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Novel Name : Immortal Hero: I Can See the Success Rate

Chapter 16

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Chapter 16: Supreme-Grade Elixirs!

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Lin an said without any hesitation.

With the system’s reminder, he had a 100% chance of learning alchemy and becoming a great grandmaster!

The status of an alchemist was noble and could bring many benefits.

More importantly, Lin an had the guidance of the success rate now, which would greatly increase the chances of refining supreme-grade elixirs in the future. Lin an couldn’t let go of such an opportunity.

Wasn’t this the reason why he joined Qian Yi previously.

Moreover, there would be refining techniques, formations, and resources in the future!

His master was a treasure trove. At this moment, Lin an couldn’t wait for the supreme-grade pill to be his!

Lin An was determined and didn’t hesitate at all.

Qian Yi nodded and agreed first. Then, she added, “Right now, the most important thing is to increase your cultivation level to prepare for the inner sect competition. Let’s talk about learning how to refine pills later!”

Lin an had given Qian Yi too many surprises. Lin An, who had reached the foundation establishment stage of the non-beginnings scripture, actually didn’t need Qian Yi to spend too much time to train him.

Qian Yi was very clear about the power of the non-beginnings scripture.

It could be said that he was invincible in the same stage!

Qian Yi naturally understood this logic deeply.

But for Qian Yi, as Lin an’s master, she wasn’t looking at this point in front of her. Instead, she was looking at the long-term direction. She could imagine any path that could increase the strength of her disciples.

And getting the most resources from the sect was the first step!

What Qian Yi needed was not for Lin an to just defeat the other opponents, but to astonish the heavens and bring over all the resources from the Jiuxiao sect!

Only in this way could she be worthy of being her disciple.

Without any delay, Qian Yi blew out her spiritual power and gently waved it at the pill furnace.

The pill furnace trembled slightly in the air.

Then, it flew out as soon as there were no more pills.

In an instant, the heaven and earth shook, and the bamboo forest within a radius of ten miles began to rustle. Emerald green bamboo leaves slowly grew from the branches until they grew into bamboo leaves.

The entire scene gave life to the bamboo forest!

And as Qian Yi spread out her hands, a blood-red pill appeared in her hand.

At this moment, the blood-red Qi gathering pill was overflowing with radiance. Seven rays of light circulated around the medicinal pill’s body and did not dissipate for a long time. A faint medicinal fragrance instantly filled the entire bamboo forest, refreshing one’s heart and mind.

Just a light sniff was enough to make one feel refreshed.

Earth rank sixth grade, the highest grade!

Supreme Grade Qi gathering pill!

The medicinal strength of the pill had increased by a whole fold compared to an ordinary Qi gathering pill!

Supreme-grade pills were indeed ten times stronger than ordinary pills!

Although doubling the medicinal strength didn’t seem like much, it was already completely beyond the limit of what this pill could withstand!

Even if it had a little more medicinal strength, each pill would instantly explode and dissipate into the air.

Qi-gathering pill!

As the name implied, it increased the speed at which the cultivator gathered spiritual energy after using it.

And it was permanently effective!

And the basic potential of the spiritual energy that a cultivator absorbed in the circulatory cycle was fixed. The function of the qi-gathering pill was to permanently increase the potential of the absorption of spiritual energy!

A cultivator could only take one qi-gathering pill in his lifetime!

This was a pill that every cultivator had to take, and this top-grade qi-gathering pill directly doubled the function of this potential!

This was equivalent to directly increasing a cultivator’s potential.

Its value was self-evident!

Qian Yi knew very well that as long as this supreme-grade qi-gathering pill was placed in any auction venue on the Cangyun continent, it would instantly cause a sensation.

It was absolutely sky-high price!

Even if a ten thousand year old sect were to spend all of their resources, they might not be able to buy it.

Just like the qi-gathering pill that Qian Yi had taken back then.

Its quality and effects were far inferior to this peerless pill!

Very soon.

Under Qian Yi’s guidance, Lin an swallowed the pill.

As the pill entered his throat, a warm current instantly burst forth, and he was jolted.

In just an instant, the medicinal efficacy began to spread, filling every cell in Lin an’s body.

At this moment.

Lin an could clearly feel the changes in his body. This feeling was as if his body had expanded.

The speed at which he absorbed spiritual energy had doubled!

The medicinal efficacy of a supreme-grade medicinal pill was extraordinary.

This effect was simply instant!

On Qian Yi’s side, because of the effect of her habitat divine body, Lin An’s body had already become one with Lin An’s spiritual energy.

Therefore, Qian Yi could also feel the change in Lin An’s body. It was a mysterious feeling.

Sensing the huge change in her disciple’s body, Qian Yi nodded her head in relief and said.

“In the inner sect competition, I want you to surpass all the so-called geniuses in the Jiuxiao sect and become the strongest personal disciple in the history of the Jiuxiao sect!”

This was the goal that Qian Yi had set for Lin an!

A goal that had to be achieved.

“Okay!”Lin an nodded and agreed.

“After the inner sect competition, I will begin to teach you how to refine pills!”

Hearing this, Lin an was already looking forward to the moment of refining pills after the inner sect competition!

Lin An was very looking forward to what would happen at that time.

Seeing that everything was ready.

“Master, I don’t know what happened, but when I woke up today, I felt very comfortable in My Dantian. When I woke up, I realized that I was already in the late stage of the Foundation Establishment Stage! So, I will definitely not disappoint master’s expectations!”

Hearing Lin an say this, Qian Yi’s heart suddenly felt nervous.

What she did yesterday, would her disciple find out!

Seeing that Lin an didn’t notice, Qian Yi immediately felt relieved.

Hearing that Lin an had already broken through to the later stage of the foundation establishment stage, Qian Yi was secretly shocked.

The speed of his breakthrough was a little too fast, simply exceeding Qian Yi’s expectations.

Even though part of the reason was due to the effect of her divine body at habitat, there was no doubt that Lin an seemed to be very compatible with the cultivation method of the scripture of no beginning.

At least in his understanding, there was no precedent of a rapid breakthrough in his former friend’s experience.

As for the reason behind this, it was actually very simple.

Lin an used the special foundation establishment pill given by the system and then cultivated the no beginning scripture. This was equivalent to having a very solid foundation, which was far stronger than the average cultivator.

While she was feeling different, Qian Yi immediately went to check.

Very soon.

A jade-like hand grasped Lin an’s pulse.

Qian Yi’s spiritual sense entered Lin an’s body.

Lin an didn’t reject Qian Yi’s check. His Master was also his future dao partner, so Lin an didn’t hesitate to give her the right to check.

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