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Novel Name : Immortal Hero: I Can See the Success Rate

Chapter 1

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Chapter 1: Cangyun Continent, Success Rate System


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Chaotic Cloud World, Cangyun Continent.

Here, the martial way reached the peak and turned immortals into emperors.

It opened up the Dantian to absorb the spiritual energy of heaven and earth, merging it with the treasure trove of the physical body. If an immortal being broke through the void, they would get the title of Emperor Immortal.

The Cangyun Continent was divided into nine levels. These were, the foundation establishment level, the aurous core level, the nascent soul level, the soul formation level, the void refining level, the form synthesis level, the tribulation transcending level, and the Mahayana level. Each level was further divided into the initial phase, the middle phase, and the late phase. Every phase would have a qualitative change, especially the late stage.

After completing the Mahayana level, an immortal being would become an Emperor Immortal.

With the newly gained powers, they could change the color of the sky and the earth.

However, the Emperor Immortal realm only existed on the Cangyun Continent. This continent had not been discovered for close to ten thousand years.

It was a vast realm that was divided into five major regions: The Eastern Region, The Western Region, The Southern Region, The Northern Region, and The Central Region.

Each region seemed to have no end and was incomparably far away.

The Jiuxiao Sect was located in the southern mountain range of The Eastern Region.

The southern mountain range had sharp peaks that shot straight into the clouds, while countless waterfalls flowed through the mountains like a silver dragon meandering through a fairyland.

Within the mountains was the residence of the outer Jiuxiao Sect disciples.

In a simple room, a white-robed man was lying on a bed. His eyes were tightly shut, and he seemed to be in a deep sleep.

Suddenly, a child pushed open the door and popped his head into the room.

“Senior Lin An, the inner sect disciple assessment ceremony is about to begin. Master has asked me to pass on a message to you. Please go over and accept the assessment immediately!”

The child just stood at the door and shouted loudly. He didn’t care if the person lying on the bed heard him or not. After that, he slammed the door and left.

Lin An rubbed his sleepy eyes and sat up in surprise. He looked around at the unfamiliar environment and mumbled, “What’s going on? Where is this place? What inner sect disciple test?”

While in his confused state, Lin An felt a sharp pain in his head, and he had an epiphany.

“I woke up, and I actually transmigrated to an Oriental Xianxia World!”

He was originally just an ordinary young man living in the 21st century. However, after he got drunk at a porn bar in New York, his eyes went black, and he transmigrated to this world.

He was now Lin An, an outer sect disciple of the Jiuxiao Sect.

And he was about to face the assessment of the inner disciples of the sect!

This assessment was very important. In a world where the strong ruled, only through continuous cultivation and promotion could he survive in this dangerous world. Otherwise, he would be eliminated!

Lin An had already failed his first two assessments. If he failed this assessment, he would be expelled from the Jiuxiao Sect.

An outer sect disciple with no future would naturally not attract the attention of any other sect, and he would have to give up on the path of cultivation.

The fact that Lin An’s talent was ordinary was not a secret in the Jiuxiao Sect. Everyone in the sect knew that he was just going through the motions.

All the other outer sect disciples had gathered together for the assessment, apart from Lin An. That was why an elder had sent the child over to ask Lin An to rush to the test site.

However, even an outer sect errand boy was unwilling to look Lin An in the eye.

In a world where strength was respected, every member of the outer sect detested the slightest sign of weakness.

Lin An stood up and carefully examined his body as he put on his clothes.

His body’s natural spirit veins were blocked, and he looked unathletic. It was no wonder that after three years in the sect; he was still a basic outer sect disciple.

The strongest disciples who had joined the sect alongside Lin An had already become the personal disciples to the sect master.

However, since he had come to this world, Lin An was determined to face it.

Even if he couldn’t be a powerful person, he still had to live his life in style in order to survive.

Lin An casually twisted his neck and walked towards the door. However, when he held the doorknob, a crisp voice rang in his head.

[Congratulations, host for successfully activating the Success Rate System. You will now have access to the final success rate of every task before you complete it.]

Abruptly, a string of characters flashed before Lin An’s eyes. As he stared at the wooden door in front of him, the strange voice in his head continued, [Wooden door, made of gold-threaded Nanmu. It is 4,500 years old and has the effect of repelling insects. Your success rate of opening the wooden door is 100%!]

Lin An took a few steps back in shock before turning around and looking at a chair beside the table.

However, no information appeared in his eyes. He walked slowly towards the chair and hesitated. Suddenly, another string of characters appeared in his eyes.

[Chair, made of red acid wood. The tree is 430 years old and has no effect. Your success rate of sitting down is 100%!]

Lin An finally understood. The system was giving him the success rate to every task before he attempted it.

After he thought it through, the crisp sound in his head rang out again.

[Ding! Congratulations for grasping the system’s usage method. You are rewarded with a novice treasure chest. Do you wish to receive it?]

Lin An immediately became excited. He could now see the success rate to anything he intended to do. No matter what he did in the future, he would have a success rate to refer to.

He could choose to take on the task based on the system’s success rate!

This was equivalent to the system giving him the right path!

After thinking it through, Lin An chose to receive the novice gift bag.

[Congratulations, you have received a Silver Treasure Chest!]

[Do you wish to open the Silver Treasure Chest?]

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