Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 1258

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Reaching Ascension Peak

Neil gazed at the live footage in front of him with a slight headache.

He performed a hand seal and channeled streams of spiritual energy into the massive arcane array
beneath his feet.

Subsequently, dazzling columns of light rose in the colossal arena.

Those light pillars were used to isolate certain areas of the arena.

The formation of tens of such light pillars sealed off close to half of the arena, completely trapping all
those hidden-wing insects within them.

Neil was concerned that he might miss out on some of the insects, so the area he sealed off was
significantly more extensive than the parts where the hidden-wing insects were found.

As a result, many cultivators were also trapped within the columns of light.

Those cultivators bumped into the invisible barrier and started pounding at them madly, desperate to

However, there was no way the formation in the arena could be broken so easily by those cultivators.

The hidden-wing insects rushed over in a black swarm, resulting in the deaths of many people.

Those corpses would then serve as new breeding grounds, hatching more hidden-wing insects, adding
more numbers to the colony.

The hidden-wing insects landed on the invisible barriers and incredulously started gnawing at them.

Neil couldn’t help but sigh, staring at the countless small hidden-wing insects on the screens.

"Fortunately, these things can’t escape Mount Boisvista.

Otherwise, not to mention the one hundred and eight villages, even Yannopolis will be wiped out by
these insects."

He performed different hand seals and stomped forcefully on the formation beneath his feet.

Spiritual energy circulated within the formation before spiraling down into one corner.

Within the area, towering flames erupted in those areas sealed off by the barriers.

Jonathan turned to gaze behind him.

The group of hidden-wing insects pursuing them was the largest and covered the greatest expanse.

Hence, the isolation arcane array formed in the arena encompassed three small hills behind them.

Over a hundred cultivators trapped within the barriers were also sacrificed in the process.

The billowing blaze burned from the foot of the mountain all the way to the transparent formation dome
atop the arena, turning everything within the isolation formation into ashes.

They could still feel the scorching temperature even as they stood several hundred meters away.


Hayden breathed a long sigh of relief.

"All those insects and people chasing after us are dead now.

We can finally take a break."

"Like h*ll we can!"

Stellario snorted at Hayden.

"Look behind us.

There are still dozens of people in pursuit.

If you slow down even a little, those people will catch up and kill you."

Stellario and Hayden had no direct connection between them, but due to their special statuses,
Stellario would help the Osborne family get rid of Hayden if they were to run into each other in the
outside world.

That was the rule agreed upon among the eight respectable families.

Once any member of their affiliated families turned against them, they would be hunted down by all
eight respectable families.

Only such a united threat could deter those subsidiary families, rendering them obedient like trained

In fact, the eight respectable families did regard their subsidiary families as mere lowly beings.

Even though Jonathan was the only God Realm cultivator in Asura’s Office previously, and the eight
respectable families could’ve effortlessly wiped out Asura’s Office, both parties never crossed paths.

Moreover, Asura’s Office possessed weapons that posed a direct threat to the eight respectable

Another factor the eight respectable families didn’t try to harm Asura’s Office was because of
Jonathan’s charisma.

Putting aside their differences, Jonathan’s capability to manage Asura’s Office brilliantly within three
years, turning it into a significant military power with influence encompassing the entire nation alone,
deserved the eight respectable families’ respect.

Hence, during their confrontation, representatives from the eight respectable families had always
regarded Jonathan, Wilbur, Joshua, and even Karl, who managed only the Eastern Army, as equals.

As for cultivators like Hayden, regardless of how advanced his cultivation level was, as long as he
didn’t break through to Divine Realm, he would always remain a lowly being.

To Stellario, conversing with such a person as peers could even be considered an insult.

Naturally, Hayden fathomed Stellario’s thoughts.

He loaded his sniper rifle and sneered.

"Stellario, the Zink family has now joined Asura’s Office.

If you wish to target us, you’ll have to seek Mr.

Goldstein’s permission first."

Stellario turned to look at Jonathan.

At that moment, Jonathan also shifted his gaze onto Stellario.

The two remained silent, but both realized the war between Asura’s Office and the eight respectable
families was inevitable.

Once everyone left the small world, between Asura’s Office and the eight respectable families, only one
side could continue to exist.

"Mr.Goldstein, grab onto me!"

Hayden uttered as he leaped into the air.

Jonathan wrapped his magical rope around Hayden’s waist and sped forward like he was flying a kite.

In mid-air, Hayden aimed his rifle and pulled the trigger.

The forceful recoil from the shot sent him flying sideways.

Behind them, a cultivator’s chest exploded, and another was crippled.

After eliminating two cultivators with one bullet, Hayden landed and counted the casualties before
nodding smugly at Stellario.


Stellario pointed ahead of them.

"If I were you, I’d focus on the targets in front of us."

In front? Hayden turned to look ahead.

The four of them had sprinted all the way to the foot of Ascension Peak.

At first glance, Ascension Peak measured only about a few hundred meters tall.

However, dozens of figures gathered at the foot of the mountain.

They were the cultivators who had arrived early and were waiting below the mountain.

A spear was stuck to the ground before the group of cultivators, and the head of a blonde man with
blue eyes was skewered at its tip.

That man was one of the eight foreigners.

Those native cultivators had obviously formed some kind of alliance.

However, the heads of only a few people were definitely not sufficient to be divided among them.

How they would decide on the quotas would be a matter to be discussed later, but at that moment,
those indigenous cultivators had joined forces.

"The rules mention that as long as one reaches the top of Ascension Peak, they’ll earn the right to live,

Stellario uttered through gritted teeth as he leaped up.

Then, he performed a sequence of hand seals and spat out several black arrows at the people in front
of him.

Ding! Ding! Ding! Those native cultivators effortlessly deflected those black arrows.


Stellario shouted at Jonathan.

"I’m coming!"

Jonathan’s countenance blurred.

A green light shone as Seboxia’s face seemed to overlap with Jonathan’s.

As he took a step forward, ripples of emerald green life force spread outward, turning into fine threads
that wrapped around the scattered black arrows.


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