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Chapter 1248

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Listening to Jonathan’s words, Stellario slowly extended a middle finger.

He believed that Jonathan could send all these things to the Mallory family, but whether it was sending
the weaponry by delivery or directly launching the weaponry toward them, he couldn’t say for sure.


After a muffled boom, Jonathan pulled the two of them up from the withered leaves on the ground.

In the distance, a fire had already ignited in the forest, thanks to the napalm bomb.

“Doesn’t your family have any disguise techniques?” Jonathan asked Stellario.

As an elite warrior, Jonathan had also professionally studied infiltration and disguise methods.

However, those methods required makeup tools and were quite laborious to use. There was no way to
use them in a short time.

With the energy shield of the bronze handbell, their auras wouldn’t be exposed.

As long as their appearances could be changed, the local cultivators wouldn’t pay too much attention to
them even if they saw them from a distance.

After all, the lights representing the three of them still flickered in the distance, and everyone’s focus
would undoubtedly be on those lights.

Surprisingly, after hearing Jonathan’s question, Stellario actually chuckled and took out a small glass
bottle from his storage ring.

“There’s no way for me to administer plastic surgery on you, but I do have a way to disfigure you. Do
you want to try it? After all, the goal is to make others unable to recognize you. There’s no difference,


Seeing Stellario’s grin, Jonathan was pissed off.

“Get lost!”

“Guys, stop arguing. Look over there,” Merilyn interjected, pointing toward the sky.

Jonathan and Stellario looked up and saw that one of the three lights representing them had gone out,
while the other two continued to flicker.

“It seems that someone has already arrived at the location of those bugs,” Stellario said with a serious
tone, his smile fading from his face.

With the destruction of the insects, the bait that attracted the other cultivators had disappeared, and at
present, everyone in the arena was rushing in their direction.

After losing their target, the movements of these cultivators would become chaotic and disorganized.
This greatly increased the possibility of the cultivators encountering the three of them.

“We must find Hayden immediately. He entered with Joshua, so there’s a good chance he has
information about Joshua,” Jonathan said.

He rushed ahead with the two of them in tow.

“You’re way too slow when you aren’t using your secret technique. Let me help you since it’ll be faster,”
Stellario stated.

He also knew it wasn’t the time for jokes right now. Conjuring a band of spiritual energy, he wrapped it
around Jonathan’s waist, propelling the latter forward.

Although Jonathan wasn’t as fast as Stellario and Merilyn, he was by no means slow either. With the
extra help and the advantage of him being pulled along by the other two, they were zipping along at
quite a remarkable pace.

“Hey, Jonathan, you mentioned that you’re looking for Hayden because he entered the small world with
Joshua, right?”

“Yes,” Jonathan replied with a furrowed brow. “We’ve been putting the pieces together about Joshua’s
background. It seems that he’s a descendant of the White family, the same family that vanished from
Yannopolis in the small world over two thousand years ago. The Whitley family thrived for over two
thousand years until the eight families besieged them. Now that Joshua’s back in the small world, you
can bet he has an ulterior motive.”

He continued, “I can’t be sure if he’s currently executing the plan that the White family started more
than two thousand years ago or if he’s seeking revenge for the Whitley family. However, one thing I’m
certain of is that the key to leaving the small world lies with Joshua.”

Stellario turned to look at Jonathan.

“I understand what you’re saying, but the chaos portal in the small world is a random teleportation
portal. Many members of our Mallory family were teleported here together, but I ended up here alone.
Thus, how is it possible for Hayden to appear together with Joshua?”

Random teleportation?

When Jonathan heard those two words, it felt like his mind had exploded.

Now he finally understood why he appeared on a cliff.

Ever since he entered the small world, he had been searching for the existence of a chaos portal.

What he had understood was that a chaos portal was just like a regular door, except that on either side
of a normal door, there would be two different rooms.

However, a chaos portal connected two independent spaces.

Therefore, after Jonathan woke up, he started looking for the portal in the vicinity.

When he couldn’t find it, he thought that the chaos portal had probably disappeared, and if he wanted
to leave, he would need to find a way to open it again.

During his conversation with Seboxia, Jonathan had accepted the idea that the chaos portal could be
used with a formation to randomly teleport people elsewhere.

Nevertheless, what he thought was that, at most, the chaos portal would teleport a group of people to a
random place each time, like how they left the dungeon before, where he, Stellario, and Merilyn were
teleported to one location.

However, according to Stellario, this portal formation seemed to not only teleport people to random
locations but would also teleport them separately.

That was a bit terrifying.

Everyone who entered the small world was from major sects and respectable families. Jonathan could
foresee that after he entered the small world, other distant forces would gradually enter one by one as

What truly worried Jonathan were formidable entities like Sanctuary that were filled with cultivators in
the God Realm.

When he and Ksana fled from Remdik, Sanctuary had dispatched dozens of God Realm cultivators to
encircle them.

Given the sheer might of such a dominant force, Jonathan doubted they would simply ignore the small
world in Doveston.

Once forces like Sanctuary stepped foot into the small world, dozens, or maybe even hundreds of God
Realm cultivators would band together.

Unless they happened to face the God Realm army of Yannopolis, they could easily sweep aside any

As Stellario’s words sank in, Jonathan couldn’t shake off an unexplainable feeling.

It seemed like the small world had some sort of mechanism.

Not only could it block the Heavenly Pryncyp, but it could also randomly throw everyone who entered
into a random place.

It was as if they forcefully made everyone start at the same starting line.

What were the creators of this small world thinking?

This small world that was left behind had stretched across thousands of years and appeared in front of
Jonathan now.

As such, the relentless passage of time was enough to sever all threads of reasoning from millennia
ago. Even with Jonathan’s keen strategic planning and sharp reasoning abilities, he could never fathom
the intentions of those who came before.

All he could do was search for a way to survive in this enigmatic realm of justice.

“Jonathan, considering the random teleportation mechanism, the chances of Hayden having any
information about Joshua are slim. Since the cultivators here are still unable to react to the fact that the
three beacons have just disappeared, we should take this opportunity to make our way toward
Ascension Peak in the middle. That’s our best chance of survival.”

Listening to Stellario, Jonathan turned his gaze toward the tallest mountain in the distance.

“No, we must rescue Hayden!”

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