realm first, they would eliminate many unnecessary dangers.

As long as they were the first to find the entrance to the mystic real, they would seize the best opportunities.

All the Jiuxiao Sect disciples understood this, and they diligently searched for the Sacred Dragon Mystic Realm’s portal.

In the sky, Lin An saw the fog, and his mood lightened up.

This was because the success rate system activated in his eyes once again.

He immediately understood that going through the fog was the only way he would achieve a 100% success rate.

Therefore, as long as he entered the fog, he would obtain the most accurate hint.

Entering the Sacred Dragon Mystic Realm would therefore be a straightforward task.

Lin An recalled the treasure ship of heavenly secrets, and it continuously shrank and eventually fit on the palm of his hand.

After retracting the treasure ship, he flew towards the surface of the lake.

The thick fog looked like a curtain as it enveloped the Secret Realm Lake, and the magic array maze had also formed on the surface of the lake.

The blue and hazy elements intermingled with each other, just like a wonder of heaven and earth.

[Ding Dong! If you take a left turn, your success rate of entering the Sacred Dragon Mystic Realm will be 0%!]

[Ding Dong! If you take a right turn, your success rate of entering the Sacred Dragon Mystic Realm will be 0%!]

[Ding Dong! If you walk forward, your success rate of entering the Sacred Dragon Mystic Realm will be 0%!]

[Ding Dong! If you take thirty steps forward from the left, stop, and walk twenty steps to the right, then your success rate of entering the Sacred Dragon Mystic Realm will be 100%!]

When he saw the notification, Lin An smiled slightly.

Using the success rate system was like following a couple of road signs. It would accurately guide him to his destination with no deviation.

The other disciples would have to randomly scamper through the fog. Their chances of entering the Sacred Dragon Mystic Realm depended entirely on luck.

There were at least eight thousand disciples who would enter the fog, but in the end, only about three hundred disciples would find the entrance to the Sacred Dragon Mystic Realm.

It was a difficult hurdle!

Several average disciples had already been eliminated by the Sacred Dragon Mystic Realm immediately after they entered the fog!

However, the best disciples could still find some patterns in the fog.

Among them was Zhang Ling, who had already found some clues in the fog.

She had used her spiritual power to cover the entire lake and then used her spiritual sense to detect every difference. By using this technique, Zhang Ling had detected many invisible walls.

The maze was a test of a cultivator’s intelligence. Naturally, several Jiuxiao Sect disciples began to follow in the footsteps of their senior sister.

On the other side, the genius from the Heavenly Mystery Sect, Lin Dong, had also made some progress.

He had not used his divine sense to cover the lake and search for the Sacred Dragon Mystic Realm’s entrance.

Instead, he had quickly summoned a treasure-seeking mouse from his pocket, and after feeding it a few spirit stones, the mouse had begun to sniff through the maze.

A treasure-seeking mouse had an acute sense of smell, and it was ordinarily utilized when searching for the scent of some treasure.

Since there were many treasures in the Sacred Dragon Mystic Realm, the scent of the treasures would naturally leak out. The treasure-seeking mouse would therefore lead Lin Dong to the entrance of the mystic realm because the scent would be the strongest at that point.

Lin An’s idea was simpler.

He just needed to follow the success rate system’s instructions.

He didn’t waste any time. He clearly knew that it would be to his advantage if he entered the Sacred Dragon Mystic Realm before the other disciples, so he braced himself and dashed through the fog.

His speed was extremely fast, and the disciples who saw him rush through the fog were all shocked.

“Is he courting death? He’s not looking for the entrance at all, right? How can he find the entrance by wandering around like a fly!”

“That must be a disciple from the Jiuxiao Sect. As expected, he’s a cultivator from a small sect. He’s too weak.”

“This Senior Brother is right. Such a small sect is only here to make up the numbers. They won’t secure any opportunities!”

When they heard the comments, the disciples from the Jiuxiao Sect furrowed their brows.

Lin An was an embarrassment!

He only had the cultivation skills of a foundation establishment stage cultivator, but he was stubbornly struggling through the dense fog with the rest of the qualified disciples. He didn’t even seem to care about the sect’s reputation!

At that moment, the disciples from the Jiuxiao Sect all gnashed their teeth!

However, Lin An’s figure had long disappeared into the dense fog.

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