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Novel Name : Immortal Hero: I Can See the Success Rate

Chapter 18

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Chapter 18: Refine the Black Flame Pill!


Translator: Simple MTL Editor: Simple MTL

That night.

Lin an continued to cultivate the scripture of no beginning. After rotating for a hundred cycles, his cultivation level became even more stable.

The night passed without a word, and time passed quickly.

The next morning.

Accompanied by the chirping of birds, they were in the same spot in the bamboo forest.

At this moment, there were two people standing in the depths of the bamboo forest.

The pill furnace was suspended in the bamboo forest.

A gentle breeze blew through the bamboo forest, and the crisp rustling sound was like a beautiful piece of music. It was very pleasant to the ears.

Under Qian Yi’s precise control, a wisp of flame split apart. It was like a palm holding a cauldron of pill furnace, and it was burning hot.

At this moment, even the spiritual energy in the bamboo forest began to fluctuate.

At this moment, the pill that Qian Yi was refining was the body-tempering pill.

Lin an stared intently at the pill furnace. There were no special symbols that appeared in his eyes like yesterday.

[ the success rate of refining the qi-gathering pill is 99% ! ]

There were no other notifications.

As expected, there were no accidents.

Not long after, a wave of medicinal fragrance drifted in the air.

The body-tempering pill had been successfully refined!

The medicinal fragrance spread out, and the entire process took less than half an incense stick’s time. This made Lin an even more certain of his master’s alchemy abilities.

After resting for the time it takes for an incense stick to burn.

Qian Yi had already prepared the medicinal ingredients to refine the black flame pill.

On a square table.

There were 18 rare medicinal ingredients neatly arranged.

Each of them was more than a thousand years old, and a portion of them came from the wild grass of Green Cloud Peak. The majority of them were accumulated over a thousand years by Qian Yi.

At this moment, just the fragrance emitted by these rare medicinal herbs was already refreshing.

It was enough to prove that the black flame pill that was about to be refined was extraordinary!

Not long after.

Under Lin An’s concerned gaze.

Qian Yi slightly opened her hands, and the simple and unadorned pill furnace stopped after rotating for one round.

“Disciple, look carefully. When refining pills, you have to pay attention to the order in which the medicinal herbs are put in, as well as the precise timing of putting them in, as well as the ability to control the temperature of the spiritual power!”

Master was teaching while Lin an nodded in agreement.

“Master, I’ll remember it.”

In Qian Yi’s opinion, even though the success rate of refining the black flame pill this time was 0% !

But Qian Yi didn’t care about this result at all. She wanted to seize every opportunity to teach Lin An.

If Lin an could watch the entire process of refining the pill fail..,

for this disciple, it could also be considered another type of harvest!

Very soon.

A strange herb was thrown into the pill furnace by Qian Yi.

Qian Yi’s voice sounded at the same time.

“Black thorn grass, 70% poisonous and 30% cold!

“This black thorn grass is 1350 years old. From the number of roots, one can determine its age. Each root is of the same length. Of the 13 roots, only one is only half as long. It’s 1350 years old!

This herb was already 80% poisonous and 20% cold!

Remember, each stalk of herb will be different according to the year!”

“In the pill furnace, after burning it with 100% flame for 15 minutes, the black thorn herb will completely melt. At this time, throw in the second stalk of herb…”

In Qian Yi’s explanation, Lin an also understood the basic process of refining pills.

For Lin An, who had to learn how to refine pills in the future, he also gained some basic understanding of refining pills.

Seeing his master so devoted to him, Lin An’s heart couldn’t be more moved.

He had already made up his mind that he would definitely not let his master down in the future.

In fact, one day, he could even become the person she relied on in her heart!

At the same time.

Lin an stared intently at the pill furnace.

That familiar string of characters began to appear.

[ according to the current progress, the success rate of Qian Yi’s black flame pill refining is 0% ! ]

The time for three incense sticks to burn quickly passed.

The atmosphere at the scene also became solemn.

Many beads of sweat had already appeared on Qian Yi’s forehead.

At this moment, Qian Yi was still controlling the flames, not slacking off in the slightest.


The symbol still flashed in Lin An’s eyes.

[ according to the current progress, the success rate of the black flame pill that Qian Yi refined is 0% ! ]

Seeing this scene.

Lin an couldn’t help but be shocked in his heart.

The difficulty of refining the black flame pill was completely beyond his imagination!

Even for an alchemist like master who had already invested more than half of his medicinal ingredients, the success rate was still 0% !

“Just as master said, the medicinal properties of every single ingredient in the black flame pill are conflicting. Therefore, if you want to refine the black flame pill, you have to control every single ingredient before you invest the time. You have to accurately control every single wisp of flame and choose the right time to heat or release the heat of the spiritual fire!”

