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Novel Name : Immortal Hero: I Can See the Success Rate

Chapter 12

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Chapter 12: After Qian Yi Got Drunk

Translator: Simple MTL Editor: Simple MTL

A moment later.

Lin An was already meditating on his bed, and his mind couldn’t help but feel a little sluggish.

After all, Qian Yi’s bed was just a veil away.

The female clothing on it was filled with the scent of the opposite sex, and he could clearly see it.

Moreover, this was his master’s bed, and Lin an had cultivated the scripture of no beginning. His five senses had reached a certain level, and the fragrance of a woman was even more obvious!

It was inevitable that Lin an couldn’t help but let his imagination run wild.

At this moment, a string of characters appeared in front of Lin an again.

[ Qian Yi is a virgin, the host’s success rate for sleeping on this bed is currently 0% ! ]

Looking at the success rate here.

Lin An was momentarily stunned again!

Didn’t they say that there was an 80% success rate for dual cultivation between Dao Partners?

Why did the current success rate become 0% !

Did I miss out on something?

Could it be.

This was a test given to me by my master?

In an instant, an epiphany appeared in Lin An’s heart.

It must be so!

If he didn’t have this system, if he rashly attacked my master, it would be a huge mistake!

However, as long as he took a look at it every day in the future, when the success rate reached 100% , it would be the time to get into this bed!

His desire to conquer his master seemed to be even stronger!

After thinking it through.

Lin an revealed a smile.

Then, Lin an stopped thinking about it. His heart immediately sank and he began to meditate and cultivate.

Not long after, Lin An’s consciousness began to sink into his mind. A wave of spiritual energy began to gather around Lin an’s body and was slowly absorbed.

Previously, in the square, although Lin an had already checked his body’s condition, he was afraid of causing any changes, so he only dabbled in the surface.

After reaching the foundation establishment stage, he hadn’t used the heaven-revolving scripture.

Now, Lin an was completely immersed in it. Very quickly, a wave of warmth came from his abdomen.

At his dantian.

A whirlpool was forming. It was like an entire galaxy, circulating in the universe within his body.

In the middle of the whirlpool, there was a little golden man standing in the middle.

At a glance, upon careful inspection, this little golden man looked exactly the same as Lin An.

Even the mole on its cheek did not change in position.

And this little golden man stood in the middle of the whirlpool, as if it was watching the wind and clouds flow.

As the whirlpool spun, countless spiritual energy turned into starlight spots, gathered together, and condensed into water droplets.

The little golden man bathed under the water droplets condensed from spiritual energy.

It was as if it was being drenched in a rain of spiritual energy!

As the drizzle fell, the golden light emitted by the little gold statue became even more obvious after it absorbed the spiritual energy.

In other words, as long as Lin an circulated the minor heavenly cycle, a rain of spiritual energy would form between his dantian. The little gold statue would become more and more substantial, and his strength would also become stronger and stronger!

150 Li southeast of Bixiao Peak.

Qian Yi stood in front of a grave, holding a wine gourd in her hand. She poured three circles on the gravestone.

This was a barren grave. A stone tablet had been standing there for many years and had been eroded by wind and rain. There was no name or written information on the gravestone.

The surroundings of this barren grave were all barren, and this was the only grave that had been cleaned up.

Presumably, Qian Yi would often come over to take care of it.

This was the previous peak master of Bixiao Peak.

A thousand years ago, she had once saved Qian Yi’s life here. In the end, because of this, she died here.

After that, Qian Yi inherited Bixiao Peak and became the peak master of Bixiao Peak. During this period, she imagined that Bixiao Peak would flourish.

However, Qian Yi was originally not a person from this small world. Because of her gratitude, she chose to stay in the Jiuxiao sect.

Most of the disciples here had average talent and were not as good as Qian Yi.

Because of this, ever since she was sealed, Qian Yi had never recruited any disciples.

Lin An was the first!

Moreover, because of the restrictions, it seemed impossible to return to Qian Yi’s hometown.

Because of this, Qian Yi did not choose to leave the Jiuxiao sect. She was drunk every day.

With a raise of her hand.

The wine from the wine gourd poured into Qian Yi’s mouth…

Time passed and it was already evening.

The night fell quietly.

In the Bamboo House, Lin an had already completed 100 small cycles. This was also the upper limit of his training for the day.

He stood up and relaxed a little.

At this time, Qian Yi’s face was red. She pushed the door open and staggered in. She was already drunk.

The old wine gourd hanging on her waist seemed to have lost its weight.

For cultivators, refining alcohol was the most normal thing. In terms of alcohol tolerance, it was a thousand times better than getting drunk.

The reason why Qian Yi could get drunk was because she didn’t use her cultivation to refine alcohol.

Secondly, there was another reason. The alcohol she brewed was a thousand times stronger than the usual alcohol!

This was something that she enjoyed alone.

And the wine gourd on her waist had something else going on inside it!

The wine contained far more than what was on the surface!

At this moment, Lin an immediately went over to support Qian Yi who was already drunk.

A soft voice sounded, “Master, you’re drunk!”

Seeing Lin an, Qian Yi didn’t realize that she had accepted a disciple today. Then, she looked at the five baht herb in her hand and remembered that she still had something that she hadn’t dealt with today.

That was to refine pills for her disciple, Lin An, to help him cultivate faster.

Qian Yi was already a little more sober and could already distinguish between black and white.

This time, it wasn’t a big deal if she didn’t experience the drunken incident that she had experienced countless times before.

The only difference was that.

This time, someone was supporting her!

No matter how drunk Qian Yi was, she didn’t need someone to support her. The reason why she didn’t refuse was because of Lin An’s concern.

A warm feeling instantly entered her heart and made her freeze on the spot.

This kind of experience had never happened in the past thousand years!

At this moment, Lin an’s voice sounded again.

“Master, let me help you to bed to rest!”

To Lin an, he wasn’t surprised that a cultivator was drunk.

So, what he needed to do now was to send his master to bed to rest.

Qian Yi stood unsteadily on the spot. The feeling of being cared for made her feel wonderful.

She wanted to continue on.

If Lin an could continue to care for her like this in the future, then she would give up the last bit of sobriety and get completely drunk!

At this moment, Qian Yi already had her own plans in her mind amidst her confused footsteps.

Did Lin an really care about her?

Or was it because she was his master?

Or was it just a pretense.

Qian Yi didn’t think that a system like Lin an could distinguish many things.

When they were in the square, Qian Yi had already observed Lin An. However, people who cultivated the no beginning Scripture wouldn’t let others see through them easily.

After that, in Qian Yi’s impression, Lin an wasn’t a bad person.

As she was thinking, Qian Yi’s bare feet trembled and she fell down.


Very soon.

Lin an reacted and instantly hugged her.

Only then could his master not fall down.

Meanwhile, Qian Yi very naturally fell into Lin An’s arms.

She didn’t refuse. Qian Qian’s arms had already wrapped around Lin An’s neck and she let out a light snort.

Looking at his master getting so drunk, Lin fan shook his head helplessly.

“What kind of wine can make you get so drunk?”

“Isn’t it supposed to be taken care of by Master? Since when is it my turn to take care of Master?”

Without hesitation, Lin an immediately adjusted his position to make her feel more comfortable in his arms.

Step by step, he walked towards Qian Yi’s bedside.

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