Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 1257

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After saying his piece, Stellario darted forward.

Due to his unexpected interruption, the chaotic fight surrounding Jonathan and the others inexplicably
came to a standstill.

Despite identifying Stellario as one of the bounties that were worth three coveted envoy positions, no
one attempted to stop him.

The reason being the man appeared completely detached from the ongoing battle, showing no interest
or involvement in the fight.

In other words, he was actually making his escape in an unnaturally smooth and effortless way.

After all, it was highly unusual for someone to voluntarily rush into this encirclement.

However, not only did Stellario charge in on his own, but he also chuckled and uttered a few words
before running out again.

What was even more puzzling was the last sentence that he said, implying that staying put would mean
facing certain death.

The crowd wondered what could push a guy to charge into a circle of over a hundred people.

What could possibly be chasing after him that is even more terrifying than the present company?
Perched atop the mountain, a curious onlooker looked toward the direction in which Stellario was
sprinting from.

All they could see were several figures swiftly approaching from the mountaintop.

It was evident that before his arrival, Stellario was being pursued by several God Realm cultivators.

However, the difference between a few individuals and a group of over a hundred people was glaringly
obvious to anyone with even a modicum of intelligence.

As such, it didn’t make sense for Stellario to flee from the few cultivators chasing him from behind when
he showed no fear in the face of the current situation.

Among the crowd, it was Jonathan and Merilyn who were the quickest to react.

After all, they had personally witnessed the terror unleashed by those bugs on Mount Boisvista

The moment Stellario darted away, the two swiftly turned on their heels and fled without hesitation.

Even Seboxia instinctively retreated into Jonathan’s body, choosing not to get involved in the
impending battle, for he knew that his presence was no longer necessary.

What Jonathan and his two companions needed to do at that moment was focus on finding a way to

Meanwhile, Hayden, still oblivious to what was happening, found himself being hauled forward by

He stumbled through the forest, his face stinging from the tree branches lashing at his face, causing
him to yelp in pain.

He cursed, "What the h*ll? Mr.

Goldstein, do put me down first.

What is happening? What could possibly frighten you all like this?"


Jonathan responded, using his spiritual energy to guide Hayden and help him regain his footing.

He then used strands of spiritual energy to pull the latter along as they continued their mad dash

The local cultivators around them stood frozen in disbelief, unable to comprehend the reactions of
Jonathan and his companions.

All four of them are running away in such synchronized movements that it seems as though they’re
being pursued by some demonic entity hell-bent on claiming their lives.

Although the crowd was baffled by their actions, they were determined not to let the group slip away so

After all, the combined bounty on their heads could secure ten envoy positions.

With such a golden opportunity right in front of them, they couldn’t just stand by and watch them

Thanks to Seboxia’s spell, Jonathan and his companions effortlessly evaded the oncoming assault of
blades and projectiles.

Meanwhile, ahead of them, Stellario could be heard cursing vehemently.

"F*ck you all! Are you people out of your minds? Why are you still chasing after me? If we don’t make a
run for it, we’ll be goners!"

Shielded by Seboxia’s spell, Jonathan and his companions easily brushed off the attacks around them
as they swiftly closed in on Stellario.

"Come on! Let’s go!"

As he spoke, Jonathan hurled a magical item that tightly coiled around Stellario’s waist.

With a firm tug, he swiftly pulled the man toward him.

"You’re as reliable as always, Jon!"

Stellario exclaimed, his eyes fixed on the shimmering green specks of life force surrounding Jonathan.

A wave of relief washed over him, for he knew that the Divine Realm deity residing within Jonathan had
come to their aid.

The four of them broke through the blockade of local cultivators and swiftly made their way toward
Ascension Peak.

As for those cultivators who had surrounded Jonathan and the others earlier, they were now left
bewildered as they tried to keep up.

They couldn’t comprehend the motivation behind Jonathan and his group’s reckless sprint.

They didn’t even fight with such tenacity when they were on the brink of death, surrounded by over a
hundred assailants just moments ago.

What could have happened to these outsiders in such a short period for them to act like this? However,
their confusion was swiftly replaced by terror as agonizing cries emanated from behind them.

The local cultivators’ faces fell, their expressions a mix of fear and shock.

When the crowd looked back, they witnessed a dark mist-like entity descending from the ridge,
sweeping through the terrain with an ominous presence.

As the black mist swept over them, the affected cultivators began thrashing their arms frantically before
collapsing on the ground in a matter of seconds.

"It’s the hidden-wing insect!" a cultivator exclaimed in a terrified voice as he used his spiritual energy to
restrain one of the small black bugs.

Hidden-wing insect… Those three simple words were enough to send shivers down the spines of
everyone present.

For the local cultivators in the small world, their activities were restricted to a specific area.

Although the small world boasted vast lands, the regions beyond the border villages, such as the
Mountain Village, remained largely uncharted.

As for the seemingly expansive territories between the villages, they had long been thoroughly
explored and mapped by cultivators.

Mount Boisvista, where the hidden-wing insect resided, was one of the few forbidden areas in the
southern region of the small world where entry was strictly prohibited.

Despite their fearsome reputation, the hidden-wing insect has never ventured beyond the boundaries of
Mount Boisvista.

So how could they have made their way here? Moreover, judging by the current situation, it appears
that these insects have already multiplied and formed a sizable population.

Could it be that someone intentionally released them in the arena? But that’s ridiculous, isn’t it? Even
though the local cultivators found the whole thing hard to believe, the presence of these insects right
before their eyes left them with no choice but to accept the truth.

While it might be true that each cultivator could easily crush one or two of these small insects without
much effort, once they form a swarm, these hidden-wing insects would become an overwhelmingly
terrifying presence.

With their sheer numbers, they could devastate and annihilate any living creature with ease.

At that moment, all the cultivators had the same thought flashing through their minds.

We need to run! A flurry of figures dashed up from the hillside, their movements filled with a sense of
urgency as they raced toward the distance.

Meanwhile, the spectators in the arena stands were left utterly dumbfounded as they witnessed the
chaos unfolding below.

Being an arena with a history veiled in mystery, the people only knew that the place existed in ancient
tales and legends.

However, never before had anyone witnessed such astonishing events unfold within its hallowed

Without engaging in any battles or fights, over two hundred God Realm cultivators seemed to have
gone mad, running frantically in all directions.

Is this an arena or a track meet? They’re supposed to fight, not run like madmen.

As the events unfolded, Neil, the influential ruler of Outer City, wore an unsettling and enigmatic
expression on his face as he watched from his seat in the highest section of the arena’s grandstand.

"These outsiders sure know how to stir up troubles! If this continues, the arena will be completely

In front of Neil, thousands of holographic screens were displaying scenes from different areas of the

Among these screens, dozens of them showed the presence of the hiddenwing insect.

As a result of losing their queen, the swarm of insects created by Stellario had already begun to divide
and multiply.

The ones chasing after the cultivators were merely the largest cluster of insects.

As for the remaining insects that had separated from the main force, they started to multiply rapidly,
spreading across the entire arena like a rampant tide.

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