Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 1254

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Kill Newmont

At that moment, Hayden, Jonathan, and Merilyn were like animals trapped in a zoo and watched by

Frankly, the three of them were quite a rare sight to the people in the small world.

For over a thousand years, only Yannopolis and the one hundred and eight villages existed in the small

To the native cultivators, the outside was just a savage land roaming with beasts. It was a forbidden
area for humans.

After the White family from Yannopolis was defeated, the people had a better idea of what the outside
was like.

The later head of the White family claimed that the people’s preconception about the outside land was
formed by their family’s scheme. They disclosed that there wasn’t any outside land.

It was just rumors fabricated by the White family to scare others.

If such a thing had happened on Earth, perhaps everyone would think it was a joke.

However, from the perspective of the local cultivators who never left the mountains, they took that lie as
an indisputable fact.

The appearance of Jonathan and others from the outside world undoubtedly fulfilled the prophecy the
White family weaved two thousand years ago.

None of the natives could resist the temptation of taking a gander at Jonathan’s group. After all, it was
the equivalent of a group of Martians landing on Earth.

At that moment, Newmont and the other groups were irritated by each other’s presence. Yet, they
couldn’t stop studying Jonathan and Hayden.

“Those two don’t seem that different from us except looking pretty weak.”

“Yeah. The outside world seems to be a barren place.”

“Can people like them really survive in the savage land where demon beasts roam?”

The crowd on both sides of the valley couldn’t help but comment on the foreigners.

At that moment, a subordinate of Newmont’s arrived by his side. “More are coming, Boss.”

“We can’t wait anymore.” Newmont peered at the beacon above Jonathan’s head.

Without warning, he bolted toward his targets.

The other local cultivators also charged toward Jonathan’s group when they witnessed that.

All of them knew that the longer they took, the more people would gather at the person with the
beacon. At worst, a massive battle might break out as people attempt to snatch the heads of Jonathan
and his pals for themselves.


A deafening gunshot was heard.

The group leader who argued with Newmont earlier suddenly turned into a cloud of bloody mist after
they jumped into the air.

The spiritual destruction bullet was specifically made to kill cultivators. Thus, a single shot with that
bullet was powerful enough to shatter the cultivator’s armor and punch a hole through half of their

Hayden, who was kneeling when he fired the shot, was blasted to the ground by the recoil.

He stared at the sniper rifle in his hand with widened eyes.

That shot not only slayed the group leader, but it also frightened every other surrounding cultivator.
They all retreated fearfully behind large stones and ancient trees, unwilling to show their faces easily.

A technological wonder like the sniper rifle was something the locals couldn’t understand.

Although, they at least grasped the fact that the “magical item” was a deadly weapon. Any armament
capable of instantly slaying a God Realm cultivator was enough to instill fear in their hearts.

Hayden excitedly loaded another bullet into the firearm. “This sniper rifle is capable of killing even God
Realm cultivators with a single bullet! Why didn’t you use it during the battle of River Onxy? If a few
thousand soldiers wielded these babies, the Remdikian cultivators could’ve been wiped out easily!”

With Heaven Sword in hand, Jonathan scanned his surroundings. These hostile cultivators aren’t
marching forward only because they’re afraid of Hayden’s firearm. However, once they figure out the
slow fire rate of that sniper rifle, we’ll be quickly surrounded. “I wanted to equip every cultivator from
Asura’s Office with a sniper rifle like this. Unfortunately, it’s difficult for everyone to keep up with the
speed of a God Realm cultivator.”

In response, Hayden nodded with a sigh. That’s true. As powerful as this sniper rifle is, it’s useless if
the person using it can’t hit the target. The speed of God Realm cultivators is reduced here due to the
many restrictions in this small world. Hence, we can only move about a dozen meters per step. In the
outside world, though, a God Realm cultivator can travel around thirty to forty meters per step. At such

terrifying speed, even a Grandmaster Realm cultivator will have trouble tracking a God Realm
cultivator. Additionally, there are many factors a sniper need to take into account before they can fire a
shot. In fact, they have to predict their enemy’s movement to shoot their targets accurately. Therefore,
theoretically speaking, only a few Grandmaster and God Realm cultivators can kill a God Realm
cultivator with a sniper rifle. Realistically, it’s much easier for a God Realm cultivator to do battle with a
melee weapon than with a sniper rifle. After all, a real battle has many more varying factors one must

“It seems this sniper rifle of yours is only suitable for a God Realm cultivator like me. While my
cultivation isn’t as powerful as my peers, if we can use this firearm, we’ll pose a great threat to other
God Realm cultivators. It’s a shame that people like those aren’t common.” Hayden grinned, put away
all the bullets, and aimed the barrel at an ancient tree on the slope.


The bullet instantly blasted a section of the ancient tree apart.

Screams could be heard from behind the tree before they abruptly ceased.

“His weapon can pierce through trees and rocks! It’s pointless to hide, so we must rush in and kill him!”
a random cultivator shouted before charging forward with a shield.

In a group battle, once someone led the charge, the others would follow suit soon after.

Due to the delay, two more teams arrived at the scene.

Around fifty people gathered at the location in a few short minutes.

There were enough people there to overcome the threat that the sniper rifle in Hayden’s hand posed.

“Use Earthly Escape now!” Hayden shouted at Jonathan.

“I can’t do that, you moron! This arena is installed with a special arcane array that prevents escape with
that technique! Otherwise, I would’ve used it to reach Ascension Peak!” Jonathan tossed out the Divine
Chessboard and expanded it to twenty meters in size. “Don’t leave the range of the chessboard!”

Swiftly, Hayden killed a third enemy cultivator.

The other cultivators dashed toward the trio like madmen.

“Kill!” roared Jonathan before suddenly appearing at the Divine Chessboard’s edge.

The area inside the chessboard was Jonathan’s domain.

The instant Jonathan emerged beside a native cultivator, he stabbed Heaven Sword into the latter’s
skull through the neck.

Upon removing his blade from the corpse, he reappeared behind another person.

“Raise your spiritual energy force field! He can change his position in a blink of an eye when he’s on
the chessboard!” warned Newmont when he witnessed that scene.

“Merilyn! Kill him!” Jonathan waved his finger, instantly relocating Merilyn, who was battling against two
cultivators, to Newmont’s back. We must kill Newmont as quickly as possible. If not, his intelligence will
result in dire consequences for us!

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