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Chapter 1249

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As the beacons above disappeared, the main thing that prevented their aura from leaking out was
Jonathan’s bronze handbell above their heads.

Despite Stellario’s opposition, Jonathan was determined to save Hayden, and Stellario didn’t dare to
leave him.

Noticing Stellario’s displeasure, Jonathan spoke in a solemn tone.

“While I don’t know the specifics of this teleportation mechanism, I believe that Joshua and Hayden
were likely teleported together somewhere. That’s because when they entered the portal formation,
Joshua and Hayden were bound together by a long rope-like magical item. Unless this formation has
the ability to sever the magical item during the teleportation process, they’ll be together.”

As Jonathan spoke, he looked at Stellario beside him.

Stellario shook his head slightly.

“That’s impossible. Unless it’s a kill array, there’s no way the rope would be severed.”

Stellario became interested once more and increased their speed once again after identifying the
correct direction.

The small world was shrouded in unfathomable mysteries, and Stellario was starting to have second
thoughts about staying here.

Although they were now prisoners and had been thrown into this arena to be treated like animals,
finding a way out was always a good thing.


As they ran along, a growl sounded from beside them.

Jonathan turned to look, and to his surprise, it came from a strong-looking monkey with fur as white as
snow on a nearby hill.

After the monkey’s growl, ear-piercing beastly cries sounded around them.

“What are these things?” Stellario exclaimed as a white blur collided with Jonathan’s bronze handbell’s
shield while they crossed a mountain stream.


Accompanied by the sound of the bell, the monkey let out a miserable cry as it fell into the stream.

More white shadows leaped up on both sides of the three of them and began charging toward them.

“These are silver proboscis monkeys! Once they latch onto you, it’s a real hassle to shake them off!”
Merilyn’s face changed drastically as she shouted.

The three of them landed on a large rock on the other side of the mountain stream. Looking around,
they noticed that the entire slope was filled with silver monkeys.

“Dang, aren’t there too many of these monkeys?”

Stellario fully activated his speed, almost dragging Jonathan and Merilyn along as he charged forward.

However, no matter how fast they were, they couldn’t instantly teleport out of the monkeys’ territory.

One monkey after another charged at them like crazy. At first, the three of them relied on the powerful
impact to repel and fend off the monkeys that lunged at them.

Nevertheless, as more and more monkeys rushed toward them, their shield was quickly overwhelmed
by dozens of monkeys pressing down on them.

Those monkeys had their mouths wide open as they relentlessly pounded on the bronze handbell’s

Soon, Jonathan’s face turned red.

“Stellario, I thought you love large-scale battles? Why don’t you use your moves?”

Jonathan gritted his teeth and spoke to Stellario.

Stellario looked at Jonathan with a conflicted expression.

“Jonathan, that troublesome shield of yours keeps everything inside and doesn’t let anything in. My
parasite techniques can’t extend outside. Besides, even if I use the most toxic parasites, it takes over
ten seconds of parasitism before the host dies. Now look at the situation outside. If you remove the
shield, we’ll likely be torn apart in less than five seconds. Are you sure you want to remove it and battle
against them?”

Jonathan looked up at the surroundings. Beyond the golden shield, the monkeys bared their teeth like

Judging from the backlash he experienced when they attacked him, these monkeys must have
Grandmaster Realm cultivation.

Although God Realm cultivators could easily take down Grandmaster Realm cultivators, they wouldn’t
stand a chance against such a large number of the latter.

“I can’t hold on much longer. We can’t keep on taking this beating. The moment I retract the bronze
handbell, both of you must create a spiritual energy force field to immobilize the surrounding monkeys!

Even if it’s just for a moment, it will give us enough time to react. Get ready!”

With a roar, Jonathan lifted his right hand and gripped the bronze handbell tightly.

As the shield disappeared, dozens of sharp claws came down on them from all directions.

However, before these claws could reach Jonathan’s face, two waves of spiritual energy surged like
ocean waves, imprisoning everything within a ten-meter radius.

The use of spiritual energy force fields was a contest between the caster and the target.

If the caster was stronger, the target would be firmly controlled and immobilized. If the target was
stronger, they would break free and retaliate.

Stellario and Merilyn were both God Realm cultivators. Thus, they theoretically shouldn’t have had any
trouble restraining these monkeys.

However, though the strength of a single monkey was weak, when dozens or even hundreds were
gathered together, their collective strength became impossible for anyone to withstand.

Their spiritual energy force fields shattered after only a moment.

During that moment, Jonathan swung his hand and unleashed dozens of sharp blades.

“Take them down!”

Controlling the blades with spiritual energy, Jonathan forcefully swung them at the surrounding

Although these monkeys were wild and fierce, they were just demon beasts and lacked spiritual

Caught off guard by Jonathan’s sudden attack, they were swiftly cut down by the sharp blades.

Blood and screams filled the air as Jonathan and his companions were drenched in the bloody
carnage. The scene was horrifying to watch.

“Break through!”

Jonathan, wielding a large sword, used sword techniques to charge forward first.

Stellario and Merilyn stuck close by, flanking him on either side. They determinedly forged ahead as a
tightly knit trio amidst the swarm of monkeys.

“These monkey corpses are perfect breeding grounds for parasites. If we can kill them all, I can
cultivate new varieties here,” Stellario lamented as he stepped on the monkey corpses.

Meanwhile, Jonathan, who bore the brunt of the pressure, furrowed his brow.

In the distance, several dozen silver proboscis monkeys were rushing straight toward them.

These monkeys were not only larger than the previous ones, but they also had the aura of God Realm

“Stellario, use whatever you can quickly. We’ve been targeted by God Realm cultivators,” Jonathan

“God Realm cultivators? Don’t scare me. If God Realm cultivators interfere at this point, we’ll be in hot
water,” Stellario said while severing a monkey and looking around warily.

“Not humans, but monkeys,” Merilyn said as the tip of her spear pierced through several monkeys
ahead with utmost precision.

Stellario followed Merilyn’s gaze and chuckled when he saw the dozen or so monkeys in the distance.

“No matter how powerful those monkeys are, they’re still just demon beasts. They’re far from being on
par with us!”

While speaking, Stellario forcefully jammed his right hand into a monkey’s abdomen when the monkey
lunged at him.

“Be gone!”

With an odd surge of spiritual energy, Stellario’s left hand made a gesture and delivered a powerful hit
to the monkey’s body, launching it into the midst of the monkey horde that was dozens of meters away.

“Great Expansion Technique, Repetition!”

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