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Novel Name : Immortal Hero: I Can See the Success Rate

Chapter 9

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Chapter 9: The Tough Qian Yi! Personal Disciple, Lin An!


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Hearing Lin An’s words.

The scene was filled with shock.

No one could understand why an outer sect disciple who was about to be expelled from the sect was about to disappear from the cultivation world.

Now, he actually had the intention to negotiate conditions?

In the Jiuxiao sect, being a part-time disciple was completely acceptable to a person with average talent!

At the very least, he hadn’t left the Jiuxiao sect. Perhaps he would still have the opportunity to cultivate in the future.

Now, Lin an actually still wanted to negotiate terms?

Was he worthy?

However, even though the disciples below the stage started to feel disdain in their hearts and thought that Lin an was arrogant and conceited, no one dared to show it.

As the other peak masters of the Jiuxiao sect, even though they didn’t know why such a situation would occur, they could definitely step forward if they had any dissatisfaction.

After all, their status was there!

“A peak master who never accepts disciples, an outer sect disciple that the sect wants, Hehe…”

At this moment, a burst of aura erupted from Qian Yi’s body, and a terrifying aura was released in an instant, immediately interrupting the peak master’s words.

Seeing this woman’s attitude, the peak master also wanted to say something, but he hesitated and didn’t continue.

Qian Yi looked over with an ice-cold gaze. “I’ll say it one more time. No one else needs to get their hands on My Bixiao Peak!”

In the next instant, the aura turned into nothingness and dissipated.

Everyone present seemed to heave a sigh of relief.

This Woman’s aura was too terrifying!

After the aura dissipated, Qian Yi regained her calm once again. Her gaze towards Lin an also became a little meaningful. “Tell me what you want.”

Lin an smiled and said, “I want to become your personal disciple. I want to eat and live with you and be taught by you personally. I have the right to mobilize all the resources of Bixiao Peak!”

Because of the success rate given by the system, the probability of Qian Yi accepting him as her personal disciple was 100% !

Lin An had nothing to fear at this moment!


As soon as these words were said, the entire place fell silent.

The air seemed to have frozen, and time seemed to have stopped at this moment!

What was going on with this lin an?

This was completely an expression of ignorance!

For a person with Lin An’s aptitude to come to a place like this, a part-time disciple was already not bad, but an inner sect disciple was already considered to have reached the heavens!

And now, he, Lin An, actually said that he wanted to become bi Xiao Peak’s Qian Yi’s personal disciple!

What was a personal disciple?

In order for a disciple to grow as quickly as possible, as the teacher of a personal disciple, he had to put in all his effort to nurture him. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that he wanted to eat and live together under the same roof.

It was one thing to eat and live together, but Lin an actually wanted to mobilize all the cultivation resources of Bi Xiao Peak.

Who did he think he was! ! !

He was just an outer sect disciple who was about to be expelled from the sect!

To put it bluntly, Lin an was a piece of trash that the sect did not recognize!

“How dare you! ! !”

At this time, the peak master of Crimson Sky Peak was so angry that he was about to explode. Even his beard was about to blow up. He did not stop and started to complain loudly. His voice was like thunder as it rang out on the scene.

“A master who has never accepted a disciple! An outer sect disciple who has never accepted a master! What kind of place does he think our nine clouds peak is! ! !”

After the peak master of Crimson Sky Peak finished speaking, his expression instantly became ugly.

The Lin an in front of him was just a trash that no one wanted!

He still wants to negotiate conditions in my nine clouds sect?

Even if a peerless genius came to the nine clouds sect, he still had to know the rules!

At this moment, a sharp sword qi was emitted from Qian Yi’s body. The peak master who was thinking of speaking rushed over.

The peak master of Crimson Sky Peak reacted and immediately clenched his fists. He crossed his hands in front of his chest and immediately began to defend himself.

Even so, under the powerful sword Qi, the peak master of Crimson Sky Peak was still forced back more than ten steps before he finally stopped.

The peak master of Crimson Sky Peak said angrily, “You… !”

Just when everyone thought that the peak master of Crimson Sky Peak was fine and was about to fly into a rage…

Suddenly, a trace of blood flowed out from the corner of the peak master’s mouth!

The words that he was about to say were forcefully cut off

Qian Yi picked up the wine gourd by her waist and gulped down a mouthful of strong wine. Looking at all the peak masters present, her gaze also became cold.

