Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 1255

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Even though Merilyn felt somewhat uncomfortable due to the sudden teleportation, she still thrust her
spear forward.

Due to her momentary bewilderment, her initially powerful spear strike lost much power.

Newmont waved his long sword and manifested an icy spirit shield.

A crisp clashing sound was generated when their weapons came in contact with each other. It
contained unlimited murderous intent.

Even though Merilyn was ostracized since childhood, she had always been cultivating hard.

While she was mighty in her village, she wasn’t an invincible warrior.

On the other hand, Newmont expeditiously became a group leader due to his combat capabilities after
he was chucked into the arena.

Therefore, even with Jonathan’s formation as support, he wouldn’t be defeated by Merilyn easily.

After Newmont parried Merilyn’s spear away, he swung his blade toward her abdomen.

“Come!” Jonathan gestured a technique with both his hands. A purple light exploded before he
switched position with Merilyn.


The crisp sound of a bell reverberated on the battlefield. Jonathan’s bronze handbell successfully
blocked Newmont’s slash with the spirit shield it generated.

As Newmont, a God Realm cultivator, poured nearly all his strength into that strike, it caused Jonathan
to spurt out blood.

If not for Seboxia, he wouldn’t have taken the risk due to the powerful backlash.

At that moment, Newmont understood that Jonathan’s defense came at a price. Without delay, he
swung his blade toward Jonathan again.

“Kill!” roared Newmont.

At that moment, Jonathan put away his bronze handbell.

“Within Reach!” spat Jonathan to increase the distance between him and his opponent hastily.

Originally, Newmont’s blade would’ve landed on Jonathan’s countenance. However, his attack was
smacked on the tough chessboard instead.

When Newmont raised his head and caught the look in Jonathan’s eyes, an uneasy feeling bubbled in
his heart. I need to leave the chessboard as soon as possible.

Without hesitation, Newmont sprinted out of the chessboard.

At that moment, Jonathan emerged beside Newmont with nary a warning. “Earth Shrinking Technique!”


Jonathan’s Heaven Sword stabbed into Newmont’s right waist and out from the left chest, turning the
latter into a skewer.

“You…” That assault not only pierced Newmont’s energy field, it also severely wounded his internal

His death was sealed as he didn’t have a powerful entity like Seboxia supporting him.

“Who are you people?” Newmont’s life force was rapidly drained from his body. A bony hand abruptly
emerged from Jonathan’s arm and grabbed Newmont’s hand, absorbing the latter’s life force.

Newmont’s buff body was rapidly sucked dry by Seboxia’s spell.

In less than a second, Newmont, a warrior, was transformed into a pile of rotten flesh, no longer
possessing any aura.

Jonathan tossed the corpse to the side and wiped Heaven Sword clean. “We’re modern humans.”

The battle on the chessboard concluded swiftly. After Newmont was dealt with, Seboxia joined the

After losing nearly thirty cultivators, the surviving group members left the chessboard range cautiously.

Seboxia wasn’t stingy with his life force as he promptly patched up Jonathan’s group with life force.
They were back in tip-top shape in a flash.

Seeing that his arm was regenerating at an insane rate, Hayden staggered to the side while covered in

He picked up his severed limb on the ground and removed the ring on his former finger. Then, he put it
on his new finger and removed the sniper rifle kept within.

“Oh, thank goodness the gun’s still here.” Grinning, he wiped the firearm.

During the skirmish earlier, Hayden suffered the most severe injuries, seeing that his arm was sliced
clean. Yet, it helped him understand that the foundation of a cultivator lay within their cultivation and not
any external tools.

A God Realm cultivator was mighty when engaging in long-range battles with a modern firearm.
However, those weapons were useless during close-quarter combat.

After all, they could kill three or four hostiles in the time it took to reload a gun.

At that moment, Jonathan wasn’t staring at Hayden.

Instead, his attention was focused on the slope.

The cultivator, who was assaulted by Merilyn with a spear earlier, rapidly healed the bloody hole in their
abdomen. While the speed wasn’t as fast as Seboxia’s life force, it was still pretty quick.

Jonathan recalled what Newmont had said earlier. Now, I’m certain that there’s likely medicine capable
of resurrecting the dead in this small world.

“Can you two still fight?” he asked, gazing at Hayden and Merilyn.

Hayden sighed while hugging the sniper rifle. “I’m good with my spiritual energy, and I’ve got no more
injuries on me. However, I expended a lot of mental energy.”

Upon hearing that, Merilyn nodded in agreement.

The three main foundations of a cultivator were their spiritual energy, body, and spiritual sense.

Spiritual energy determined the strength of the cultivator’s spell; the body was the medium in which a
cultivator unleashed their technique, and spiritual sense determined their reaction speed.

A cultivator must possess all three aspects. If they lost one, then their battle was already decided.

At that moment, Hayden and Merilyn appeared as if they hadn’t slept for ages.

While their bodies weren’t exhausted, their reaction speed would fail to keep up if they continued to
engage in battle.

However, they were in a death match. Hence, none of the local cultivators would allow them to rest.

If they didn’t leave immediately, the arena would be their graves.

Knitting his eyebrow, Jonathan turned to Seboxia. “Can you restore spiritual sense, Seboxia?”

“No.” Seboxia shook his head. “Life force can only heal physical injuries. A person may feel refreshed
when life force floods into their bodies, but it’s only akin to splashing cold water onto someone in
slumber. They’ll feel rested, but it doesn’t do anything to relieve the strain on their spiritual sense.”

More people continuously arrived at the edges of the valley.

Jonathan and his group had killed over thirty people, and their kill count was still increasing.

The other cultivators didn’t dare to approach the group because of the corpses on the ground.

Everyone wanted to become an envoy of Outer City. However, none of them wanted to die like the
thirty-odd men in the valley and let others mooch off their efforts. They would be foolish to do that.

“Can we sprint out of here, Seboxia?” asked Jonathan with a frown.

Seboxia answered, “We can.”

The moment Seboxia said those words, Jonathan turned his sight toward Hayden and Merilyn.

Seboxia’s reply was only audible in Jonathan’s consciousness field.

As such, Jonathan speculated that the entire group might not survive.

It was likely that Seboxia could only guarantee his safety.

After a brief moment of contemplation, Jonathan sauntered toward Merilyn and Hayden. “Follow close
behind me!”

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