Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 1250

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As soon as Stellario struck, Seboxia’s figure materialized beside Stellario suddenly and unexpectedly.

Waves of green rays swirled rapidly around the three individuals. Soon, all the silver proboscis
monkeys perished and dissipated beneath the green rays.

‘What on earth…”

Stellario jumped as Seboxia suddenly appeared in front of him, and the former nearly tumbled to the

“Sir, could you at least give me a heads-up or something before you suddenly show up? You nearly
gave me a heart attack.”

Jonathan knew Seboxia well. He would only appear if there were benefits.

Especially after Jonathan was thrown into the dungeon, Seboxia explicitly told Jonathan that he would
not easily show up unless necessary. This was to avoid attracting unwanted attention.

Now that he did not even bother to greet anyone and showed up suddenly, it was definitely related to
Stellario’s technique moments ago.

As expected, the first thing Seboxia said was a question to Stellario.

“Stellario, where did you learn this Great Expansion Technique from?”

“It’s something passed down through generations in the Mallory family,” said Stellario. “Everyone in the
family can do it.”


Seboxia stared fixedly at Stellario, while two green rays from his hand penetrated Stellario’s body.
Surprisingly, Seboxia began to control the parasite eggs with his life force.

“I’ll ask you one last time, Stellario. Where did you actually learn the technique from?”

Though Seboxia still looked gentle in his white robe, there was a vague sense that something within his
spiritual energy form was eager to break free.

Stellario could sense the breath of death emanating from Seboxia.

If he could not please Seboxia with his answer, he might die.

“Sir, if you want the technique, I can just show it to you.”

Stellario had learned his lesson. Without uttering a word, he deftly reached into his storage ring. He
took out a jade slip and handed it over to Seboxia.

“This is the introductory part of the cultivation method practiced by our family’s cultivators. The Great
Expansion Technique can stimulate the creation of parasites, accelerating their reproduction and
growth. I swear I’m not lying.”

Seboxia held the jade slip and gently wiped away the spiritual sense on it. Then, he extracted a strand
of spiritual sense and carefully examined it.

After a while, Seboxia finally moved his wrist slightly and retrieved the two strands of life force that had
penetrated Stellario’s body.

“It’s such a pity that a technique that could rival Heavenly Opening Technique ended up as such a
fragmented piece, being used to stimulate the growth of parasites.”

Heavenly Opening Technique?

Upon hearing the name, Jonathan and Stellario both had a gleam in their eyes.

“Sir, this Heavenly Opening Technique you mentioned…”

As a regular male cultivator, who could hold back their curiosity upon hearing such a formidable

Moreover, considering the special relationship between Seboxia and himself, if there were truly benefits
involved, Jonathan would coerce Seboxia into helping him in obtaining them.

Seeing Jonathan staring at the jade slip in his hand, Stellario quickly turned it over and put it away.

“Jonathan, have you no shame? Since Sir Seboxia has taken a look at it here, just consider it my way
of showing my respect to him. If you start to covet the technique of our family, believe it or not, I’ll
unleash the parasites to bite you to death.”

With Seboxia’s life force swirling around them to annihilate the monkeys, Jonathan and the other two
did not need to lift a finger.

Since Seboxia had taken action, Jonathan no longer worried about anything else. He simply smiled and
looked at Seboxia as he spoke.

“Seboxia, this Heavenly Opening Technique… Just from the name itself, it sounds quite impressively
powerful, um…”

Seboxia looked at Jonathan’s fawning demeanor and let out a helpless sigh.

Seboxia could never understand how someone like Jonathan, a prodigious cultivator and the Asura
who was revered by people, could stoop so low and be so shameless.

“That thing won’t be of any use to you even if you get it.”

He added, “That cultivation method is just a fragmented piece. It can only stimulate the growth of
parasites. If it was truly the Great Expansion Technique, I would eliminate all of you to seize the
cultivation method. You won’t stand a chance.”

As Seboxia spoke, he retracted his life force around them. In the next moment, he vanished into
Jonathan’s body with a single step.

“Those monkeys can no longer harm you.”

Leaving only those words, Seboxia fell silent once again. He refused to respond no matter how
Jonathan called out to him.

“This old man is just too calculative. He only shows up when there are benefits but disappears when
there’s nothing in it for him. Does he think my body is some sort of hotel?”

Jonathan growled discontentedly. But when he looked up, he found Stellario staring blankly at what
was behind him.

“Hey, what’s wrong with you?”

Jonathan waved in front of Stellario to get his attention.

He soon felt that something was off and slowly turned his head to look behind him.

Originally, the silver proboscis monkeys went into a frenzy and charged toward the three individuals.
Even when Seboxia intervened with his life force, these demon beasts showed no trace of fear.

However, at that moment, the monkeys all rushed toward the dozen silver proboscis monkeys of God

Above the heads of those silver proboscis monkeys was a swirling black mist.

Countless silver proboscis monkeys screamed as they continuously charged at the monkey kings,
frantically patting and touching their fur.

Meanwhile, the black mist emanating from the bodies of those monkey kings slowly grew in size.

“I feel like I’ve seen that somewhere before.”

Jonathan looked at Stellario with some hesitation.

As soon as Jonathan saw Stellario’s beaming face, he felt a wave of goosebumps all over his body, as
though he were covered in crawling insects.

“Stellario, tell me that is not the queen bug you caught on Mount Boisvista!”

“Oh, this is she!” Stellario exclaimed excitedly. “Jonathan, do you see that? There are dozens of God
Realm beings and hundreds of Grandmaster Realm beings. Yet they are all being tossed around by
these inconspicuous little black bugs. Once the Mallory family fully tames these bugs, we will have
control over the entire world, let alone Chanaea.”

Stellario’s words sounded outrageous. But upon closer consideration, they made some sense.

As long as there were enough of these bugs, even Divine Realm cultivators could not exterminate them

“Wait a minute…”

Jonathan looked at Stellario with a slight moment of pause.

“Did you just say, if your family successfully tames the bugs?”

“Yeah, any problem with that?” Stellario asked Jonathan with a smug look.

Jonathan stared at the little black bug that was flying toward him and swallowed hard.

“So you’re saying… these bugs are still not under your control?”


Stellario finally snapped out of his astonishment regarding the bugs.

“I… got carried away… and made a mistake when I used the parasites. Would you believe me if I said
it wasn’t on purpose?”

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