“In other words, the control of the temperature of the flame affects the fusion of the medicinal properties. If you’re not careful, you’ll lose everything!”

Seeing that the success rate was still 0% , Lin an started to feel uneasy and his emotions became complicated.

This wasn’t a question of whether the black flame pill was successful or not.

It was the fact that this barefoot woman in front of him who was refining pills for him made Lin an love her too much.

Just like that, she put in a lot of effort and didn’t slack off in the slightest!

When he became the disciple of such a master, it would be a blessing!

At this moment.


Something different began to appear in Lin An’s eyes!

“If the spiritual fire is reduced to 10% at this moment, the success rate of refining the black flame pill will increase to 1% !”

At this moment.

Qian Yi had already deliberately lowered the temperature of the spiritual fire.

It had even reached 20% , but it had yet to reach the final 10% .

At this point, Lin an understood that his master was intentionally lowering the temperature of the flame. However, there was a slight difference in perception, so it was only 20% spiritual fire.

Right now, Qian Yi’s brows were slightly furrowed, as if she was still hesitating about lowering the temperature.

Lin An’s voice sounded from the side.

“Master, you can now lower the temperature of the spiritual fire to 10% !”

Hearing Lin an’s words, Qian Yi was surprised.

Her disciple seemed to have noticed her hesitation and suggested from the side.

Lowering the temperature of the fire to 10% was something that Qian Yi had thought of before.

However, she didn’t dare to take the risk.

She knew the consequences in her heart. It was also this consequence that made her hesitate.

If the temperature in the pill furnace was too low, the medicinal power of the nine cold herbs in the pill furnace would instantly freeze!

Could it be that the medicinal power was not at the critical point of freezing, but directly allowed it to freeze naturally?

Qian Yi did not have any extravagant hopes that she could refine the black flame pill in one go. In addition, when she was refining the Qi gathering pill previously, Lin An’s words instantly strengthened Qian Yi’s conviction and subsequently produced a peerless level Qi gathering pill.

Lin An was the person who stood with her to clear the fog!


Without hesitation.

Under Qian Yi’s control of the fire, the temperature of the spiritual fire instantly froze at 10% of the temperature!

Very quickly, inside the pill furnace.

Just as Qian Yi had expected, a burst of icy cold air instantly spread out.

The medicinal effects of the nine stalks of cold spiritual medicine shockingly formed solid ice inside the pill furnace!

At the same time.

The success rate symbol appeared in Lin An’s eyes once again.

[ if a thousand-year-old red flame grass is added at this moment and the temperature of the spiritual fire is dispersed, the success rate of refining the black flame pill will increase to 5% ! ]

Lin an suddenly became expectant.

That’s right!

Following the instructions like this directly increased the success rate!

As long as she followed the system’s instructions, the success rate of refining the black flame pill would continue to increase!

Immediately, Lin an’s voice sounded again.

“Master, you can now add the red flame grass and dissipate the temperature of the spiritual fire!”

At this moment, Qian Yi’s heart was already filled with shock, and it exploded like a raging wave.

What kind of monster was her disciple exactly?

Could it be that he was a natural genius in alchemy?

The timing of adding the red flame grass, Lin An’s thoughts were completely in line with his own!

The only difference was that Qian Yi wasn’t sure what the consequences would be if she dispersed the spiritual fire.

Could it be?

The root of the problem lay in the inner space of the pill furnace?

Under normal circumstances, under freezing conditions, the red flame grass would remain as normal, and its medicinal effects wouldn’t be enough to be activated!

But what if it was placed in a sealed environment?

Thinking of this, Qian Yi’s heart was already in a state of shock!

Without any hesitation.

A stalk of scarlet flame grass was instantly thrown into the pill furnace. In the next instant, the flames completely dispersed.

Within the pill furnace.

The temperature was instantly emptied.

And this stalk of thousand-year-old medicinal herb, the scarlet flame grass, seemed to have received some sort of stimulation at this moment and instantly contracted!

In the next instant, the crimson flame herb completely turned into a round bead shape.

In an instant.

A burst of flames completely erupted from the round bead!

The temperature in the pill furnace was instantly raised by the intense flames!

This was completely the flames that belonged to the crimson flame herb!

The intense flames that the spirit herb itself possessed!

Qian Yi deeply felt that the success rate of refining the black flame pill was continuously increasing!

It was all because of this disciple of hers — Lin an!

Lin an looked at everything that was happening in front of him and finally felt at ease.

That was because the system had notified him that the success rate had increased to 70% !

[ if you maintain your current state for the time it takes for an incense stick to burn and invest all the remaining medicinal ingredients, the success rate of refining the black flame pill will increase to 70% ! ]

It seemed that the refinement of the black flame pill was about to succeed!

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