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Novel Name : Immortal Hero: I Can See the Success Rate

Chapter 23

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Chapter 23: The 10th Day has Arrived, The Upcoming Sect Competition!


Translator: Simple MTL Editor: Simple MTL

A thin veil separated Qian Yi and Li An as they slept.

Because she had this reassuring disciple by her side, Qian Yi had already fallen asleep peacefully.

If it was before she accepted Lin an as her disciple, Qian Yi would always keep a trace of her spiritual sense to be used to detect him.

This was something that every cultivator had to do!

And now, with Lin an as a sleeping disciple, the task of visiting him was naturally handed over to Lin An.

Most of the time, immortal cultivators no longer needed to sleep. Some could even cultivate to a certain level and be able to abstain from food all year round.

Qian Yi and Lin an were slightly different. From the fact that Qian Yi could get drunk, it could be seen that she seemed to be more willing to enjoy life.

At this moment.

Because she had completely let down her guard.

Qian Yi’s sleeping posture was completely unrestrained. Her soft, water-like breasts were completely exposed. A unique frankincense fragrance filled the entire area. Lin An, who was affected, turned his head away. This scene happened to be completely seen by him.

A veil separated them, and it was as if it was hazy and dreamy!

“So Big!”

“This master of mine really doesn’t care about the feelings of this masculine young disciple at all!”

Lin an hurriedly turned his head away and slightly increased his breathing, but this scene couldn’t be swept away.

Closing his eyes, Lin an began to think about the inner sect competition in three days.

In his dantian, the spiritual energy whirlpool was a little dimmer than before. He knew that this was because he had practiced the vital energy devilseal technique.

The Righteous Energy Devilseal technique also had an excellent defense. It also had another function, which was to store spiritual energy.

In other words, the spiritual energy that Lin an had cultivated had already been stolen by the righteous energy devilseal technique. When a certain amount was stored, the righteous energy devilseal technique would be able to unleash its true power.

What Lin an didn’t expect was that the righteous energy devilseal technique required a huge amount of replenishment. Even with the blessing of the [ Genesis scripture ] , he couldn’t easily fill it up.

However, now that he had the ability to fight beyond his level, he would be invincible in the inner sect competition!

And now that Lin an was in the late stage of the foundation establishment stage, he could clearly sense that he was still one stage away from reaching the golden core stage.

In this world, the foundation establishment stage of cultivators was divided into the early stage, middle stage, late stage, and after that was the golden core stage. It seemed that he would meet another peak stage of the foundation establishment stage.

Peak stage was not common among cultivators and could only be activated under certain circumstances. However, Lin an had already obtained the right to activate it when he had just reached the foundation establishment stage.

“As expected of the first cultivation method in ancient times! Even the most basic cultivation method has more stages than other cultivation methods!”

At the same time, Lin an also summarized his alchemy skills.

What Qian Yi said at the moment was that one could not chew too much, so she did not teach Lin an more alchemy knowledge for the time being.


Alchemy was a prestigious profession in the Cang Yun continent.

It required a huge amount of money to feed.

Just like the most basic medicinal ingredients, each stalk was a spiritual treasure between heaven and earth, so it was definitely worth a lot.

And there was also an alchemy furnace.

Alchemy furnaces were also divided into grades. The higher the grade, the more difficult it was to obtain, and the higher the value.

Just like the alchemy furnace in Qian Yi’s hands, it was called the Blue Devil’s niche. It was ranked in the entire azure fate continent.

In other words, the higher the grade of the alchemy furnace, the greater the success rate of refining pills. It was also able to control the owner of the alchemy furnace more precisely.

Therefore, to an alchemist, an alchemy furnace was also a symbol of status!

In his thoughts.

Lin An fell asleep in a daze.

The next day.

The sunlight scattered into the bamboo forest, making it seem like a dream.

Even the water in the stream was sparkling under the sunlight.

What a paradise on earth!

At this moment, Qian Yi had already woken up and felt a slight chill on her chest. Only then did she realize that her previous lazy bad habit had been exposed again.

Qian Yi hurriedly tidied herself up and let out a slight sigh.

As her master, of course, she would mind if her disciple saw this scene. Just like in the Spirit Spring, Lin an had already been completely seen by Qian Yi. However, as her disciple, there was no harm in showing it to her master. However, as her master, she couldn’t do it.

Fortunately, this disciple of hers was sound asleep. Hopefully, she didn’t see her like this!

On the other side of the Jiuxiao sect.

Xiao Muran had already come out of seclusion on golden firmament peak. This time, it took him seven whole days to finally master the first stage of the Dragon Tiger Fist. Moreover, he had already touched the late stage of the foundation establishment realm in terms of realm!

Xiao Muran said excitedly, “Master, disciple will use another two days to consolidate his strength. He will definitely be able to successfully reach the late stage of the Foundation Establishment Realm!”

The silver-robed elder on one side looked at Xiao Muran’s transformation and nodded in satisfaction. “Second son, your talent is indeed extraordinary!”

For a cultivator, to be able to raise a realm within seven days was something that only a genius could do.

Xiao Muran was undoubtedly a genius!

At the same time, on the other side.

On Cang Xiao Peak.

An inner disciple sat in the lotus pond and slowly opened his eyes.

He immediately attracted the attention of an elder and hurriedly asked, “Qiao Zifeng, how is he now?”

“Reporting to master, I have successfully entered the late stage of the foundation establishment stage, and I faintly feel that my foundation establishment stage has another realm!”

“What! ! !”

This elder was greatly shocked.

Peak Stage?

This meant that there was still a peak stage!

“Very good! Disciple, if you need any medicine or magic tools, I will definitely find them for you!”

After Qiao Zifeng made his request, this elder immediately disappeared from where he was and went to the sect’s treasure pavilion to retrieve the treasures.

Peak stage was not common among cultivators, it was one in a hundred!

It was definitely a genius among geniuses, this was the exclusive realm that only peerless geniuses had. Even an ordinary genius would directly enter the aurous core stage after the foundation establishment advanced stage.

However, this kind of golden core stage was definitely inferior to the peak of the Foundation Establishment Stage!

This was the difference between Peerless Geniuses and lyricism.

Peerless Geniuses would always be one step ahead, one more realm!

This was a natural condition, an insurmountable natural chasm!

“As expected of the disciple that I nurtured with all my heart. He’s actually a peerless genius. As long as I help him break through, he’ll be able to create the history of the Jiuxiao sect for a hundred years! At that time, wouldn’t the resources of the sect be inexhaustible?”

“Moreover, as long as we send Qiao Zifeng on stage, the task of humiliating the Bixiao Peak given by the peak master will also be successfully completed!”

“No! We’ll complete the task of humiliating the entire Bixiao Peak!”

Then what else was there to hide? Immediately report to the sect that they had obtained the resources that a peerless genius should have obtained!

Because of this, this elder quickly flew towards the treasure pavilion.

First, let’s not talk too much.

He was talking about Lin An.

At this moment, Lin an and Qian Yi were enjoying their breakfast.

The two of them didn’t know.

The other inner disciples of the entire Jiuxiao sect had already produced many powerful figures after ten days of cultivation. Furthermore, each of them had been given the same mission by their peak master!

That was to humiliate Bixiao Peak during the inner sect competition!

And their target was Lin an!

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