This cold gaze made one have no choice but to believe that this bi Xiao Peak master, Qian Yi, was serious!

The peak master of Crimson Sky Peak did not dare to speak anymore.

This woman’s actions were too overbearing and completely unreasonable. In addition, her strength was bottomless. Even the sect master of nine clouds sect could not do anything to her!


The peak master of Crimson Sky Peak wiped the blood from the corner of her mouth and snorted coldly before saying nothing more.

Seeing this scene.

The other peak masters who wanted to stop him also stopped in their tracks and immediately admitted defeat.

Meanwhile, the disciples on the scene were filled with fear and didn’t even dare to breathe loudly!

This Peak Master of Green Sky Peak was actually able to injure the other peak master and even make him swallow his anger.

Just what kind of strength did he have?

Without paying attention to the others, Qian Yi took a few steps forward and arrived in front of Lin An.

At this moment, the two of them were at most one step away!

Qian Yi did not restrain her cold killing intent. She leaned her head slightly closer to Lin An, and even her smile became strange.

“Do you think I will accept you as my personal disciple?”

Seeing that this peerlessly beautiful face was so close to him that even her breathing could be heard, and a wave of fragrance passed by, Lin an felt a wave of intoxication in his heart.

This woman was naturally charming!

Even her aura could make people lose their minds.

Lin an calmed himself down and returned to his senses. He shrugged his shoulders indifferently.

“You will!”


Qian Yi used her jade finger to scratch Lin an’s high nose.

A gentle voice was heard.

“Little guy, I like you very much. I agree to all the conditions you mentioned!”

Lin An didn’t argue and immediately expressed his gratitude.

“Yes! Your Disciple’s name is Lin An. Thank you, master, for helping me!”

The scene that appeared now.

Exceeded everyone’s understanding.

One was the peak master of Bixiao Peak who guarded the thousand-year-old divine peak alone, while the other was an outer sect disciple who was about to be expelled from the sect.

Now, the two of them actually became master and disciple!

Moreover, the peak master of Bixiao Peak didn’t hesitate at all about all of Lin An’s conditions.

Lin an became Qian Yi’s only personal disciple!

This result was something that no one present had expected. It was completely beyond their understanding!

There was no reason.

It was established just like that!

“Qian Yi, you’re looking down on the sect! You’re messing around! ! ! !”

At this moment, the peak master of Zixiao Peak couldn’t take it anymore and immediately started to question and scold loudly!

“Right, that’s right. Even if you want to take in disciples, you have to get the approval of the sect!”

“I absolutely won’t allow Lin an to exist in the nine clouds sect!”

The few peak masters at the scene gathered together and their arrogance instantly soared. They even seemed to be on the verge of becoming more and more aggressive.

Meanwhile, the peak master of Red Clouds Peak had already secretly hidden to one side.

Qian Yi had just released that sword Qi. Even though she had used all her strength to defend, she was still forced back more than ten meters. She was completely aware of her own body’s condition. Although she wouldn’t be seriously injured, a casual sword qi could injure her. What kind of method was this!

This woman was definitely not someone she could afford to provoke.

She was quick-witted and quickly moved away from this troublesome place.

As expected.

In just an instant.

An even more powerful sword qi was slashed out by Qian Yi with a wave of her hand.

It was even sharper than the previous sword Qi!

It was even more overbearing than the previous sword qi!

At this moment, cold sweat dripped down the foreheads of the peak masters who were speaking.

A wave of death aura came over, and everyone felt their hearts turn cold.

This woman really wanted to kill someone!

It was also at this moment.

Suddenly, another aura came out from the main peak. The two auras collided between Qian Yi and the group of peak masters and instantly exploded.

In just an instant, huge waves were stirred up on the scene!

Immediately after.

A voice came from afar, “Qian Yi! Enough!”

After hearing this voice, Qian Yi revealed a disdainful look and snorted lightly, “This old fart is really meddling in other people’s business!”

Qian Yi’s complaints were clearly heard by Lin an beside her. This made him unable to help but take care of this overbearing little woman.

After muttering.

Qian Yi didn’t hesitate anymore.

She grabbed Lin an’s hand and the two of them flew away.

Only the stunned crowd was left behind.

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