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Novel Name : Immortal Hero: I Can See the Success Rate

Chapter 7

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Chapter 7: Reproducing the Success Rate. Am I supposed to hit on my master?

Translator: Simple MTL Editor: Simple MTL

There was no time to waste.

The elders began to get busy. They began to stand in different positions.

They waited for the disciples to start reporting their names, ages, cultivation bases, and cultivation techniques.

The inner sect recruitment ceremony was like an auction.

The general procedure was that after the outer sect disciples reported their information, they would then explain what their intentions were.

And if the disciples’intentions were the same as the inner sect’s intentions…

They could instantly decide which inner sect forces their disciples would join!

And if there were some unusual circumstances, such as meeting a genius student, the various main peaks would also offer superior conditions, using all sorts of methods to attract the disciples to change their minds.

At this moment, a man walked up to the elders and reported his information.

“Li Mubai! 17 years old!

Dragon subduing inferno palm, human rank high-grade cultivation technique!

Early Foundation Establishment Stage!

His first wish is to join the inner sect of golden firmament peak!”

After saying this, Li Mubai glanced at Xiao Muran and nodded.

As Xiao Muran’s lackey, he naturally sought his boss’opinion. Xiao Muran had already mentioned this matter to the elders of golden firmament peak, so it was natural for Li Mubai to join golden firmament peak.

Li Mubai’s talent was moderate, so the other god peaks weren’t interested in him.

As for the foundation establishment technique, it was also a fire-type technique. Without anyone fighting for it, as long as the elders nodded, he could successfully join the inner sect.

Soon, after Li Mubai accepted the ability test, he successfully joined Golden Firmament Peak.

At this time.

Xiao Muran proudly walked out of the crowd with a smile on his face.

“Xiao Muran! 17 years old!

Netherworld thousand hands, earth rank mid-grade cultivation technique!

Mid-stage Foundation establishment!

The first wish to join Golden Firmament Peak’s inner sect!”

Hearing this, the disciples below the stage sucked in a breath of cold air.

Earth rank mid-grade cultivation technique! mid-stage Foundation establishment!

Both of these two items were unreachable to these people!

If Xiao Muran was a disciple who had entered the sect for three years, then this wouldn’t be surprising at all. However, he had only entered the sect for one year!

“The second son is extremely talented!”

“Our golden firmament peak will definitely take this disciple!”

The inner sect master and elder of Golden Firmament Peak commented. After saying that, the inner sect master glanced at Dugu Xin.

It could be said that it was meaningful.

Because golden firmament peak was the sect master’s disciple, and the inner sect master had made it so obvious.

Because of this, the other peak masters also understood the ways of the world and did not come out to compete.

Seeing that Xiao Muran had successfully joined the strongest Golden Cloud Peak.

The group of female disciples below the stage looked at Xiao Muran affectionately, their eyes filled with admiration.

If Xiao Muran was willing, these women would all be his!

The inner sect assessment continued.

Every time a disciple with good results appeared, there would be gasps of surprise.

There wasn’t much to talk about.

Lin An’s eyes swept past the elders one by one.

A string of characters also appeared in his eyes.

[ the success rate of the host becoming an inner disciple of the Crimson Nimbus Peak’s managing elder is 17% ! ]

[ the success rate of the host becoming an inner disciple of the clear Nimbus Peak’s managing elder is 21% ! ]

[ the success rate of the host becoming an inner disciple of the Purple Nimbus Peak’s managing elder is 13% ! ]

Seeing this scene, Lin An’s heart rippled.

These factions were completely people from some factions, people who were trying to curry favor.

Their taste was indeed not that good!

And his face was expressionless. If he didn’t have an inner disciple of the main peak to join, even if he had to humbly beg to join one of the inner disciples.

If he encountered such a situation, Lin an would choose to turn around and leave.

If he didn’t stay here, he would have his own place to stay!

He had the system, an existence that transcended everything, so why would he care about a force like the Nine Heavens Sect?

It was just that he had just entered the immortal sect, so he was weak!

Time passed.

Each and every outer sect disciple had already found a corresponding force of the main peak.

On the high platform, the atmosphere of the inner sect assessment was also high.

Unknowingly, Lin an was the only outer sect disciple standing on the platform.

He was alone.

He was unusually eye-catching.

The disciples below the platform surrounded Xiao Muran and were all looking at Lin an on the platform, waiting for him to make a fool of himself.

Lin an clenched his fists. He no longer had any good feelings towards these forces.

To him, rather than lowering his head under someone else’s roof, it was better to walk out on his own.

Just as Lin an was thinking, the elder’s words interrupted him.

The elder in charge of the outer sect paused for a moment and said loudly to Lin an, “State your name, age, cultivation level, and cultivation method!”

“Lin an, 18 years old!

