Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 1256

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Two invisible ribbons made of spiritual energy spawned from Jonathan’s body. Then, they wrapped
themselves around Hayden’s and Merilyn’s body. Since Seboxia says he can protect me, he definitely
can. In that case, I can use my own body as a knife to cut through a path for the other two. Honestly,
after Seboxia destroyed my Pryncyp of Slaughter, I’ve been searching for a new one. It wasn’t until
much later that I understood Slaughter was the only Pryncyp suited for me. However, I’ve only been
cultivating my Pryncyp based on the one recorded in Ancient Sacred Dragon Technique. Thus, while
I’m capable of wielding Heavenly Pryncyp, I’m walking the path of another person’s Pryncyp. That was
why my Pryncyp was so easily destroyed by Seboxia. Now, I must reforge the Pryncyp of Slaughter so
I can wield it again. It won’t be as easy as rebuilding a collapsed structure. It requires more than just
time to be reconstructed. Honestly, I don’t know where to start when Pryncyp is untouchable and
invisible. Although, I did gain a glimpse of insight during the battle of River Onxy at Beshya. I’ve already
obtained the recognition of the Pryncyp of Slaughter. All I need to do now is to reclaim the right to wield
it. Infuriatingly, I can’t even take the first step. It’s like I’m locked outside the door. To embody slaughter,
one must bear no attachment and do whatever they please without restriction. Only then will I be able
to grasp the Pryncyp of Slaughter. The problem is that I have too many things and people I care about,
whether it be Josephine, Asura’s Office, or even a frenemy like Xavion. I can’t shed my bonds with
them. Although, once one has too many bonds tying them down, they’ll become overcautious. How can
they do whatever they want in that case?

As he closed his eyes, his thoughts continued, Ever since my Cor was shattered, I’ve been thinking
about that problem. Honestly, even if Seboxia didn’t appear, I doubt I’d be able to become a Divine
Realm cultivator. For a long time, my cultivation level has stagnated. I just can’t make any progress. At
first, I thought it was because I was lacking in spiritual energy or that the opportunity didn’t appear. I
should’ve realized earlier on that it’s because I’ve reached the end of someone else’s path. The path to
Pryncyp recorded in Ancient Sacred Dragon Technique isn’t something I can comprehend, as powerful

as it may be. Since I didn’t grasp it myself, how can I earn the recognition of Heavenly Pryncyp and
become a Divine Realm cultivator?

He turned to Merilyn and Hayden with a complicated look. F*ck it. If I can’t achieve my breakthrough,
then so it shall be. It’s not like I can abandon the most basic trust humans possess. If I do, then what’s
even the point of me becoming a Divine Realm cultivator?

“Let’s go!” Holding the Divine Chessboard, Jonathan rushed forward while using it as a shield.

The moment the trio moved, hundreds of cultivators from both sides of the valley charged toward them.

Hundreds of people were competing against each other for seven slots. It wasn’t hard to imagine how
chaotic the battlefield became.

Seboxia crushed a green-colored spiritual bead, turning its pieces into tiny green lights enveloping the

“Your indecisiveness will spell your doom one day, Jonathan.” Seboxia spoke in Jonathan’s
consciousness field.

If Seboxia only needed to protect Jonathan as they left, then they would most likely escape unscathed.

Unfortunately, Jonathan couldn’t abandon the other two and kept blocking attacks for them.

As such, Seboxia had no choice but to protect the whole group with his spell.

While it was doable, it drained his energy greatly.

“Once I can’t protect myself, I will abandon them, just not right now,” stated Jonathan as he glanced at

Because of the Ancient Sacred Dragon Technique, Seboxia could no longer control Jonathan.

At that moment, Jonathan was threatening Seboxia with his own life.

Therefore, Seboxia could do nothing but obey.

Slowly, Seboxia’s figure vanished from Jonathan’s consciousness field.

Unbeknownst to Jonathan, Seboxia was smiling eerily inside the coffin within the former’s elixir field.

Meanwhile, the countless blinking green lights were protecting the trio diligently.

Whenever the cultivators broke the trio’s defenses, the green light would instantly appear beside the
trio and drive the hostiles away.

With Seboxia’s aid, Jonathan’s group was able to fend off all the people surrounding them. In fact, they
successfully escaped the valley and bolted as far away from there as they could.

“Holy crap, Mr. Goldstein! This is insane!” exclaimed Hayden after he slayed a cultivator with his saber.

With Seboxia’s life force supporting the trio, they could ignore defense and focus on the offense.

Sadly, their opponents weren’t chumps. There was no way they would stand there and allow the trio to
eradicate them.

As the chase continued, the trio only killed a dozen cultivators, despite expending enormous energy.

On the mountaintop, they could survey their surrounding clearly. Countless cultivators were speeding
toward them from below.

Fear crept into Jonathan’s heart. With Seboxia around, I can handle dozens of people. I can even
survive a skirmish against a hundred people. However, there’s no way I can defeat hundreds or even
thousands of cultivators this powerful. It’s simply impossible.

“I’ll cover you both!” Merilyn uttered coldly after stabbing her spear through a cultivator.

“You and Stellario saved my life. Besides, I’m not a hunter, nor am I an outsider. I can’t murder the two
of you to obtain the right to pass through Ascension Peak and survive. In other words, I’m dead either
way, so I will use my life to protect you two.” As she shouted, she dashed beyond the range of
Seboxia’s spell with her spear.

“No!” Jonathan grabbed Merilyn’s arm. “It’s not the time yet. There’s still a chance for us all to live.”

Without delay, he plunged his spiritual sense into his storage ring. A gigantic missile about a dozen
meters tall was hidden in the deepest corner of the ring.

That was his last trump card. It was the ultimate weapon he had deposited in his storage ring after he
was slapped away by the Divine Realm cultivator in West Region.

Initially, he planned to use the weapon against a Divine Realm cultivator. Although, he didn’t mind
detonating it at that moment when it could wipe out hundreds of God Realm cultivators.

“Move aside! Let me through!” A familiar voice shouted in the distance.

The crowd turned to the origin of the voice and saw a figure zooming past them. Before they could
react, the figure arrived before Jonathan.

“Stellario?” Merilyn was delighted.

“Told you he’s not dead.” Jonathan grinned before his expression shifted slightly. “Did you… God d*mn
it, don’t tell me you caught the bug queen again.”

Stellario nodded excitedly and glimpsed behind him. “They move fast, so we should run now.
Otherwise, we’ll be dead!”

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