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Chapter 1259

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The Legendary Man -The black arrows, ensnared by the verdant life force, quickly
disintegrate like sand.

Subsequently, the remnants of those arrows started to flow on the ground like water.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

A soft rustling sound rang out. The native cultivators looked down at the black dust on the floor, which
was growing rapidly. In the blink of an eye, the dust transformed into numerous creatures over half a
human’s height, resembling enormous cockroaches.


Those giant beetles fluttered their wings and charged madly at those native cultivators, spewing
disgustingly foul-smelling slime from their mouths. The unexpected disruption threw the indigenous
cultivators into disarray.

“Now’s our chance!”

Stellario took the lead. Under his control, those beetles pulled away from the chaotic scene, flapping
their wings and twisting their bodies clumsily as they rearranged themselves to serve as the quattro’s
stepping stones.

As God Realm cultivators, they could easily travel by stepping on even branches or leaves, let alone
those sturdy beetles.

As their figures dashed past atop the native cultivators, Jonathan took out a few grenades from his
storage ring and hurled them downward.

Explosions sounded in their wake, followed by a chorus of angry curses.

“Hurry up! Those beetles won’t be able to kill God Realm cultivators. They can, at most, buy us some
time by creating disturbances. If we let them catch up to us, we’ll be truly done for.”

The top of the mountain measured several hundred meters high, but the actual climbing distance was
significantly longer.

Moreover, those in pursuit were also moving at high speed.

The natives’ physical prowess was extraordinary, to begin with. At that moment, they had rested
sufficiently while waiting for Jonathan and his party’s arrival. Hence, those indigenous cultivators swiftly
closed the gap to within twenty to thirty meters behind the quattro.

Jonathan gazed at the steep mountainside ahead, figuring they would undoubtedly have to slow down
upon reaching the unfavorable terrain.

By then, those native cultivators, who were already close, would catch up with them.

“You three go on. I’ll cover you!” Jonathan said while thrusting a stream of spiritual energy from both
hands, propelling the trio upward to the mountaintop.

“Mr. Goldstein!” Hayden exclaimed with his eyes widened.

Meanwhile, Merilyn silently grabbed Hayden’s and Stellario’s shoulders and exerted force to push the
duo up. “I’ll go relieve him!”

Brandishing her spear, Merilyn launched herself upward from the mountain wall past two knife-wielding
opponents. Kill!

Her spear glinted as she stabbed downward.

At the same time, Jonathan cast a large spiritual net at the crowd below.

“Merilyn, hold them off for a few moments for me!” Jonathan landed on the steep slope, his feet digging
deep into the hard rock.

Without uttering a word, Merilyn used her spear to impale all the cultivators trapped in Jonathan’s net.
She then transfixed her spear into the mountainside and yanked hard on the handle, using her spear
as a slingshot to stop her descent entirely.

Her body turned into a blur as she traversed another twenty meters or so and landed in front of

The mountainside was incredibly steep, almost at a right angle.

Therefore, the two would have to dig their feet into the stone to remain upright.

From their point of view, their pursuers appeared as if they were sprawled on the ground.

A few blade-wielding opponents attacked. Merilyn parried their weapons, not letting a single blow reach

Meanwhile, Jonathan was continuously gathering and channeling spiritual energy into the mountainside
below his feet.

His Elemental Extrication Technique was suppressed by the formation in the arena.

However, even if Jonathan couldn’t burrow into the ground, he could still use Elemental Extrication
Technique to accomplish other techniques.

The only difference was that the consumption of spiritual energy was several times, even ten times,
higher than usual.

At that instant, Jonathan was experiencing precisely that as waves of spiritual energy continuously
flowed from his feet into the stone wall.

All around the duo, the stone wall, which seemed to have existed for thousands of years, was
beginning to rumble and crack.

“Jonathan!” Merilyn called out after deflecting two more attacks. “No matter what technique you’re
using, you must hurry. I can’t hold off so many people.”

Behind them, the cultivators Jonathan had trapped with his spiritual net were only a small fraction of the

After all, the party of four traveled at breakneck speed, especially Stellario, whose pace was no slower
than that of a green wolf.

That speed was considered exceptional even in the small world, as not everyone could keep up with
him like Merilyn.

After Jonathan and Merilyn had taken down the first group of pursuers, which consisted of only a few
cultivators, the large crowd behind finally caught up.

This time, she had to fend off at least thirty cultivators, a feat undoubtedly beyond her capabilities.

Just as those people charged at her, Merilyn felt a large hand grab her shoulder and hurl her upward.

Crack! Crack!


With a loud crackle, the entire broad cliff face exploded. That wasn’t all because Jonathan selected a
unique location.

The cliff face was right below one of Ascension Peak’s small hilltops.

The cliff Jonathan chose was like the cornerstone of the small hill. Now that the cornerstone was
removed, the hill started shaking precariously.

Taking in that scene, those native cultivators fled in all directions, fearing those falling boulders would
crash into them. Even Jonathan looked horrified at that moment. If this thing collapses, I’m afraid even
Seboxia’s coffin will be shattered, not to mention me. After all, that’s an entire hill. Judging by the
extensiveness of the impact, I won’t be able to escape the range in time with my speed.


Rumbles echoed incessantly in the arena.

Half of Ascension Peak became obscured in the dust lingering in the air due to the hill giving way.

Colors drained from Neil’s countenance as he looked at those people at the stands below who stood up
to see what was happening in the arena.

“Who are these people? Did they come here to demolish the arena?”

Neil activated the arcane array again in resignation. However, because of how dense the dust was,
even he couldn’t locate Jonathan’s whereabouts. “These people aren’t reliable…”

Meanwhile, at Ascension Peak, Merilyn barely managed to escape the collapsing cliff and reach a safe

Stellario and Hayden anxiously approached Merilyn.

However, she merely sighed and shook her head. “He didn’t make it out. His chances of survival are

Hayden uttered coldly, “That’s impossible. Mr. Goldstein is adept in Elemental Extrication Technique—”

“His Elemental Extrication Technique is ineffective in this arena,” Stellario interjected.

Merilyn stared at the two people before her at a loss. “What should we do now?”

Stellario said, “We ascent to the top.”

Hayden spoke at the same time. “We’re going to rescue Mr. Goldstein!”

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