Cultivation method, no beginning scripture, Middle Stage of foundation establishment!

Intention, doesn’t matter.”

Hearing Lin an’s reply, the crowd was first shocked!

Then, the audience burst into laughter.

Actually, the reason was very simple.

Lin an had actually succeeded in building his foundation with the [ no beginning scripture ] . This was the most surprising thing.

However, Lin An’s intention to join the inner sect next made people feel a little stunned.

Lin an actually said that joining any main peak was so-so?

For an outer sect disciple to be able to join the inner sect was already not bad.

It was okay?

Everyone instantly felt that this was very ridiculous!

Therefore, this made people immediately change their attitudes without thinking and directly began to question Lin an!

“What did I hear? This senior brother really doesn’t know how to Lie!”

“Maybe! Since he’s going to be expelled from the sect today, why not do something outrageous to give everyone an impression! hahaha!”

“That’s right, the scripture of no beginning is not suitable for cultivation at all. Foundation establishment? Lin an must be crazy!”

The inner sect elders on the stage were all staring with their eyes wide open.

It could be said that such a disciple had not appeared in a hundred years.

He actually said that he had successfully used the scripture of no beginning in front of so many elders and had even reached the middle stage of foundation establishment!

What was the scripture of no beginning? Not to mention the cultivators present, even the children on the streets in the city would know about it!

This cultivation technique was too famous, but it was definitely derogatory!

No one recognized the value of the scripture of no beginning!

Moreover, he even said that it didn’t matter to the inner sect that he was about to join!

Such a despicable disciple made all the elders begin to despise him. One by one, angry voices rang out on the field.

“You’ve cultivated the Scripture of no beginning? And you’ve even succeeded in building your foundation, this is simply a fantasy! ! !”

“How dare you rebel! You’re simply disrespecting your elders by saying such words! !”

“Lin An, right? I feel that this arrogant attitude of yours is no longer suitable for cultivation!”

All the elders on the stage started to scold loudly.

The crowd below the stage instantly fell silent. Everyone knew that Lin an would soon be expelled from the sect!

Such a situation!

Even if a God came, it would be difficult to save him!

Lin an smiled indifferently and jumped off the high platform.

It seemed that today was the day he would leave the Jiuxiao sect!

Because a string of characters had already appeared in his eyes.

[ host’s success rate of becoming an inner disciple of the Crimson Sky Peak’s managing elder is 0% ! ]

[ host’s success rate of becoming an inner disciple of the Azure Nimbus Peak’s managing elder is 0% ! ]

[ host’s success rate of becoming an inner disciple of the Purple Nimbus Peak’s managing elder is 0% ! ]

In an instant.

A total of eight messages flashed past his eyes!

All the success rates of joining the inner sect instantly dropped to zero!

“The nine Nimbus sect is only so-so. I merely said a single sentence of the truth!”

No one could successfully cultivate the incipient sutra, but Lin an was different from the others.

Lin An had always believed in his heart that as long as he handled it properly, with the help of the system’s success rate, it was not impossible to obtain a 100% success rate!

This was the Jiuxiao sect?

It was fine if he didn’t stay in such a sect!

Just as he was about to leave, the aroma of wine filled the entire place.

In the next moment.

A stunning woman with waist-length hair and a perfect body was standing in front of Lin an barefoot. She was dressed neatly in silk and a wine gourd hung on her waist.

All the filth on the ground couldn’t even get close to this woman.

It was the peak master of Bixiao Peak, Qian Yi!

It was also at this moment.

Lin An’s eyes couldn’t leave this beautiful woman in front of him anymore.

It wasn’t because of the woman’s appearance, but because at this moment, a string of success rate characters appeared in front of Lin An’s eyes!

[ host’s success rate of becoming a personal disciple of Bi Xiao Peak’s Qian Yi is 100% ! ]

[ host’s success rate of becoming a grade seven alchemist under Qian Yi’s guidance is 100% ! Success rate of becoming a grade eight alchemist is 94% ! Success rate of becoming a Supreme Grade Alchemist is 87% ! ]

[ the success rate of becoming a tier 7 array master under Qian Yi’s tutelage is 100% ! The success rate of becoming a Tier 8 array master is 86% ! The success rate of becoming a pinnacle array master is 76% ! ]

[ the success rate of becoming a tier 7 armament master under Qian Yi’s tutelage is 100% ! The success rate of becoming a Tier 8 armament master is 88% ! The success rate of becoming a pinnacle armament master is 84% ! ]

[ the host’s success rate of obtaining all the resources of Green Cloud Peak is 100% ! ]

[ the host’s success rate of becoming dao companions with Qian Yi is 80% ! ]

Lin An was completely stunned when he saw this!

Who exactly was this woman called Qian Yi? ! ! !

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