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Novel Name : Immortal Hero: I Can See the Success Rate

Chapter 17

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Chapter 17: It’s Okay, Master, I can help you!

Translator: Simple MTL Editor: Simple MTL

At this moment.

In Lin An’s body, the spiritual energy vortex was slowly rotating in his dantian. It had indeed expanded a little, and the conversion of spiritual energy within it had also become more viscous.

The little golden figure in the center had its eyes closed at this moment. It had become more solid, and the Golden Light had also become a little stronger.

It was a scene of prosperity!

And although Lin an had only advanced by a small realm, if he used spiritual power to unleash its power, its power would be completely different from yesterday!

Sensing this change, Qian Yi couldn’t help but exclaim in her heart.

As expected of the legendary ancient cultivation method, the scripture of no beginnings!

Just a foundation establishment stage and a small realm had such a significant change!

If he broke through to the golden core stage and broke through to the nascent soul stage, wouldn’t it be beyond imagination?


He was only one step away from Lin an forming the golden core.

Qian Yi knew this better than anyone else.

This was also the hardest step of the scripture of no beginnings!

It was the golden core stage where there was almost no hope!

At this moment, Qian Yi was also frowning. She didn’t know when Lin an would arrive!

After finishing her investigation, Qian Yi nodded her head in satisfaction and her gaze towards Lin an became gentler.

Up until now, this disciple of hers had not disappointed her in any way!

At this moment.

“Disciple, what you need now is a cultivation technique that suits you. Although the scripture of no beginning is very powerful, a cultivation technique is also extremely important as a technique to unleash the power of an immortal cultivator!”

Cultivation techniques were the main combat ability in this world. Just like the scripture of no beginning, there was a basic part that was used to build a foundation. After that, the later stages of the scripture of no beginning also had a part of a combat technique.

At that time, it would be the time for the scripture of no beginning to unleash its true power!

Qian Yi did not hesitate.

She calmed her heart and carefully selected a cultivation technique from her interspatial ring.

The principle of the highest priority was to choose a cultivation technique!

Very soon.

A cultivation technique called the morality demon sealing technique appeared in Qian Yi’s hand with a flip of her hand.

This cultivation technique wasn’t the strongest technique in Qian Yi’s hands. The morality demon sealing technique was only ranked in the middle and lower ranks. It wasn’t even eye-catching when placed in her interspatial ring.

If Qian Yi didn’t think that Lin an needed this cultivation technique, she wouldn’t have chosen it.

The reason why she chose this cultivation technique wasn’t because it was useless to Qian Yi, but because it was suitable for Lin An.

Qian Yi was an armament cultivator and her main focus was the way of the sword. The number of sword cultivation techniques she possessed could be described as countless. The Way of the sword wasn’t just about pointing at the sword, but it was about controlling countless types of weapons. It was extremely difficult to master, and those who weren’t talented couldn’t practice it.

And now, Qian Yi felt that with Lin an’s current strength, he was still not strong enough to control those high-level and mysterious techniques.

Immediately, Qian Yi took out a technique book and handed it to Lin An.

Morality demon sealing technique!

Low-level heaven-rank technique!

After practicing it, one could strengthen one’s physique and fully utilize the coordination of one’s body. With an extremely strong gang qi protecting one’s body, one would be able to produce a supreme power upon mastering it!

This was a cultivation technique that was filled with masculinity. It focused on a fist-to-fist combat style that suited one’s disciple perfectly.

The morality demon sealing technique was a cultivation technique that Qian Yi had obtained by chance in a secret realm. Only males could cultivate it, so it must be very suitable for this disciple of hers!

Lin an took it over and took a look.

A string of characters appeared in front of Lin An’s eyes.

[ morality demon sealing technique: Low-grade heaven-rank technique. After mastering it, the body functions will be the foundation. It will act as the foundation to mobilize spiritual power and can control any power. At most, it can be cultivated to the advanced stage of the Tribulation! ]!

[ the host’s success rate of cultivating morality demon sealing technique is 20% ! ]!

[ the success rate of cultivating it under the condition of activating the no beginning scripture is 56% ! ]!

[ the success rate of cultivating it under the condition of activating the no beginning scripture and combining it with the body tempering pill is 100% ! ]!

If the host takes the black flame pill as the base before training, the power of the morality demon sealing technique will change!”

Lin An was shocked when he saw the notification!

The first was the success rate. After learning the body tempering pill, his talent could be said to have increased by leaps and bounds. Previously, even the lowest level human rank cultivation technique didn’t have such a success rate!

What made Lin an even more surprised was that if the cultivation method could be combined with a medicinal pill as the base, it could even cause a mutation?

This kind of cultivation method was simply unheard of.

Before cultivating the morality and demon sealing technique, who would have thought that combining it with a completely unrelated black flame pill would actually cause a mutation?

Only a mysterious system would give such an answer!

This was a surprise!

As for the righteous energy devilseal technique…

Lin An’s eyes instantly became filled with anticipation.

He subconsciously activated the scripture of no beginning to investigate this technique, and a resonance immediately appeared in his mind!

