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Novel Name : Immortal Hero: I Can See the Success Rate

Chapter 11

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Chapter 11: Ah This, They’re Starting to Cohabit Already?

Translator: Simple MTL Editor: Simple MTL

Jiuxiao sect, Bixiao Peak, inside the thatched cottage.

Lin An sat on a chair, his curious eyes constantly sizing up his surroundings.

This was a thatched cottage made of bamboo. There were bamboo-made appliances everywhere, from tables, chairs, benches, and even teacups. They were all made of bamboo.

The light-colored chiffon was gently blown up by the breeze, and the fragrance of bamboo could be felt everywhere.

The clothes of the colorful women were casually placed on the bamboo bed at the side. Everything was very natural and didn’t seem messy.

At the same time, even though the windows were open everywhere in the thatched cottage, and the air circulated frequently.

However, the pleasant smell couldn’t be blown away, and waves of fragrance entered Lin an’s nostrils.

Lin an knew clearly in his heart that this was a special fragrance that only belonged to women.

This was the only building on Bixiao Peak. It was so simple that there wasn’t even a hall. The bed and chairs were all in an empty room.

Naturally, this could be considered Qian Yi’s boudoir.

A woman had lived here for too long, and her scent was everywhere in the air.

Seeing this scene, and based on the rumors from before,.

Lin an could guess that he was the first man to come here,

as the leader of a peak, his residence was so simple. This made Lin an a little surprised.

The rumors must be true. On Bixiao Peak, only Qian Yi lived here.

Before this, Lin an thought that there would be a grand hall like the one on Jinxiao Peak.

However, after flying all the way here, he didn’t see anyone else on Green Cloud Peak. It was full of weeds.

It was likely that the almighty aura that stopped his master was on another main peak. The nine cloud sect still had a certain foundation.

Seeing Lin an’s curious expression.

Qian Yi already knew what Lin an was thinking.

She wanted to answer Lin An’s question first.

“From now on, you are my direct disciple. If you have any questions, you can ask me anytime!”

Lin An was deep in thought.

What was Qian Yi’s motive for taking in a disciple?

Who was the almighty who had just attacked?

According to his understanding of Qian Yi, his master’s strength had long surpassed that of the peak masters. There was only one reason, and that was the abnormal phenomenon brought about by the no beginning scripture. Master knew that it was me!

Just as Lin an was deep in thought, a string of characters appeared once again.

[ ask Qian Yi about her motivation to take in a disciple. The probability of Qian Yi giving a true answer is 100% ! ]

Seeing this success rate, Lin an completely believed that this powerful woman in front of him had no ill intentions towards him.

To be able to give a 100% true answer to his question already showed that Qian Yi had no ill intentions.

Since that was the case, there was no need to ask anymore.

There was no need to probe anymore!

At this moment, Qian Yi smiled and directly said to Lin an, “The one who attacked just now was an old man at the Mahayana stage. His cultivation level was indeed a little lacking.”

Hearing Qian Yi’s words, Lin an was certain that his master was not simple, but she did not care about powerhouses at the Mahayana stage at all. Immediately, she blurted out, “Still lacking at the Mahayana stage? Then Master…”

Qian yi raised her hand, “Do you really think that after breaking through to the Mahayana stage, you’ll become an immortal emperor?”

Speaking up to this point, Qian Yi smiled sweetly. Then, she didn’t continue this topic.

Seeing that her master had skipped this topic, she didn’t have any intention of continuing.

Lin An didn’t ask anymore.

At this moment, Qian Yi Ruo looked at Lin an and said, “The inner sect competition is in ten days. I request that you ride the dust!”

“Yes!”Lin an nodded.

It was as if all of this was a small matter.

Seeing this scene, Qian Yiruo also smiled slightly.

“Then master, where should I Live?”

Lin an asked a little embarrassedly.

This was obviously Qian Yiruo’s residence. The bed in the distance was still emitting her unique body fragrance.

Although they might become dao companions in the future, it was obviously not the time to live together now.

And if they lived together and couldn’t do anything, wouldn’t it be suffocating? !

So, where would lin an live in the future?

Seeing Lin an’s expression, Qian Yi already knew what Lin an was thinking.

Lin An was only a young man in his twenties who was full of vigor and vitality. It seemed that this was also the first time he had come to a room where a woman lived. It was normal for his heart to throb a little.

Although Qian Yi was already over a thousand years old, in this world, as long as one’s cultivation level was raised to the corresponding realm, one’s lifespan could be said to be endless. As for the problem of the deterioration of one’s appearance, it didn’t exist at all.

Therefore, from the beginning to the end, Qian Yi maintained her 25-year-old appearance. This was the state that she was most satisfied with!

As a woman who had already cultivated to the dao, Qian Yi was in a relaxed state regarding everything. However, Lin an in front of her was the first man to enter her room.

Without a doubt, this caused her thoughts to waver.

Instantly, a thought appeared in her mind.

Since Lin an had already become her personal disciple, she would naturally put in all her effort to nurture him.

And in her future life, she would inevitably have contact with Lin An.

Now, it was better to train his temperament!

Qian yi smiled gently, “You are my personal disciple. Master will participate in all your matters. From now on, you will live in this house!”

Hearing this, Lin An’s face instantly turned red.

“Wait… Master is saying that we will live together? In the same room?”

“Of course, since we are personal disciples, master will naturally eat and live with you!”

Seeing Lin an’s red face, Qian Yi confirmed that this disciple of hers also had a shy side. Immediately, she revealed a curious expression, “Why? You Don’t want to?”

“AH, isn’t this a little too fast?”

Before this, Lin an had already obtained the success rate given by the system.

In the future, this master of his had an 80% chance of being a dao partner with him!

This probability was already very high!

Therefore, in Lin An’s subconscious mind, he already regarded Qian Yi as his future dao partner.

What Lin an didn’t expect was that.

Qian Yi was so anxious now. This progress was too fast!

“Could it be that master wants to sleep with me today?”

“She took me in as her personal disciple just for the sake of coveting my body?”

But thinking back, there was nothing to reject!

Master was so beautiful. Just looking at her made one’s imagination run wild!

At this moment.

Lin An’s face was so red that it reached his neck!

Seeing Lin an’s expression, Qian Yi couldn’t help but laugh. It seemed that this disciple’s temperament towards women was still a little lacking. Her choice was the right one, and he was already starting to fantasize about her.

Following that, Qian Yi smiled charmingly and raised her hand.

A bamboo bed appeared beside the bed she was sleeping on. A bamboo pole and a thin gauze passed through, and the two beds were quickly separated.

“HMM, I think the current situation is not bad!”

“You’re cultivating here now, I’ll wait for you to ride the dust during the competition!”!

“I’ll Go Out Now!”

After saying that, he left.

Lin an looked at the piece of gauze. What was the difference between this and air!

What was this master of his thinking!

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