Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 1252

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Even a cultivator was constrained by their human physiology.

After Jonathan’s major artery on his neck was pierced, he blacked out almost immediately.

As he lost a massive amount of blood, the energy within his body was also sapped away.

Lowering his head, Jonathan staggered to the ground. Before he could react, a spear had already
stabbed into his circulatory system.


Following the sonic boom, another spear flew straight toward the one lodged in Jonathan’s body,
exploding it into pieces.

Jonathan was impacted by the scattered spiritual energy. As a result, his body flew backward before he
crashed into the ground.

“You shouldn’t have been ambushed like this.” Seboxia’s voice rang inside Jonathan’s head.

When Seboxia injected life force into Jonathan’s body, light returned to the latter’s vision.

Jonathan felt reinvigorated as his neck wound rapidly recovered and his blood flowed into his brain
again. Swiftly, he leaped to the side.

Squatting on a ridge, he scowled.

He glanced downward at the black spear that saved his life before shifting his attention to Merilyn, who
was pinned to the ground. In an instant, he understood what had happened. “I need to save Merilyn,

Even if Merilyn hadn’t used her spear to destroy the one embedded in Jonathan, the latter likely
would’ve survived.

However, Merilyn still saved him.

Thus, he owed her.

Even though he had been treating her as a burden, he believed he must return the favor.

“Let’s go,” said Jonathan. Even though Merilyn’s not dead yet while pinned to the ground, her
circulatory system has been injured. Her death will only be a matter of time unless I save her.

The five-man group that Jonathan sent flying earlier had caught back up to him.

Jonathan had already noticed Hayden was fighting an uphill battle at the bottom of the slope and the
figures rushing toward the mountaintop.

The enemies Hayden encountered was a team of nine.

A dozen people blitzed toward the peak of the mountain and surrounded Jonathan with their weapons.

The cultivator who almost slayed Jonathan earlier scampered toward a middle-aged man and
whispered, “Mr. Newmont, this guy’s pretty weird. Even though I pierced his neck, he recovered in a
matter of seconds.”

The middle-aged man known as Newmont narrowed his eyes at Jonathan’s neck. “To think you also
possess medicine to bring back the dead. I’m surprised. If you hand the medicine over to me, I promise
you’ll receive a swift death. What do you think?”

Even a cultivator was constrained by their human physiology.

Jonathan straightened his body and started moving his shoulders. “Like h*ll I will!”

“I’m bringing the one at the bottom and the one lying on the ground over there away. Hand them to me,
and I’ll spare you. If one of them dies, I’ll turn you into mincemeat.” With a sneer, he removed Heaven
Sword from his storage ring.

His fury had reached its peak when he saw Merilyn on the verge of death and Hayden being
surrounded. Ever since the day I started my journey as a cultivator, I’ve been fighting nonstop. I faced
Divine Realm cultivators in West Region and was pursued by Sanctuary in Remdik in the past. Yet,
even when I’m escaping from them, I’ve never been forced into this wretched situation. Ever since I
entered this small world, my powers have been restricted, and I can’t utilize any Pryncyps. Additionally,
the local cultivators here are so terrifying that they make me want to escape on reflex every time. This
feeling bloody sucks. There are so many times when I almost forgot what it’s like to have a proper
battle. I was even saved by a local whom I thought was a burden, and now I’m being threatened by so
many people. This burning wrath of mine has reawakened my battle spirit. My title as Asura isn’t just for

Threads of cold malevolent aura emerged from around Jonathan’s body.

That aura wasn’t spiritual energy or Pryncyp. Therefore, it didn’t have to abide by the small world’s rule.

It was an accumulation of the resentment of his victims right before they died by his hand over the

Suddenly, it was as though the temperature of the mountaintop dropped by dozens of degrees. The
crowd experienced goosebumps when the malevolent aura passed through them.

“This aura…” Newmont stared at Jonathan, stunned. What is this frigid malevolent aura? Is this
outsider a demon? How many living beings did he need to kill for his aura to reach this level?

Even though there were one hundred and eight villages in the small world, their combined population
was only around three million people.

The most violent rampage in the small world was committed by an Outer City envoy when he murdered
a village of around twenty thousand residents. That was already considered a staggering number of

Jonathan straightened his body and started moving his shoulders. “Like h*ll I will!”

After Jonathan started leading Asura’s Office to maintain peace in Chanaea, it took him three years of
killing to intimidate everyone.

After Jonathan started leading Asura’s Office to maintain peace in Chanaea, it took him three years of
killing to intimidate everyone.

As such, more than a million people had died in his hand.

Many who perished didn’t know who exactly killed them. However, they knew that Asura’s Office was
helmed by a single person, Asura.

Thus, the hatred of a million dead people silently bound itself to Jonathan.

It was likely that Jonathan’s malevolent aura was unparalleled in the world.

His malevolent aura fanned out at lightning speed, causing the nearby flora to wither. It was an
incredibly evil power and the antithesis of all life.

Just as the crowd was about to retreat because they couldn’t figure out who Jonathan was, an
immense life force appeared. It thrust itself into Jonathan’s meridians.

“Be mindful of your action. Don’t let the malevolent aura devour you.” As if Seboxia’s voice was laced
with magic, it snapped Jonathan out of his anger.

The moment Jonathan returned to his senses, Newmont exclaimed, “Don’t be intimidated by his act!
Kill him!”

Upon receiving Newmont’s order, the natives beside him darted toward Jonathan with blades.

As arrogant as Jonathan was, he was only a God Realm cultivator.

At that moment, all his adversaries were of the same cultivation level as him. Therefore, it would be a
piece of cake for them to kill him.

Jonathan didn’t have time to think as he faced multiple threats. Reflexively, he hopped to the side.

Without delay, he swung his Heaven Sword and blocked the blades directed at him.

He leaped, used Heaven Sword to lop off the head of one of the combatants, and fled without

Ever since the sage in Merilyn’s village recognized Heaven Sword as Devil Slaying Sword, Jonathan
had been refraining from using it.

It was because he didn’t want to attract troubles.

At that moment, though, he was encircled. Thus, he couldn’t care less about that.

The crowd was shocked as they watched blood spurting from the dead man’s neck.

Obviously, cultivators wouldn’t admit they were weaker than their peers of the same cultivation level.
However, they all saw Jonathan killing one of their own with a slash.

Jonathan took the lead thanks to his weapon.

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