The scripture of no beginning could actually cause a connection between the technique and it, and this resonance seemed to be saying that this was a perfect fit!

Lin An was filled with excitement. After thinking for a moment, he looked at Qian Yi and slowly said.

“Master, I just activated the scripture of no beginning to investigate this vital energy devilseal technique. Immediately, I felt a strong feeling jump in my mind.”

“This feeling is like the scripture of no beginning pushing me to learn this technique! The vital energy devilseal technique is very suitable for me!”

Qian Yi was overjoyed after hearing this!

She had a premonition before.

This cultivation technique was very suitable for her disciple!

And now that Lin an had used the scripture of no beginning to investigate, it actually resonated with the scripture of no beginning, proving that her judgment wasn’t wrong.

Although Qian Yi wasn’t too shocked to be able to find a cultivation technique that was suitable for Lin an in one go, there was no doubt that this made her happy.

And the scripture of no beginning actually had the ability to investigate cultivation techniques.

This couldn’t help but shock Qian Yi. was the [ no beginning scripture ] already so powerful?

It was indeed so terrifying!

After a moment, Lin an started to shake his head slightly in confusion, as if he had encountered a problem that he didn’t understand.

Seeing that his disciple was puzzled.

Qian Yi also furrowed her brows. Just as Qian Yi was about to ask, Lin an’s voice sounded.

Lin an said a little embarrassedly, “Master, this disciple has something to ask of you!”

Qian yi replied, “Yes, go ahead!”

“This disciple thinks that with the help of the black flame pill and body tempering pill, this disciple will be able to adapt to this cultivation method faster!”

Hearing that Lin an needed two pills at once, Qian Yi’s expression changed slightly.

Body tempering pills weren’t difficult for Qian Yi.

As for the Black Flame Pill, it was a little special.

The black flame pill was a very special existence. It hadn’t appeared in front of the world for ten thousand years.

To be able to name a rare pill like the black flame pill, it proved that this disciple of his wasn’t as simple as he appeared.

If it was an ordinary person, just the name of the black flame pill might not even be heard of.

Even the vast majority of alchemy grandmasters didn’t have the chance to come into contact with the black flame pill!

Could it be that he did not know the rarity of this pill?

And although he was an alchemy grandmaster and could refine the body tempering pill with ease, refining the black flame pill had a certain level of difficulty. The success rate was even pitifully low!

As of now, the success rate of refining the black flame pill was almost zero!

The black flame pill itself was extremely rare. It was a top-grade heaven rank pill to begin with. With the accumulation of medicinal ingredients from the Bixiao Peak, this was not a problem at all.

The difficulty was that the composition of the black flame pill was extremely complicated. The difficulty of controlling the pill’s flames was so high that it made one’s hair stand on end. The most difficult part was that the black flame pill’s ingredients naturally did not fuse with each other!


Even the world’s top alchemists only had an extremely low probability of success. In addition, under the occasional circumstances, they could only accidentally refine it!

In other words, refining the black flame pill relied more on luck!

The difficulty of refining the black flame pill was no less than refining a top-tier peerless grade pill!

Moreover, it was a pill above heaven rank!

It was an existence that could be encountered but not sought after!

Even Qian Yi herself didn’t have the confidence to successfully refine it!

Black flame pill.

It was completely priceless in the entire world!

And this disciple of hers just opened his mouth and said it.

Did he really think that he was the immortal emperor of pills?

Seeing Qian Yi’s slightly troubled expression, Lin an thought to himself, “Could it be that these two pills are very difficult to refine? Even my master can’t refine them?”

“The medicinal ingredients on Bixiao Peak are already sufficient, but because the grade of the black flame pill is too high, its composition is extremely complicated. Naturally, it has the characteristic of not fusing. Even I am not confident in refining it!”

Qian Yi had no need to show off in front of her disciple.

She immediately told the truth.

In this world, the Black Flame Pill had not appeared for more than ten thousand years. If Qian Yi was determined to really refine it, coupled with the time it took for research and trial, Qian Yi had the confidence to successfully refine it within half a year.

This was also because she was completely immersed in it. It was a bit of a loss, but this was the disciple’s request. Even if she could not succeed, she would at least give it a try!

“Does this mean that master can not refine this black flame pill?”

“If the black flame pill can be successfully refined, it might take half a year of research. I will give it a try tomorrow!”

Hearing Qian Yi’s answer, Lin an immediately let out a sigh of relief and his expression became interesting.

At least master had a clue to refine it!

At this moment, Lin an even began to imagine the appearance of cultivating this cultivation technique after the black flame pill.

“That’s great! When master collects the ingredients tomorrow and refines the black flame pill, please allow me to watch from the side!”

When Qian Yi cultivates, Lin an will be able to obtain a new success rate. When that time comes.

Lin an could immediately give Qian Yi some hints through appropriate hints. Who knows, he might be able to quickly refine it successfully!

With master’s alchemy skills!

With his own appropriate hints!

Let alone half a year, Lin an believed that he would be able to refine it tomorrow!

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